Huge success for Public Services Day 2014

Organised by Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative, the Public Services Day 2014 took place at Shibden Park on Tuesday 30 September and proved to be a big hit for the second year running.

fire serviceJunior Wardens from 4 schools in North and East Halifax were given the chance to get involved and witness first-hand the work that the public services around Calderdale do on a daily basis.

The schools taking part were Ash Green Community Primary School, Mount Pellon Primary Academy, St. Michael and All Angels CE Primary School and Dean Field Primary School.

Public service officers took part from the following services:

  • West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • Calderdale Council officers from the Recycling Team, Anti-social Behaviour Team, Community Wardens, Safer Cleaner Greener Team, Countryside Service and Environmental Health
  • Pennine Housing 2000

police van

It proved to be an enjoyable day for the youngsters involved and teachers alike as they buckled up in the driver’s seat of a motionless police van before experiencing what it would be like to have to sit inside the back of one.

There were many more activities and things on display throughout the day including demonstrations of firefighting equipment, a ride on a road sweeper and questions and answer sessions inside the Mereside Centre.

A special mention and thank you goes to Mark Brazil and his team for organising the use of the Mereside Centre at Shibden Park, and for helping to set up the venue and make the outside area secure for the children.

It turned out to be a great day overall and everybody involved played their part in making the event as successful as it was.

Brian Parker, Calderdale Council Anti-social Behavior Officer said,

“What a great day we’ve had, the children were really well behaved and everybody involved played their part in making the event as successful as it was.

“I think these Public Services Days are unique to Calderdale. The whole event is about making the Junior Wardens aware of the people working in their communities every day to make Calderdale a better place for them to live.”

Who knew a road sweeper van could be so exciting?

It’s not easy to make street cleaning and recycling sound exciting but that’s exactly what local services managed to do at a Public Services Day at North Bridge Leisure Centre this week.

Staff from the Fire Service, Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire Police, Pennine Housing and Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative pulled out all the stops to deliver a memorable day of hands-on activities for the year 5 and 6 pupils of St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

From fire engines to road sweepers, riot vans to hedge trimmers, the children got to hear about the hard work that goes into keeping out neighbourhoods and parks clean, tidy and safe and to check out and test some of the tools Services use to tackle the bigger problems of rubbish, deliberate fires, crime and antisocial behaviour.

Many thanks to the children who were extremely well behaved (including the ones who got locked in the riot van!), even impressing services with their recycling knowledge! And to staff at North Bridge Leisure Centre who helped ensure the event ran smoothly.