Project_Twelve:31 Learn More About LGBTQ+

Well before the Happy Valley Pride Festival in Hebden Bridge – July 22-28 2019, Project_Twelve:31 had a fantastic session at Illingworth Methodist Church on Thursday 6 June learning more about LGBTQ+.

If you are girl aged between 12 and 18 years of age and you live in the North Halifax area and are looking for something different and exciting to do in 2019 then join Project_Twelve:31 on Thursday evenings. Call 0300 555 0266 and ask for Karen or email to find out more.


Happy Valley Pride all started in response to a piece of homophobic graffiti in the Hebden Bridge Town Centre during 2016, now it’s a annual festival bringing people together. It was a stark reminder that there’s still work to be done – a casual phrase, that has been knocking around school playgrounds for decades, it was none-the-less shocking, simply because it is still in use in a seemingly, tolerant and open-minded community.

The mission statement outlining the fundamental purpose of the organisation reads

“To celebrate LGBTQ life in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas. Promoting equality and diversity to eradicate discrimination, based on sexual orientation and gender identity, through education and engagement.”

Moving Forward with Project_Twelve:31 at Trinity Academy

Project_Twelve:31 had a session on building confidence and self-esteem at Trinity Academy looking at how others perceive and judge us.

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The group were kind enough to help at the heartfelt very emotional & funny ‘Last Memory’ play by Alan Stockdill at Moorside Community Primary School, raising awareness for dementia.

On 14 May the group had a talk concerning Pushing Back Our Rights with Ward Officer Chris Newton and PCSO Shepard West Yorkshire Police.

They also have had a brilliant night of old fashioned fun & games earlier in May and they would like to thank Busoasis  for coming to talk. Project_Twelve :31 have been lucky enough to be involved in some of the amazing work of Hope for Justice charity fighting against modern slavery. On 14 May they had an amazing session exploring the Freedom Project with Project Hope.

Back in April they even got to rock at the Trinity Academy!

Project_Twelve:31 Receive their Motor Skills Certificates

Well done to all the girls of Project_Twelve:31 who received their qualifications in Motor Skills Certificates at a presentation on Thursday 18 October at Bumpy Limited in Birstall.

Bumpy Limited offer on and off road motorcycle training – open 7 days a week with a full range of motorcycle rider training courses as well as off road tuition on trials bikes for young people from the ages of 7 to aged 60 and beyond!

A charity established in 1988 and since its foundation has assisted hundreds of people of all ages to start motorcycling and pass their tests.

They have a large fleet of fully maintained motorcycles consisting of Suzuki SFV650’s, Kawasaki ER6’s, Yamaha YBR125’s as well as various 125 scooters and 50cc mopeds, plus a variety of Off-Road Trials bikes to hire as part of your lesson.

Project_Twelve:31 Off-road Motorcycling and Maintenance at Bumpy

Project_Twelve:31 spent a week with Bumpy (Birstall Urban Motorcycle Project for Youth) for a week of off road motorbiking, and learning mechanic skills.

Birstall Urban Motorcycle Project for Youth was established in 1989 as a training, testing and skills centre aimed at young motorcyclists causing a nuisance on wasteland.
The registered charity, nicknamed BUMPY, was the brain child of Police Woman Julia Morris, nee Rookledge, and followed a far from smooth course having taken four years to draw up.

The Idea stemmed from a period when Julia, as local Birstall Community Constable, had to deal with complaints from local residents, about youngsters riding motorcycles illegally on open areas of land. Julia, saw a need for the young people of the area to have a safe and legal place to ride.

In February 1984, representatives from the Police, probation service and motorcycle clubs came together in an attempt to provide a solution to the problem which was making the life unbearable for many residents living near these areas.

The result was a scheme turning the site off Nab Lane into a purpose built track for bikers to practice their skills legally and without causing nuisance.

As well as enjoying the off-road riding, the girls had experience of stripping down and servicing the motorcycles and will be receiving a certificate in ABC Motorcycle Maintenance.

Project_Twelve:31 would like to say a massive thank you to Caroline, Chris, Tom and Owen at Bumpy Ltd Leeds West Yorkshire.

Our Ovenden in Pictures and Words

Project_Twelve:31 recently took part in the ‘Our Ovenden Photography Project’ .

To Project_Twelve:31 these photographs  aren’t just images or your typical pieces of art. These are stories. All different and all unique. Each one creating a different interpretation and different opinion of the imagination. None of the stories  are the same. None of them tell the same tale. All of them describe our Ovenden and how the group see it. Some positive perspectives, some negative. But all our truths.

We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as Project_Twelve:31 had in making them.

Abigail – ‘The Woods’

‘I like that the trunk and the branches are dark and creating a spooky vibe, but I like how the light shines through highlighting the greenness of the leaves. I think it shows that Ovenden is a mysterious and puzzling place’



Alexandra – ‘Light and Dark’

I like that there’s a balance between beauty and gloominess shown in this photo. Ovenden is also very hidden and a place like no other. I has it’s ups and downs but through forlorn darkness, a bright sun shines though and a path to happiness is shown.



Brooke – ‘Through the Wall’

This image looks through Ovenden’s hidden scenery, highlighting that it looks ugly on the outside but once you look deeper it looks beautiful. It shows the untold story of Ovenden.


Chloe – ‘Friendship’

This photo shows the friendship of these 3 girls which were made in Ovenden. This photograph also captures all the different personalities of the girls. The photograph also captures the different lighting from the sunset at the back, making the girls blend into the picture as well as the trees.

Courtney – ‘Autumnal’

I like this photograph because the tree looks dead, it shows the seasons of the year, which can give it a depressing feeling, but you know it will change when Spring comes.



Daisy – ‘Urban Dandelion’

Daisy took this image by finding a different perspective, she used a low angle and the granite post as a backdrop. The vibrant yellow of the dandelion is in direct contrast with the urban granite post, that reminds us, no matter where we might be, on a street in a city, we can always find the smallest piece of nature peeking through.


Emma – ‘Under the Tree’

I like this photo of the sun as it’s very pretty and lovely. If I could change anything I might make it less blurry.




Poppy – ‘Beauty, the Bench and Blue Sky’

This is such a rundown part of Ovenden but captured in this photograph, it is a lovely setting.


Ruby – ‘Wildflower White’

This photo shows the nature which can grow around anything. What I like about this image is that it’s focused on the flower and everything in the background is blurred out.


Staff Photos

                               Elodie – ‘Natural’

This photo shows that there is an urban vibe within the Ovenden / Halifax landscapes. If I could change anything I would possibly add more people to illustrate the whole group. I really like the casual stances of the young people and it makes me feel very natural. I also like the lighting from the sunset and the beautiful patterns in the sky.

Jorden – ‘Friendships Made, Friendships Kept’

I think this shows that Ovenden has friendships and that there’s a lot of trust in each other. I like that it has good scenery along with two people in the image, adding to the scene, showing there is a lot going on.



Karen – ‘#herecomethegirls’

This photograph is a fantastic picture of the silhouette of #herecomethegirls, a group made up of girls aged 12-19 years old from the North Halifax area. Ovenden is a brilliant area with some fantastic young people.



Naomi – ‘ Great Heights’

I choose to take this photograph because I liked that the girls were working together, enthusiastically throwing themselves into their task and supporting each other.

Our Ovenden Photography Project Presentation at Dean Clough

On Thursday 5 July there was a fantastic Presentation Night at Dean Clough for Project_Twelve:31 for the ‘Our Ovenden Photography Project’ . To Project_Twelve:31 the photographs  aren’t just images or your typical pieces of art.

These are stories. All different and all unique. Each one creating a different interpretation and different opinion of the imagination. None of the stories  are the same. None of them tell the same tale. All of them describe our Ovenden and how the group see it. Some positive perspectives, some negative. But all our truths.

The group would like to say a BIG Thank You to Naomi from Aim High West Yorkshire.

See some of the actual photographs on our separate blog post.

Friends for Life – Mother and daughter event!

FREE Event!

An evening of soap-making and chat for teenage girls and their mums (or a special aunty, grandma or friend) – Refreshments included

Wednesday 4 July 2018 from 6pm
Illingworth Children’s Centre, Occupation Lane, Illingworth, HX2 9RL

*Peer pressure and society*  *Friendships and healthy relationships* *Online safety, grooming  and staying safe* 

Booking only: Call Karen on 07434 702896 or email