Road Safety Partnership tackles parking at Lee Mount School

On Wednesday 23 October 2019, partners from the Calderdale Road Safety Partnership attended Lee Mount Primary School after it was highlighted that parking outside the school was an ongoing issue and has been for some time.

The event was organised by Dan Marham, Ward Link Worker for the Ovenden Initiative following a meeting with Lee Mount Primary School headteacher Emme Ford and was supported by partners from West Yorkshire Police, CMBC Community Wardens and Calderdale Community Safety Wardens who were joined by students George and Jack.

The morning proved to be a success as the zigzag markings were kept clear enabling pupils to safely cross the road on their way into school in the morning. Small posters were fixed onto the school railings to highlight the dangers of parking outside schools and a larger banner was given to the school by the Community Safety Team which is now also on display on the railings.

Work will continue in the future as the Road Safety Partnership work on ways in which  issues such as school parking can be proactively dealt with and there is a full week of action planned from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd November 2019 at schools throughout Calderdale.


Moorside Junior Wardens conduct speed checks on Keighley Road

Karen Scanlon, from the Ovenden Initiative, arranged for Junior Wardens from Moorside Community Primary School’s to go out with the speed camera to get an idea of how road users are driving in the area of our local schools.

Joined by Dan Marham, Ovenden Initiative and Calderdale Council Community Warden Lee Ackroyd, the session began with Junior Wardens  using the camera on Keighley Road where the responsible drivers received a thumbs up as they passed, and the not so responsible drivers getting a thumbs down!

From the 289 cars recorded, only two of those were driving in excess of the 30mph speed limit and one of which was an emergency vehicle much to the Wardens amusement.

Future speed checks will continue to take place throughout North and East Halifax with both Junior Warden Groups and in partnership with West Yorkshire Police in ongoing work to tackle nuisance vehicles in the area.


Action against mobiles – Smartphone sanctions

Drivers caught using mobile phones behind the wheel face stiffer penalties from 1 March. Offenders can now get six points on their licence and a fine of £200. Although Brake welcomes the points increase, a £200 fine for selfishly putting others’ lives in danger is still inadequate.

We also want to see a total ban on phone use: the risk of crashing is four times higher whether you use a hands-free or hand-held phone.

Get involved and read more about Brake’s Driven to distraction campaign.

Whitehill Academy – Keep it Safe Music Video

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have teamed up with students from Whitehill Academy to make a music video to spread the important message of safety whilst driving.

You can watch the video below… Great work guys!!

20 is plenty for Illingworth and Ovenden

20mphIllingworth and Ovenden are the latest areas to have a 20mph speed limit introduced on their residential streets as part of Calderdale Council’s Love our Streets campaign rollout.

By 2017 residential streets across Calderdale will be 20mph, and from Friday 7 October 2016, the limit will be operational in the broad areas of Illingworth and Ovenden. To see which streets are affected, please visit 20mph speed limit.

The next phases of the rollout are Brighouse & Rastrick in February 2017 and Northowram & Shelf, Hipperholme, Lightcliffe and Norwood Green in May 2017… read more…

Ash Green Junior Wardens tackle speeding

Ash Green Speed ChecksHeather Stout, from the Mixenden Initiative, arranged for Junior Wardens from Ash Green Community Primary School’s upper and lower sites, to go out with the speed camera to get an idea of how road users are driving in the area of our local schools.

Joined by PCSO Alice Cordingley and PC Butterfield from West Yorkshire Police, the session began with Junior Wardens from the Lower Site using the camera on Mixenden Road where the majority of the drivers were responsible and received a thumbs up as they passed, with the not so responsible drivers getting a thumbs down!

It was then onto the Upper Site where Junior Wardens carried on where wardens from the Lower Site had left off for the second half of the session. Again, most road users were responsible and kept within the speed limits whilst a small number drove in excess.

Did you spot the Moorside Junior Wardens on Keighley Road?

Junior Wardens from Moorside Primary School took part in a Speed Initiative alongside Community Warden Ced Oakley, Ovenden Police Ward Officer’s PC Kim McCloskey and PCSO Alice Cordingley.

Karen Scanlon from the Ovenden Initiative said’

“The Junior Wardens really enjoyed the initiative which highlights the speed of traffic on the roads within our community”

The Junior Wardens measured and recorded the speeds of oncoming traffic on the A629 Keighley Road which is one of the busiest roads in the area. All the information gathered will be sent to Calderdale Council.