Peoples Health Trust Funding Programme open to applications

The Active Communities programme is open for applications until Wednesday 18 May

If you meet the criteria for funding from the People’s Health Trust’s Active Communities funding programme, you can begin the application process by submitting a quick Stage 1 application form.

Who can apply for funding? You can only apply for Active Communities if:

  • You are non-profit
  • Your income is less than £350,000 a year, or an average of £350,000 over two years
  • You have less than six months’ annual running costs in savings (with no restrictions on the money) after you have deducted the grant you wish to request from us
  • Your organisation is constituted and is more than three months old

There is a two stage application process. and you are invited to submit your Stage 1 application by Wednesday 18 May. You may then be invited to complete the full Stage 2 application in which you will have three weeks to complete the application form after the Stage 1 closing date.

Call 020 7697 4021 or email us if you would like any help and support at any stage of this process. We really want to hear about your project ideas before you make an application and answer any questions you have.

For further information visit