Diabetes and Covid-19 key messages

Do you have diabetes?  Or do any of your friends or family have diabetes?

Have you heard or read anything about diabetes and Covid-19?

Having diabetes does not mean you are more likely to get Covid-19. You are no more likely to catch coronavirus than somebody without diabetes.

But some research has shown that if you do catch Covid and you have diabetes then you could be at higher risk of becoming more seriously ill.

The good news is that if your diabetes is well controlled then your risk of becoming more seriously ill is significantly reduced.

Top Tips to help get and keep your diabetes under control

  • Be active – Being physically active helps to control your blood sugar levels. Try and do some physical activity every day. It doesn’t have to be going to the gym or playing sport. A short walk or some energetic housework each day will really make a difference.
  • Lose weight – If your doctor has told you that you are overweight then losing even a small amount of weight can help to control your diabetes. A moderate amount of weight loss can even put your diabetes in remission (This is when your blood sugar levels are below the diabetes range).
  • Take your medication – If you have been prescribed medication to control your diabetes make sure  you take the right dose at the right time of day as advised by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.
  • Attend appointments – you might be invited by your GP practice to have a check up appointment. It is important that you accept the appointment so that the health care professionals can see how you are doing and make sure you are in the best possible health. If you are invited for a face to face appointment the doctor/nurse will be wearing PPE and there will be appropriate social distancing to keep you safe. You might be offered a telephone appointment instead.

If you or a loved one have been told that you don’t have diabetes yet but that you are at high risk of developing diabetes then the tips above to be more active, lose weight and attend any appointments you are offered are just as important.  There is also a service available to help people at risk of diabetes to move out of the ‘high risk’ zone. Google Diabetes UK Know Your Risk to find out more and see if you are eligible.

Say No to Hate Crime

10th-17th October is National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

If you’ve experienced an act of violence or hostility because of who you are or because of what someone thinks you are, you may have been the victim of a hate incident or hate crime.

Hate incidents and hate crime happen because of prejudice or hostility based on a person’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

The law considers hate incidents and hate crime to be particularly serious.

How can I report a Hate Crime?

  1. Directly to the police using 999 if it’s an emergency or 111 if it isn’t.
  2. Using the online reporting tool.
  3. Crime Stoppers – 0800 555 111.
  4. To a Hate Incident Reporting Centre.

Coronavirus cases are rising – we’re in this together.

We all have a part to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Calderdale.

There have been instances where people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have not followed advice to isolate.

It’s really important to isolate if you’ve tested positive for #Covid19UK or have any of the symptoms. Or if you’ve been identified as a contact by @NHSCOVID19app. It WILL save lives!

You may be entitled to financial assistance of £500 if you’ve been told to self-isolate, and meet the eligibility criteria. Find out more and apply 👉https://crowd.in/lJYIug


World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2020

Saturday 10 October marks World Mental Health Day and the theme is suicide prevention. If there is one thing that you do over the weekend, please reach out to family and friends. Send that message or make a phone call and ask ‘how are you doing?’ and take the time to listen.

Mental Health Foundation are pushing the advice WAIT (Watch out, Ask, It will pass, Talk to others) a simple approach everyone can take when supporting a colleague, family member, friend or a complete stranger. It’s simple and effective especially when we remain suicide alert.

Suicide alert means being aware of the possibilities of suicide feelings and asking “are you having suicidal thoughts?”

To be more suicide alert we encourage everyone to complete Zero Suicide Alliance FREE online training session and gain the skills to save a life. It only takes 20 minutes and a printable certificate is provided. 

It’s about being caring and continuing to use the innate kindness we possess. To encourage people to ‘talk’ is very important and to seek help from a GP or health professional.  

Encouragement to talk is very important and our ability to listen, to keep listening and finally to signpost to professionals or organisations to help keep the person keep safe.

The Samaritans is an always-open listening service – call FREE on 116 123. Alternatively, support is available by contacting the local NHS trust on 01924 316830, which is open 24 hours a day.

North Halifax transport survey, chance to win £50 Morrisons voucher

Please complete the Calderdale Council survey at the link below. The Council wants to hear from people who live in, work in, or visit North and West Halifax, including Illingworth, Ovenden, Mixenden and Lee Mount areas. You can complete the survey by clicking the icon below or going to the bottom of this page.


Give your contact details at the end of the survey to be entered into a free prize draw to win one of five £50 shopping vouchers.

Through this survey, the Council wants to understand how the streets in North Halifax can be improved. Getting an understanding of the things that are important to local people will help the Council to develop ideas that reflect what local people want. Depending on the feedback, improvements could include pedestrian crossings, places to stop and rest, reducing traffic on residential streets, creating traffic free cycle lanes and planting more trees and plants.

Complete the survey to have your say on:

  • Traffic and parking issues such as pavement parking, anti-social driving, rat-running.
  • What prevents or deters you from walking or cycling in your area
  • What changes to streets in your neighbourhood would encourage you to make more walking or cycling journeys in your local area

The survey is open until 16th October 2020

Tell us what you think to win a £50 shopping vouchers

Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority want to hear your views in how we can create better places for walking and cycling and improve access to public transport in North Halifax (Illingworth, Ovenden, Mixenden, Lee Mount and Pellon) and Park Ward.

The online survey closes on Friday 16 October. 

Every completed entry will have the option to be entered into a draw to win one of five £50 shopping vouchers.

Visit www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/calderdale-sfp

Have your say on the future of Centre at Threeways

Calderdale Council has launched a public consultation seeking local people’s views on the future of the Centre at Threeways in Halifax.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategy, Cllr Jane Scullion, said:

“This is a well-loved building which has provided a much-used range of facilities in the heart of the community. 

“The Council is firmly committed to making sure that the centre continues to work for the community, and to ensuring that the centre’s tenants – including social enterprises, small businesses, a church and a GP surgery – can, wherever possible, continue to operate on the site.

“Unfortunately however, the nature of the building provides many challenges.  It’s an expensive building to maintain and operate, so future options are somewhat limited but we would welcome creative ideas from the community about how it can be adapted to secure its future for the years to come.

“In particular, we’d like to hear about people’s priorities. We’d be keen to hear what they feel is missing in their neighbourhood and how the centre could be used to meet their needs.” 

As the consultation is taking place during the pandemic it is not possible for the Council to hold public meetings, however people can still share their views in a number of ways:

  • by visiting the Engage section of the Council website
  • by emailing Paul.Rhodes@calderdale.gov.uk
  • or by posting comments to: Paul Rhodes, Regeneration & Strategy, Princess Buildings, Halifax, HX1 1TS

The consultation will run for three weeks, ending on 19 October 2020. 

All responses will be considered within a feasibility study and will help the Council to develop a range of options for the future of the centre.  These will be shared with the community during a further consultation and then the findings will be considered by the Council before any final decision is made.

In March 2020 the condition of the building led to serious concerns about site safety and the Council was forced to take back the management of the centre.

As the owner of the building, the Council has a legal responsibility to make sure that it is safe for everyone who visits or works there.

The Council has worked hard to improve safety at the building and is keen to secure a financially sustainable future for the centre.

Many of the facilities at the centre were closed during lockdown, however some, such as the foodbank, have remained open, supporting the local community throughout the pandemic.