Latest from Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum

To find out the latest from the Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum held on Thursday 7 March, you can download the minutes here.

Date:    Thursday 7th March 2019
Venue: Northowram Methodist Church, Northowram Green. Northowram. Halifax.

Meeting Notes
Present: Cllr S Baines; Cllr R Taylor; Cliff Organ (Chair); Tony King Ward Coordinator (OMI); 19 Residents.
Apologies: Cllr P Caffrey

1. Welcome and introductions

1.1 Cliff Organ began by thanking everyone for attending the meeting and introducing the officers and councillors present.

2. Minutes and Matters arising.

3 Police Updates – Police did not attend. An email was received from the police giving their apologies stating that the officers who were on route to the ward forum were called away to deal with a police matter. The following crime figures for N&S were received;

3.1 Total Crimes recorded 438 this was up 12.3% on the same time last year (390)
3.2 Burglary Dwelling down to 39 offences from 68 a decrease of 42.6%
3.3 Theft of motor Vehicle up from 10 to 12 offences a rise of 20%
3.4 Theft from motor vehicle up from 31 to 36 offences a rise of 16.1%
3.5 Assault with injury up from 21 to 29 offences a rise of 38.1%
3.6 ASB incidents down to 164 from 165 offences a decrease of 0.6%
3.7 Environmental Nuisance down from 152 to 109 offences a decrease of 28.3%
3.8 Deliberate fires no change from last year with 11 offences being committed.

4 Residents Feedback on Neighbourhood Issues

4.1 Several residents raised concerns about the mini roundabout junction of Cooper lane – Carr House lane, where some drivers travel at speed towards the roundabout don’t stop and go straight over the roundabout. It was stated there have been several minor collisions and a lot more near misses and residents were concerned about the safety of pedestrians. The police are aware of the problems concerning this roundabout, it is unlikely that there will be any work undertaken to improve the roundabout.
4.2 Residents raised some concern about a planning application that has been
submitted to build 10 homes on a piece of land off Upper Lane, Northowram,
residents said that the land is in a conservation area and asked how properties
can be built on it? No decision has been made on this planning application but
a major reason for it to be refused is the fact that it is in a conservation area.
Action; Cllrs to feed back at next ward forum
4.3 A resident complained about the amount of traffic around Northowram junior
School during drop off and pick up times and how people park anywhere with
no respect for others. Action; Tony to pass on to police and parking
enforcement officer.
4.4 Residents complained about the amount of dog fouling in the area especially
around Hall Lane and Upper lane. Action; TK to forward information to CMBC.
4.5 Flytipping was discussed which can be a big problem in the ward, council
charges re removal are now 8 items for £25.
4.6 A resident asked when the council’s street cleaning vehicle was due in the
ward. Action; TK to speak to SCG manager and find out.
4.7 A resident raised concern about speeding traffic on Bradford Road close to the junction with Joseph Avenue, this was mainly in an evening, vehicles appeared
to be travelling at speeds well in excess of 30mph. Action; TK to pass details
onto the Police’s operation Hawmill.
4.8 A resident complained about the parking around the Northowram Green
Doctors Surgery and asked if anything can be done about it. Action; TK to pass
onto parking enforcement officer.
4.9 Youth ASB in the bushes behind the Northowram Doctors surgery where
youths have been gathering in an evening from 7pm – 10pm drinking alcohol,
lighting fires, being abusive and leaving the area in a mess. Action; TK to pass
onto the police and community safety wardens, TK to contact the estate
management company and ask if bushes can be cut back and rubbish removed.
4.10 No update on the future of the Yew Tree public house.
4.11 Youth ASB in Claremount Park, youths congregating on the park from 7pm up to early hours of the morning, drinking alcohol, being abusive and leaving area
in a mess. A Resident said he witnessed youths having sex in the park. Action;
TK to pass onto police and community safety wardens.

5 Neighbour Hood Watch

5.1 TK explained that both Northowram and Shelf have community and
neighbourhood watch facebook pages which are an excellent source of information for what’s going on in the ward area. Also he asked if there was any interest in residents wanting to set up a neighbourhood watch group in their area, no response from residents.

6 Staying Well Update

6.1 TK explained that there was now an active Staying Well committee for the
Northowram and Shelf ward involving 9 residents, at a recent meeting he
explained how the group are looking to develop new activities to help tackle
isolation and loneliness. Two ideas that came from the meeting was a gentle
exercise class followed by a brew and chat session and an afternoon tea dance,
these ideas will be developed further. TK said that if any person would like to
be part of the committee meetings will be advertised on the OMI blog and

7 Friends of Shelf Park Update

7.1 TK explained that there is now a new friends of Shelf Hall Park group in
existence and their next meeting is 6.30pm 20th March 2019 at the Stone Chair
variety club, Shelf. Any person wishing to become a member of the group
please contact the groups secretary Mr Wager on

8. Local Development Plan

8.1 There is no update on the LDP.

9. Ward Forum Grants

9a TK explained that the most recent grant applications had been received from the friends of Shelf Hall Park, for £500 to erect a new ‘Welcome to Shelf Hall Park’ sign and from Shelf Hall Park Bowls Group for new gutter boarding for around the green.
9b TK explained that there was approx.; £1,400 left in the N&S ward forum grant
pot, which needs to be spent before 31st March 2019 or it will be returned to the
9c TK explained that the ward forum grants panel is made up of the 3 elected
members for the ward and 2 local residents, he asked if people were happy for the
panel members to continue making decisions on grant applications and if anyone
would like to be on the grants panel. No one was interested in becoming a member of the grants panel and were happy for the panel to continue as is.

10. A.O.B

10.1 The Shibden Village Society is looking for new members anyone wanting more information please check out the website.

11. Next Meeting 5.30pm doors open for a 6pm start. Monday 3rd June 2019 at
Belgrave Social Club, Claremount Road. Claremount. Halifax.

Latest from Illingworth Ward Forum

To find out the latest from the Illingworth Ward Forum held on Tuesday 19 March, you can download the minutes here.


Date: Tuesday 19 March 2019
Venue: Illingworth Fire Station Keighley Road Illingworth Halifax HX2 9LL

Present: Councillor Dan Sutherland, Councillor Lisa Lambert, Karen Scanlon (North Halifax Partnership) PC Shaun Hartley /PCSO Darren Talbot (West Yorkshire Police) – Plus 21 Residents

Apologies: Councillor Barry Collins

  1. Welcome and introductions

Councillor Dan Sutherland, opened the meeting and introduced himself and others present. Cllr Sutherland, outlined the format of the meeting and how people can raise issues and have their say.

  1. Local Updates
    • Local Plan- Councillor Sutherland explained that the inspection date for the submitting of the plan is due on 21 June 2019. Councillor Sutherland informed the forum that he will feedback more information of developments at the June Ward Forum.
    • Beechwood –Councillor Sutherland, confirmed the derelict flats at the back of Beechwood Library owned by Together Housing are now looking at a new development.
    • Beechwood Library –Ongoing consultation.
    • Turner Avenue South –Development going ahead with Home Group and Together Housing to build on the land at Turner Avenue /Furness area of 160 homes that will included home care and good quality homes for older people and encourage independent living.
    • Snicket at Abbey Park leading to Heathmoor Park Road – The Snicket between Abbey Park Primary School and Heathmoor Park Road has become an issue with littering and overgrown shrubs. Cllr Lambert confirmed that after raising the issue with Abby Park school that they have cut back the over growing vegetation on the snicket .Cllr Lambert confirmed that the school have taken this fully on board and will ensure its maintained to a standard for local people.
    • Whitegate- Karen Scanlon raised an enquiry received via email from a local resident who faces directly onto Whitegate main road where rubbish is regularly thrown from passing vehicle Therefore the resident requested that the road sweeper is able to make the visit to this road more frequent this was passed onto CMBC Safer Cleaner Greener Team who cleaned up the area immediately.
  1. Police Update –PC Shaun Hartley introduced himself and began by delivering the local crime figures and reported that overall crime
  • Operation Hawmill and Operation Hindbrear continue to run successfully in the Illingworth area targeting vehicles being used illegally and antisocially. Including recovery of vehicles for proceeds of crime
  • Days of action across North Halifax – PC Hartley explained that the recent planned days of action focusing on parking around schools in North Halifax had been a success with a multi-agency approach to tackle dangerous parking in and around the school area at dropping off and collection times
  • Neighbourhood Policing Team Partnership Neighbourhood Priorities – Halifax North and East area are
  • Parking and road safety around schools.
  • Council based activity – Fly tipping.
  • The criminal and anti-social use of cars and motorcycles across the area, including speeding traffic.
  1. Neighbourhood Watch – Karen Scanlon confirmed the Illingworth Neighbourhood Watch    dates for 2019 the forthcoming meetings have been booked at Illingworth Fire Station on
  • Monday 8 April 2019 00pm start
  • Monday 20 May 2019 00pm start
  1. Ward Forum Grants Update – Karen Scanlon asked the forum and informed those attending that from April 2019 there will be a new round of Ward Forum grants starting, Karen then asked local people attending if they are happy for the existing grants panel to continue deciding on grant applications. And also ask if any person would be interested in being on the panel. 3 Residents put themselves forward as interested to be on the panel

Existing Illingworth & Mixenden Panel included

  • Karen  Scanlon NHP
  • Councillor Dan Sutherland
  • Councillor Lisa Lambert
  • Councillor Barry Collins
  • Together Housing office D Sutherland
  • PCSO D Talbot
  1. Open Forum
    • Lighting -Street lighting has been welcomed; however residents would like to know when the speed/alcohol/dog fouling signage will be replaced. Councillor Dan Sutherland to confirm.
    • Bradshaw School –Ongoing issues with parents parking outside of Bradshaw School and obstructing access due to inconsiderate parking.
    • Heathy House –Residents requested to know what are the plans at the new build at the former Heathy House Heathy Lane –Karen Scanlon to make enquiries.
    • Moorside School –Resident enquired what will become of the old Moorside school site .Cllr Sutherland to make enquires into any plans to develop this site and feedback at the June Ward Forum.
    • The Last Memory –Karen Scanlon promoted the play by Alan Stockdill performed by Talking Stock Productions Tuesday 21 May 2019, 7pm at Moorside Community Primary School, Ovenden, HX2 8AP and on Friday 24 May 2019, 7pm at Holy Nativity Church, Mixenden, HX2 8RX THE PLAY IS FREE. However donations to Daisy Chain Café on the night would be welcome. Anyone wanting to book can now on 01422 392767 or email .Karen Scanlon to also send out invite to Illingworth Ward Forum
  1.  Ward Forum – Date of next meeting

       Tuesday 18 June 2019 6.00pm Illingworth Fire Station Keighley Road Illingworth

       HX2 9LL

Latest from Ovenden Ward Forum

To find out the latest from the Ovenden Ward Forum held on Tuesday 26 March, you can download the minutes here.




Moorside Community Primary School ,Ovenden Halifax


Councillor Anne Collins (Chair ) Andrew Pitts (Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods CMBC),  PCSO Cartwright PCSO Shephard (WY Police) Karen Scanlon (NHP) and 19 residents

1              Welcome and introductions

1.1                    Ward Forum chair Councillor Anne Collins introduced herself and Andrew Pitts from Calderdale Council. PCSO Cartwright PCSO Shephard (WY Police) and Ward Link Worker Karen Scanlon

2              Council Updates

2.1             Andrew Pitts Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods spoke to the ward forum regards the Council plans to enforcement and strengthen environmental service Andrew Pitts spoke about a report that the council have created to suggests that two key public-facing Council services which impact significantly upon the quality of life of residents, businesses and visitors to Calderdale – Highway Maintenance and Safer, Cleaner, Greener – should be integrated into a single new “Green Spaces and Street Scene Service”.

Together, these services keep neighbourhoods and town centres clean; maintain parks and open spaces; look after play areas, allotments and sports pitches; repair potholes, pavements, walls and drainage; protect and enhance the countryside; keep the highway network open in bad weather; and deal with a range of highway emergencies round the clock.

Getting these fundamental, universal services right – provided in a responsive, efficient and customer-focussed way – is central to the delivery of the Council’s Vision 2024 and its ambition to be the Best Borough in the North; it also supports the ‘right first time’ approach in the Customer Services Strategy to reduce avoidable customer contact and improve the Council’s reputation.

2.2            Andrew Pitts also informed the meeting about the council recent recruitment drive for Community Safety Wardens .Safety Wardens work across Calderdale to help keep our communities safe. This service aims to create a step change in the way we respond to nuisance and quality of life issues. These include: unauthorised traveller encampments; and anti-social behaviour.It builds and complements existing Council services, focusing on enforcement and visibility. They are responsible for the Council’s public space CCTV provision and manage a number of radio networks across Calderdale They are equipped with the powers required to issue fixed penalty notices to tackle dog fouling, littering and fly-tipping. Community Safety Wardens work in strong partnership with other agencies, such as the Police and the Fire Service. This is to provide support in times of need and through intelligence sharing. They are the Council’s eyes and ears on the ground and are deployed where needed in Calderdale

3              Local Updates from Ward Councillors

3.1                    Spring Flower displays -Councillor Collins wanted to pay attention to the beautiful splash of colour with the spring blooms at Ovenden Way .Planted by the children at Dean Field School and more recently the Junior Wardens at Moorside School and how it shows Ovenden in a positive bright lovely area

3.2                    Sod House Green -Councillor Collins explained that the council have received lots of complaints of local residents regarding the state of the back of Sod House Green. Councillor Collins explained through partnership working with Calderdale councils Safer Cleaner Greener Team the area is cleaned up

3.3                    Snicket at Club Lane – Councillor Collins said that the snicket reported at the last Ward Forum leading from Club Lane onto Nursery Lane Ovenden as now been cleaned thanks to the Safer Cleaner Team

3.4                    Lentalfield Street /Friendly Fold – Councillor Collins confirmed that CMBC have issued enforcement notices to builders who have left area in a complete mess after completion of the builds

3.5                    Daisy Chain Dementia Café – Councillor Collins encouraged local people to come along and attend or bring along someone they may know who could and would benefit from this type of group. Every month on the second Wednesday of the month at Halifax Ruby Club Ovenden Park Halifax

3.6                    Well Being @ Moorside – Councillor Collins said that she was honoured to open the launch of this new group held at Moorside School and said she felt it’s a positive for the area providing good positive wellbeing and  encouraged local people to come along and attend or bring along someone they may know who could and would benefit from attending

3.7                    Cousin Lane –Councillor Collins confirmed that ongoing work to address the conditions of the road with senior officers from the council and look at improvements to be made.

3.8                    Ackley Bridge – Councillor Collins confirmed another positive for the area is the filming of the TV programme Ackley Bridge who have recently filmed at HXRUFC Ovenden Park and Turner Avenue South.

4              Police Update

4.1                    Tesco’s Ovenden –Ongoing Issues with shoplifting and abuse from customers. Police are working with managers and staff to try and combat this issues . 2 young people have been issued ASBI and received bail conditions and if breached will be arrested .

4.2                    Most Wanted – PCSO Cartwright confirmed that 2 of Calderdale’s most wanted from the Ovenden area have now been arrested and in police custody awaiting trial

4.3                    Barn Fire at Old Lane – It’s believed that 3 young people had set fire to a barn at Old Lane causing death and damage to the barn and livestock. PSCO Cartwright confirmed that 3 Young people have been arrested and ongoing investigations are underway

4.4                    Neighbourhood Policing Team Partnership Neighbourhood Priorities – Halifax North and East area are

·         Parking and road safety around schools.

·         Council based activity – Fly tipping.

·         The criminal and anti-social use of cars and motorcycles across the area, including speeding traffic

5              Ward Forum Update

5.1                    Karen Scanlon asked the forum and informed those attending that from April 2019 there will be a new round of Ward Forum grants starting, Karen then asked local people attending if they are happy for the existing grants panel to continue deciding on grant applications. And also ask if any person would be interested in being on the panel. 2 Residents put themselves forward as interested to be on the panel

Existing Ovenden Panel included

·         Karen Scanlon NHP

·         Councillor Anne Collins

·         Councillor Bryan Smith

·         Councillor Helen Rivron

·         Together Housing office C Webster

·         Local resident

6              Your issues – Open Forum

6.1                    Lee Mount –A resident thanked the local councillors for contacting SCG leading to the promptness of the grass cutting at Lee Mount since the last Ward Forum

6.2                    Land at Wheatley Road Lee Mount –Resident was interested to know who now owns that piece of land –Action Councillor Collins will liaise with Andrew Pitts to obtain that information for the next ward forum

6.3                    Rugby Mount Land – Resident asked who owned the land in-between Rugby Drive and Mount if resident could take this on to grow vegetables and maintain the land. Action Councillor Collins will liaise with Andrew Pitts to obtain that information for the June ward forum

6.4                    HXRUFC –Issues with young people causing ASB around the club and in the stand area .PCSO Cartwright confirmed that West Yorkshire Police are aware of this ongoing problem and monitor the area constantly alongside of the youth service who have put outreach in place to engage with the young people in the area

6.5                    Bikes –Resident said that there are bikes riding around in an anti-social behaviour at Ruby Mount .Police confirmed that they need information to be able to issue a section 59 warning and urged resident to ring 101 with the information

6.6                    Shroggs Park – Resident asked about volunteering to help clean up at planned action days at Bracken bed /Shroggs Tip

7              Date and Venue of Next Meeting

Wednesday 5 June 2019,  6:00pm at Moorside Community Primary School for refreshments and a prompt 6.15pm start.

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Moorside Junior Wardens at Illingworth Fire Station

West Yorkshire Fire fighters do more than just putting out fires. They aim to reduce risks to West Yorkshire people and property and deliver prevention programmes to make people safer from fire and other emergencies.

Our firefighters have one of the most respected jobs within the community: responding to incidents, preventing them from happening and protecting people and property in West Yorkshire. Junior Wardens from  Moorside Community Primary School, Ovenden were given the opportunity to visit Illingworth Fire Station to  find out more about what they do, how they promotion opportunities and technical areas they specialise within the daily role of a Firefighter

The Fire Fighters gave the Junior Wardens a fantastic and very informative tour of the Illingworth Station , explaining some of the jobs the fire fighters are called out to and explained how fire fighters are responsible  for taking part in drill training, taking part in scenarios, maintaining, cleaning and testing fire service equipment and performing general station routines.

The Fire fighter let the wardens experience using the fire hose of the engine ,and how they fill up the water that’s kept in the engine . They even gave a call out for the Moorside  Junior Wardens with the blues and twos

Thank you to Illingworth Fire Station at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for a brilliant afternoon of fun for more information look at

The Illingworth Messenger – April 2019

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