Pushing Up Daisies – Todmorden 11-18 May 2019

Things Left Unsaid

Many of us have Things Left Unsaid to loved (and sometimes not so loved) departed ones.

​Here are two ways Pushing Up Daisies can help you unburden your heart: –


The Last Post: A unique postal service

​Free yourself from all those things that keep you awake at night. Write a letter to the departed and either pop it in to the library or send it to our wonderful Todmorden Postmistress. She will keep it safe and unread and on Thursday 16th May (2019) they will be burnt at the Fiery Farewell concert at Todmorden’s Unitarian Church (7-9.30pm).

The Last Post
Todmorden Post office,
7 Brook Street
Todmorden, OL14 5AJ

Across the Divide Archive: The world’s first collection of letters to the dead.

Leave your thoughts and feelings to posterity as part of an ever-growing archive of final communications. You can email them here or leave them in the Pushing Up Daisies Postbox at Tod library.