Enjoy a fun packed summer with Project_Twelve:31

Enjoy a whole summer packed with activities to keep you occupied from Project_Twelve:31 and our partners, including Bush Craft, Climbing, Water Sports, Football, Bowling and much more.

From Monday 24 July to Saturday 2 September 2017

Activity providers include OSCA Foundation, CI Adventures, Mixenden Activity Centre, Calderdale Council Young People’s Service, St George’s Community Trust, Halifax Swimming Pool and Project_Twelve:31.

Some activities need to be pre booked so take a look through the full Summer Programme below and see what takes your fancy.

For information regarding Project_Twelve:31 call Karen Scanlon on 01422 255402, email karen@ovenden-initiative.org.uk or find Project_Twelve:31 on Facebook

Here’s what’s on in full!

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FREE Summer Holiday Activities at Orange Box

Wednesday 26 July – Friday 1 September (weekdays, excluding 28 August)
2pm – 4pm
Upcycle furniture and clothes, sing karaoke, enjoy yoga and drama, go zorbing, climb the bouldering tunnel, play table tennis, cook healthy meals, skate in the rooftop skate park and celebrate with an end of summer party. Keep your eye on the Orangebox Website or social media for a detailed timetable coming soon.
For ages 11-19 years
FREE. No need to book, just turn up

PLUS – don’t forget the regular activities

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Schools take on the 2017 MixMatch Challenges!

The 2017 MixMatch and Mini MixMatch challenges took place at Mixenden Activity Centre last week. The MixMatch Challenge, held on Tuesday 13th June saw pupils from Trinity Academy and Park Lane go head to head whilst the MiniMixmatch Challenge on Thursday 15th June had teams from Dean Field Community Primary School, Ash Green Community Primary School, Whitehill Community Academy, Moorside Community Primary School and Mount Pellon Academy battling it out in a series of team building tasks to be crowned winners of the 2017 challenges.

Both events began with a Tag Collection warm up task in which all participating teams headed into Mixenden Reservoir Woods to find and collect any tags matching their teams colour within a time limit and all the teams taking part worked well together.

Following the Tag Collection the teams were then split up ready to take part in separate challenges in which they were marked for their overall efforts within each challenge focusing on teamwork, timing, communication, leadership skills and initiative.

The challenges consisted of:

  • Rock Climbing – Teams took part in rock climbing to build communication and teamwork skills.
  • Blindfold Obstacle Course – One team member was blindfolded and had to carry a ball through an obstacle course with the guidance of remaining team members.
  • Shark Challenge – Teams had to carry equipment to build a hose using a ladder and crates to get from a starting point to the other side of the course before assembling the hose. Teams then had to dismantle the hose and make their way back to the starting point leaving equipment exactly as they found it. All without stepping off the crates or ladder.
  • Bench Challenge – Team members were stood on a narrow bench with a pool of water either side, teams had to follow instructions to order themselves in different categories such as age or height without falling in.
  • Police Relay – Teams dribbled a football around cones before working in 3’s on a set of wooden skis to get to the finish line where they then dressed in a Police Uniform and hit a riot shield with a baton.
  • Fire Drain Challenge – Teams worked together to spray water from a fire hose, over the fire engine and into a large bucket.
  • Tent Challenge – Team leaders were shown how to erect and dismantle a tent before leading and helping their team mates put up and take down another with no assistance.
  • Bike Challenge – Teams raced round a preset course with a slalom, ramps and a see saw in order to accumulate as many laps as possible within a time limit.

At the end of the challenges, semifinalists were decided by teams who had accumulated the most points throughout the day before they went head to head in the final challenge which involved running to collect water from a paddling pool before filling a large barrel repeatedly until time ran out.

The barrel challenge came with a twist as they had a number of holes drilled around the sides which meant the teams had to work together to keep holes plugged up whilst continuing to fill up the barrels. Measuring sticks were

then used at the end to decide the teams who would head into the final, decided by the same challenge.

There was some great teamwork displayed throughout the semifinals and all teams taking part on both days were fantastic but unfortunately only 2 teams could progress to the Finals.

Whitehill Community Academy were eventually crowned winners of the 2017 Mini MixMatch Challenge after a great final between themselves and Ash Green Community Primary School, whilst Trinity Academy were the victors against Park Lane in a very closely contested final.


The theory behind the MixMatch challenges is to get young people working with uniformed services to cut down barriers between them. As a result of this and similar youth engagement work, the police and fire service have confirmed that youth ASB and deliberate fires, especially in the Mixenden area, has been drastically reduced.

Services who took part in the 2017 MixMatch Challenges were West Yorkshire Fire Service, West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council Community Wardens, who happily give their services for free each year.

Special thanks to Clive Ingham and his staff at Mixenden Activity centre for their continual support of this event.

Funding for the event was supplied by grants from the Safer Communities Fund and the Ward Forum Grants scheme and refreshments were provided by the Morrisons store in Illingworth.

If you would like further information on the MixMatch Challenge Event please contact Heather Stout by email to Heather.stout@ovenden-initiative.org.uk or call 01422 255402

CAP Week kicks off at Trinity Academy

The Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) Week had a fantastic start this morning as pupils from Trinity Academy were treated to a special visit from partners of the project who spoke to them about the dangers of alcohol & underage drinking.

The young people listened to talks from  West Yorkshire Police, CMBC ASB Team, Lifeline Young People’s Service and Local Ward Councillors.

There’s a lot going on this week as part of the project and updates can be found on the Project_Twelve:31 Facebook Page.


Don’t Buy Alcohol for Under 18’s this Summer!

It is illegal to buy alcohol on behalf of someone who is under 18 and being caught doing so could get you a £90 on-the-spot fine or you may even end up in court with a criminal record and an unlimited fine.

Local partners and the community are working together to tackle underage drinking in the area.

If you have any information relating to the supply of alcohol to young people or drinking on the street, please contact the police on 101.

For more information on the harm underage drinking can lead to visit www.drinkaware.co.uk/advice/underage-drinking



2017 Summer Camp at the Inspire Centre

Monday 14 to Friday 8 August 2017 9am to 3pm daily
At The Inspire Centre, Calderdale college, Halifax

The 2017 Summer Camp is for boys and girls aged 4+ and is suitable for all levels & abilities – Both members and non-members welcome.

A full week at camp is costs £100 (individual day prices available on request and a discount is available for sibling bookings).

For more information/booking form please email Joleene at info@ruggerratz.co.uk

A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid upon booking to secure your child’s place

‘FREE’ Trampoline Sessions for Disabled Children and Young People

Calderdale Local Offer are offering FREE trampoline sessions for disabled children & young people aged 6 – 18 years.

Thursday 22 June 3.30 – 5.30pm (half hour sessions) at North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax.

Trampolining provides a host of stimulating sensory experiences. Your child can enjoy the sensation that bouncing on a trampoline brings, acquiring new skills and developing a sense of achievement and self-confidence.

Please contact Debbie Greenwood to register your child on a convenient ‘time slot’.

Email: debbie.greenwood@calderdale.gov.uk Phone: 01422 341527