Dementia Awareness Week – Soul Journey with Verd de gris

To coincide with Dementia Awareness Week verd de gris in conjunction with Calderdale Libraries will be screening their beautiful film ‘Soul Journey’ at venues across the borough all week, including Halifax Central, King Cross, Hebden Bridge and Todmorden Libraries.

The film explores some of the myths that build up around dementia and weaves together spoken word, moving images and an original score to capture some of the beauty and dignity of the people taking part – and to celebrate the extraordinary richness of the landscape that means so much to them.

If you want to take part in the creative sessions contact for more information.

Behind the Mask – Women only event

As a woman, as a girl do you feel you have to wear a mask? to your family, to partners, to your children, to ‘society’? And have you done this so long its hard to remember who the real ‘you’ is?

You are invited to join in for a celebration of the women’s words, their art works and photographs on Friday 15 January 2016 at Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre, Hopwood Lane, Halifax.

This creative presentation will be led by Sharon Marsden from verd de gris who will be joined by some of the women themselves, speaking their words, leading singing with strength and pride.

This is a women only event so if you would like to go email or call 07598 387772.

Behind the Mask – a well-being project for women

Award-winning arts company verd de gris are recruiting participants for a FREE creative project for women of all ages to create something uplifting that will help build confidence and improves your sense of well-being.

Every Friday from 11 September – 9.45am to 11.45am
At Women Centre, Silver St, HX1 1JN

Also every Friday from 11 September – 9.45am to 11.45am
At St Augustine’s Centre, Hanson Lane, HX1 5PG

Refreshments will be provided at both venues and no creative experience is needed to take part – For further information contact Sharon on 07598 387772