Junior Wardens Monitor Traffic Speeds

Karen Scanlon arranged for the Junior Wardens from Whitehill Academy to be out and about in Illingworth Road on Wednesday 22 May 2019 with help from Community Wardens Lee Ackroyd and Ray Jackson, PCSO Neal Lefroy-Owen from  West Yorkshire Police  to monitor speed in the local area.

The Junior Wardens mounted the speed and those going above the speed of 20mph was greeted with a thumbs down.

The results were:


  • Illingworth Road at the side of Natty Lane Park Halifax


  • 20mph


  • 69  Vehicles were recorded
  • 6 Vehicles drove at the speed limit of 20mph
  • 29 Vehicles drove UNDER 20mph
  • 40 Vehicles drove ABOVE the speed limit of 20mph

The highest Speed recorded was 30 mph


  • Vehicles – 69
  • 85% –     10
  • Average -20.78261

Junior Wardens Whitehill Community Academy Learn About Child Sexual Exploitation

Junior Wardens from Whitehill Community Academy welcomed Catherine Edwards CSE Project Worker CSE Hub Calderdale Council West Yorkshire Police Station into school to talk about Healthy Relationships On Line Safety and Raising CSE awareness with Young People

The wardens had really informative interactive and fun discussions around awareness across the board and how to look out for any possible indicators of CSE By Challenge thinking and start conversations and discussion about relationships with adults who support where appropriate

The session was very interactive and fun, asking the wardens what their thoughts and ideas are about relationships and online safety and giving them thoughts about how much information we give away ourselves via social media and how we can protect ourselves further by creating Complex Passwords. …

Boost Network Security. …or following simple safety steps

Staying Safe Online…..

1)      Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number.

2)      Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself.  Once you’ve put  a picture of yourself online most people can see it and may be able to download it, it’s not just yours anymore.

3)      Keep your privacy settings as high as possible

4)      Never give out your passwords (only to parents )

5)      Don’t befriend people you don’t know

6)      Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online.  Speak to your parent or teacher about people suggesting you do

7)      Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are

8)      Think carefully about what you say before you post something online

9)      If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: leave the website, turn off your computer if you want to and tell a trusted adult immediately.

10)   KEEP SAFE Keep informed and up to date with procedures and information and informing parents how to safeguard their children via social media.

Whitehill Junior Wardens Perform Speed Tests

Heather Stout, from the Ovenden Initiative, arranged for Community Wardens Jonny Cato and Lee Ackroyd to accompany the Whitehill Community Academy Junior Wardens to conduct speed tests on Moor Bottom Road in Illingworth, to see if drivers are sticking to the 20mph speed limit outside The North Halifax Grammar School.

Junior Wardens took turns holding the speed gun to find out the travelling speeds of passing vehicles, and although the group were at the roadside for only an hour, a total of 73 drivers had passed in that time.

A lot of those drivers were travelling either at or below the 20mph speed limit with an average speed of 25mph overall, but astonishingly, over 40 drivers were above the 20mph speed limit with one driver recorded at a speed of 42mph!

The junior wardens were in plain sight of all drivers and gave a thumbs up to those who drove within the speed limit and a thumbs down to those who didn’t. The majority of the Junior Wardens live in Illingworth and Bradshaw, and were shocked to find drivers breaking the speed limit in their community.

All the Junior Wardens said they were going to go home and tell their parents and grandparents about the results and hope that drivers passing through Illingworth will be more careful in future as a result of their speed tests.

Police and Fire Service Visit Whitehill Junior Wardens

Heather Stout, from the Ovenden Initiative, arranged for some of our local uniformed services to meet the new Whitehill Community Academy Junior Wardens recently.

Police Community Support Officer, Megan Boothroyd, from West Yorkshire Police, visited Whitehill Community Academy Junior Wardens to tell them all about her role as an officer in Illingworth on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

Megan spoke about some of her day to day duties before showing the Wardens some of the equipment she carries whilst explaining what it is used for.

PCSO Boothroyd also told the Wardens about some of the more unusual aspects of her job including some of the funny things that have happened, before some very good questions were asked by the Junior Wardens, who all seemed very keen to know everything about life in the Police Force.

Following up from that exciting session, on the 28 March Fire Prevention Officer, Dave Manning, from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, also made a visit to tell the wardens about his role in the community.

Dave, until recently a Fire Fighter based in Halifax, invited some of the Junior Wardens take part in a role play to show them how dangerous it can be in a car if you are not wearing a seatbelt and the driver is distracted.

Through the role play, Dave managed to get the message across of how easily drivers can be distracted by children in the back of the car. He also had one volunteer to help him show the rest of the group how to put someone in the recovery position.

Lots of good and interesting questions were asked by the Junior Wardens, who seemed to appreciate the serious message Dave was promoting.

32 young people take on the first Mini MixMatch School Challenge

20160621_14051232 pupils from Dean Field Community Primary School, Ash Green Community Primary School, Whitehill Community Academy and Mount Pellon Academy got together at Mixenden Activity Centre on Tuesday 21 June with a team of 8 pupils from each school going head to head in a series of team building tasks to be crowned winners of the first ever Mini MixMatch Challenge.

20160621_101926The event began with a Tag Collection warm up task in which the four teams headed into Mixenden Reservoir Woods to find and collect tags matching their teams colour within a time limit. All four teams worked extremely well together and had fun doing so but it was Dean Field who came out on top with 71 tags found in the end, followed by Mount Pellon with 65 and one single tag splitting 3rd and 4th placed with Whitehill finding 54 and Ash Green 53.

Following the Tag Collection the groups split to take part in separate challenges in which they were marked for their overall efforts within each challenge.

The four challenges consisted of:

  • Rock Climbing – Teams took part in rock climbing to build communication and teamwork skills.
  • Blindfold Obstacle Course – One team member was blindfolded and had to carry a ball through an obstacle course with the guidance of remaining team members.
  • Shark Challenge – Teams had to carry equipment to build a hose using a ladder and crates to get from a starting point to the other side of the course before assembling the hose. Teams then had to dismantle the hose and make their way back to the starting point leaving equipment exactly as they found it. All without stepping off the crates or ladder.
  • Bench Challenge – Team members were stood on a narrow bench with a pool of water either side, teams had to follow instructions to order themselves in different categories such as age or height without falling in.

The teams enjoyed a game of football in the sunshine before it was time to announce which teams would face off in the semi-finals and the Barrel Fill Challenge in which teams had to run the length of the course to collect water before running back to fill a large barrel which unknown to them at first had been pre drilled with holes.

The semi-finals took place between Whitehill vs Mount Pellon and Dean Field vs Ash Green. Both semi-finals were closely contested and with great team work displayed throughout with a couple from each running to collect water whilst the remaining members stayed by the barrels using their fingers to plug the holes and slow down the loss of any water.

The Semi-final winners were decided by a wooden stick dipped into each barrel to measure the amount of water collected and with a really close call in both semi-finals it was Whitehill Community Academy and Ash Green Primary School who just edged it and were set to meet in the final.

The Barrel Fill final between Ash Green and Whitehill was a competitive one with the support from spectating teams great to see.

After a fantastic day enjoyed by all the pupils, teachers and services involved it was Ash Green Community Primary School who won the final to become the very first Mini MixMatch School Challenge Champions of 2016.

A big thank you goes to the services involved, West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service,  Calderdale Council Community Wardens, Mixenden Activity Centre and of course the teachers and pupils who came along to take part.

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Illingworth Gaol and Stocks – Public Meeting

GaolThe Trustees of the Illingworth Gaol and Stocks invite you to attend their next Public Meeting on Monday 24 November in the School Hall of Whitehill Community Academy starting at 7pm.

Attendees can gain entry to the School through the bottom entrance on Occupation Lane and if you are driving you can park in the Mozley Drive car park just below the school entrance.

The Architect employed by the Trust has prepared plans which will be on view at the meeting and there will be chance for you to purchase some unique Gaol memorabilia including Christmas Cards painted by local artist, Steve Ellis, as well as coasters, fridge magnets and key rings.

The Trustees feel that the project to save the Illingworth Gaol is now at a very critical and important stage and urgently need the support of everyone so please show your support and make every effort to attend the meeting.

If you require further information, please email illingworthjail@outlook.com or find the Illingworth Gaol & Stocks Preservation Group on Facebook.

You can find out more about the preservation of Illingworth Gaol by visiting the Gaol website here.

Health Improvement – Activities for over 50’s

LAGroupThe Local Activities (LA) Group in Illingworth and Bradshaw was formed specifically to improve the health and well being of people over the age of 50 in this area of Halifax.

If you are interested in meeting new friends and doing new activities please get in touch via email at lagroup50@hotmail.co.uk or by calling our secretary on 01422 249070

Below is a list of activities we run each week:

Tuesdays – Illingworth Moor Methodist Church

  • Keep Fit class – 10am to 11am – £3 per person
  • New Age Kurling – 11.15am to 12.15pm – £2 per person
  • Line Dancing – 2pm to 3pm – £3 per person

Wednesdays – Illingworth Fire Station community room

  • Crafty Club – 10am to 12noon – £2 per person

Thursdays – Various Locations

  • Tai Chi Class – Whitehill Community Academy – 10am to 11am – £3 per person
  • Art Class – Illingworth Fire Station community room – 10am to 12noon – £3 per person

For updates on our activities, please visit our website here – New members are always welcome.