Ovenden Junior Wardens meet The SCG Partnership 

The newly formed Junior Wardens at Dean Field Community Primary School had the opportunity to meet the Safer Cleaner Greener Partnership on Wednesday 13 October 2021

A Q&A session was held with SCG partners including the CMBC Recycling Team, West Yorkshire Police, Together Housing, Ward Councillors and The North Halifax Partnership who spoke to the Junior Wardens  to give them an insight of their day to day job roles and discussed how the Junior Wardens can work in partnership with them and be involved in small scale activities throughout the year to help make a difference to their local community.

Karen Scanlon said 

“The Junior warden scheme is a team of children and young people who are dedicated to helping clean their environment and assist in helping to improve their community’s overall quality of life.”

“As a team we will work to identify environmental and safety problems within our area and report them. Encourage friends, family and our community to look after the environment and the safety of others and be proud of where we live and help make our neighbourhood a better place to live.”

The Junior Warden scheme has been set up again at Dean Field Community Primary School to look at tackling issues within the Ovenden community so be sure to keep an eye out for any future work being done.

Whitehill Junior Wardens Learn More About Recycling

Calderdale Council’s’ Recycling Team Adviser, Chris Crossley, visited Whitehill Community Academy’s Junior Wardens on Wednesday 25 April to explain the importance of recycling and the negative effect it can have on our environment and wildlife if we fail to do so.

In the session, organised by Heather Stout from the Ovenden Initiative, Chris showed the junior wardens the kind of things they can recycle. There was a good discussion about recycling other things from home and how a lot of containers can be reused around the house.

A number of junior wardens talked about the things they reused at home and nearly all said their mums and dad used reusable shopping bags. She also explained that all councils now have targets to meet and that Calderdale no longer sends any rubbish to go to landfill.

The session included a brief history lesson on how some of our ideas for how we recycle today came about years ago and what things were recycled when Heather and Chris were the same age as the Junior Wardens.

Most of the Junior Wardens said that their households recycle, and those that don’t promised to ask their mums and dads to make more of an effort.

4th Annual Public Services Day

Heather Stout, Dan Marham and David McGhee from the Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative organised the 4th Annual Public Services Day to be held in North Halifax this week.

Junior Wardens from Ash Green Community Primary School and Moorside Community Primary School attended the event on Wednesday 7 June at Halifax Rugby Union Ground.

Services who attended gave brief snapshots of the jobs they do in our local communities.

Service providers who attended were as follows:

  • West Yorkshire Police
  • West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Prevention Team
  • Calderdale Council Safer Cleaner Green Team
  • Calderdale Council Recycling Team
  • Calderdale Council Community Wardens
  • Calderdale Council Environmental Health Team

The annual event is organised so that young people can learn about some of the important work that takes place on a daily basis in and around their communities.

All the services gave fantastic demonstrations of their jobs including West Yorkshire Police and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service, who allowed the young people to have a good look at their vehicles and the equipment they carry.

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