Morrisons Introduce Quiet Hour for Those with Autism

Morrisons Supermarkets is introducing a ‘Quieter Hour’ across all stores from this Saturday 21 July. From 9:00am until 10:00am every Saturday morning, they will attempt to make the store environment quieter and calmer for customers. For more information see

A statement from Morrisons reads;

This new initiative has been created with the support of the National Autistic Society. Many people who are autistic or those with autistic children can find shopping in a supermarket an anxious experience. Having carried out a trial earlier in the year in our Lincoln, Woking and Gainsborough stores, we identified improvements that could be made as well as the best time for the Quieter Hour to take place.

“Around 700,000 people are on the autism spectrum in the UK. This means they see, hear and feel the world differently to other people, often in a more intense way. Morrisons ‘Quieter Hour’ is a step in the right direction for autistic people who find supermarket shopping a real struggle.”
Daniel Cadey, the from the National Autistic Society

Listening to customers, we found that one in five had a friend or family member with autism* and many liked the idea of being able to shop in more comfort at 9-10am on a Saturday. Angela Gray, Morrisons Community Champion at Woking said: “I was involved in the initial trial as my son is autistic and we found that these changes made a real difference. The trial showed there is a need for a quieter shopping experience for some customers.”

During Quieter Hours, our stores will:

  • Dim the lights
  • Turn music and radio off
  • Avoid making tannoy announcements
  • Reduce movement of trolleys and baskets
  • Turn checkout beeps and other electrical noises down
  • Place a poster outside to tell customers it’s Quieter Hour

North and East Halifax Friday Flyer 20 July – OUT NOW!

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  • Friends of Roils Head Meeting
  • Advice on Local and Moorland Fires
  • Pretty Muddy 5k Race for Life
  • Halifax Police Station Open Day
  • Summer Activities at Forest Cottage
  • Free Summer Activities at Orange Box Young People’s Centre

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Activities at Forest Cottage from July to September

Please see the attached activities that are taking place at Forest Cottage from July to September.

Note also that the workers at Forest Cottage offer Information, Advice and Guidance on;

  • Sexual Health
  • 1; 1 Support
  • Employability Skills
  • CV Writing
  • Life Skills

Within the youth sessions we food and drinks are supplied at no cost to young people and there is music and a great atmosphere.

To find out more, speak to the Senior Worker,  Andrea Fawthrop, Forest Cottage, Cousin Lane, Halifax HX2 8AD, Phone: 01422 254220, mobile; 07789271125

The centre is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Fun, Sports and Activities with #MAD18 at Mixenden Activity Centre

Mixenden Activity Centre is holding a day of fun, sports and activities for #MAD18 on Wednesday 1 August, 10:00am-3:00pm with all the events as in the timetable below.

‘World Builder’ – Summer Workshop with LEGO Bricks

On Thursday 26 July, 9:30am-11:00pm, Bricks4Kidz will be holding a workshop at the Mytholmroyd Community Centre, HX7 5AF using LEGO bricks to fire the imagination and build a world.

In the workshop suitable for children 5 and above, Bricks4Kidz are doing what they do best …. awesome building fun with LEGO bricks!

It doesn’t take much for a child to use their imagination to create new worlds and environments using LEGO bricks.

The “World Builder” workshop fuses the idea of Minecraft, alongside LEGO City and Friends, to allow the children to create buildings, communities, or the natural world around us.

The Technic LEGO builds will add something special to their creations.

Tickets are £4.90 per child and are available through Eventbrite.

All the bookable sessions will be available on – keep checking as additional sessions will be added as they are confirmed.

2018 Mini Mixmatch and Mixmatch Challenges at Mixenden Activity Centre

The 2018 Mini MixMatch and MixMatch challenges recently took place at Mixenden Activity Centre.

The theory behind the MixMatch challenges is to get young people working with uniformed services to cut down barriers between them. As a result of this and similar youth engagement work, the police and fire service have confirmed that youth ASB and deliberate fires, especially in the Mixenden area, has been drastically reduced.

The Mini MixMatch Challenge, held on Wednesday 20 June, had teams from Dean Field Community Primary School, Ash Green Community Primary School, Whitehill Community Academy, Moorside Community Primary School and Cross Lane Primary School, Elland going head to head whilst the Mixmatch Challenge on Tuesday 10 July saw pupils from Trinity Academy and Park Lane battling it out in a series of team building tasks.

Both events began with a Tag Collection warm up task in which all participating teams headed into Mixenden Reservoir Woods to find and collect any tags matching their teams colour within a time limit and all the teams taking part worked well together.

Following the Tag Collection the teams were then split up ready to take part in separate challenges in which they were marked for their overall efforts within each challenge focusing on teamwork, timing, communication, leadership skills and initiative.

The challenges consisted of:

  • Rock Climbing – Teams took part in rock climbing to build communication and teamwork skills.
  • Bench Challenge – Team members were stood on a narrow bench with a pool of water either side, teams had to follow instructions to order themselves in different categories such as age or height without falling in.
  • Drainpipe Challenge – Teams had to guide a ball down a series of short drainpipes working as a team and using communicating and timing skills
  • Tent Challenge – Team leaders were shown how to erect and dismantle a tent before leading and helping their team mates put up and take down another with no assistance.
  • Bike Challenge – Teams raced round a preset course with a slalom, ramps and a see saw in order to accumulate as many laps as possible within a time limit.
  • Spiders Web Challenge– Teams had to negotiate a way through the web without touching the ropes
  • Road Safety Challenge – Teams had to work out the clues from the crash to work out what happened
  • Fire Engine Challenge – Teams had to guide team mates using hoses on one side of the fire engine to direct the water into a receptacle on the other side of the engine. Communication and team work skills where a huge advantage!
  • Public Health Assault on Numbers Challenge – Teams had to work through an assault course before answering questions to get the correct numbers

At the end of the challenges, semifinalists were decided by teams who had accumulated the most points throughout the day before they went head to head in the final challenge which involved running to collect water from a paddling pool before filling a large barrel repeatedly until time ran out.

The barrel challenge came with a twist as a number of holes had been drilled around the sides of the barrels which meant the teams had to work together to keep holes plugged up whilst continuing to fill up the barrels.

Measuring sticks were then used at the end to decide the teams who would go head to head in the final water barrel challenge.

Ash Green Community Primary School were eventually crowned winners of the 2018 Mini MixMatch Challenge,

whilst Trinity Academy were the victors against Park Lane in a very closely contested final.

Services who took part in the 2018 MixMatch Challenges were West Yorkshire Fire Service, West Yorkshire Police, CMBC Young Peoples Service, CMBC Public Health, CMBC Community Wardens, CMBC Community Safety Wardens and the Ovenden Initiative, who happily give their services for free each year.

Special thanks to Clive Ingham and his staff at Mixenden Activity centre for their continual support of this event.

Funding for the event was supplied by the Ward Forum Grants scheme and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

If you would like further information on the MixMatch Challenge event please contact Heather Stout on 0300 555 0266 or  or Oli Crosland at


Stream Dipping at Jerusalem Farm

Join Julie Swift and Phil Singh at Jerusalem Farm near Booth on Wednesday 8 August, 10:30am to learn about freshwater minibeasts. Wellies essential plus a change of trousers and socks! £3.40 per child (£2.40 for Passport to Leisure holders).

Tickets are going fast so book soon at Ticketsource.

Insect repellent recommended. No dogs please. Children must be accompanied by a parent/carer and closely supervised whilst in the stream.