Park and Warley Our Communities Awards

The Our Communities Awards are fast approaching and we’re ready to recognise and celebrate those individuals and groups whose work and commitment has had a positive impact on the communities within the Warley and Park wards of Halifax.

Do you know of an individual or maybe a group that has made a difference in your area who you think is deserving of one of the below awards?… Nominate today!

There are 10 award categories to choose from

View nomination criteria for each Award

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Contribution to Sport & Play
  • Contribution to Work & Training
  • Contribution to a Safer, Cleaner, Greener Environment
  • Contribution to Children & Young People
  • Contribution to the Older Generation
  • Outstanding Individual
  • Community Involvement
  • Young People of the Year
  • Good Neighbour

The Our Communities Awards are mainly open to those who volunteer in the area, however if you know of any paid worker you feel deserves an award but you’re unsure about nominating them, contact Tony King, Ward Coordinator North East Halifax Neighbourhood Team on 01422 255402 or email

Nominate today!

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How to Nominate


  • There is no limit to the number nominations you can make.
  • Nominations must be for an individual, group or organisation who live or work in or for the benefit of either Park or Warley ward.
  • As hosts of the awards, staff from the North and East Halifax Team and Halifax Central Initiative cannot be nominated for the work they do for these organisations.


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