Magpies August Outreach sessions and activities

Magpies are running various outreach activities on evenings throughout August.

These events are open to anyone over the age of 18 and offer the chance to have fun, learn new skills and make new friends, all while being supported by fully qualified staff.

To find out more about Magpies, visit their website

The events run every Thursday throughout July from 6-8pm. Entry is £20 per person and this includes full staff support.

  • 5th August: Trampolining (Airtime)
  • 12th August: Cinema (Movie TBC)
  • 19th August: Boogie Bingo at Magpies
  • 26th  August: Bowling (Electric Bowl)

For more information or to book your place, contact 01422 383550 or email

Magpies Outreach sessions and other activities

Take a look at the events Magpies have planned throughout July.
The events run every Thursday throughout July from 6-8pm. The event costs £20 per person and this includes full staff support.

  • 1st July : Bowling
  • 8th July: Trampolining
  • 15th July: Tea out (Percy Shaw)
  • 22nd July: Cinema (Space Jam)
  • 29th July: Bowling

For more information and to book your place, call 01422 383550 or email



Magpies have spaces available for new members!

Places available to join Magpies; a place to make new friends, learn new skills and create new opportunities for adults with learning disabilities


Magpies, based in Halifax, offers a fun and friendly learning environment for adults with learning disabilities. The charity offers a range of fun and engaging activities, helping members learn new skills to live a more independent and fulfilling life.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, safety measures have been put in place in order to continue operating as safely as possible and places are available for new members to join.

Some of the adjustments which have been temporarily made to continue operating and welcome new members as safely as possible includes operating in bubbles, wearing PPE and carrying out temperature checks.

Chloe Beckett, Communications and Marketing Officer from Magpies says, “We have received feedback from members on how attending Magpies has really helped with their mental health and wellbeing during these difficult times. We understand how social interaction makes a huge difference to the quality of someone’s life. That’s why our team are doing all they can to meet peoples needs by continuing to provide a service with safety as our main priority.”

Magpies also offers an outreach service, offering support for people at home and to do things they enjoy doing in the community. Once the current coronavirus restrictions are lifted, they will also continue to offer trips out and work closely with community-based partnerships.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about joining, Magpies are always happy to show people round the centre and they also offer a free trial day. If you would like to find out more, please visit or call 01422 383550.

Can you give the Magpies polytunnel a new home?

Magpies are advertising their polytunnel for sale. The reasons are continuous vandalism of the structure.

We can’t help but express our intense disapproval. It is regrettable that a couple of individuals lacking self respect or ambition choose to destroy the property of a charity that has offered so much to the wider community.

This is also a call for anyone who may have information about this. You can share this information directly with the police, or anonymously via Crimestoppers online or by telephone on 0800 555 111.

If you are interested in the Polytunnel or wish to assist the Magpies, please contact them directly via email: or telephone: 01422 383550

We have found our polytunnel vandalised once again. Over the last few years, this has been a continuing problem and we have been unable to identify the culprits.  Our polytunnel offered a place for our members to practice their gardening skills, grow their own food and provided a space to relax and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, it has now got to the point where we can no longer use this due to the amount of damage caused and the safety of our members. We have therefore made the difficult decision to sell the frame of our polytunnel.

Here at Magpies we strive to provide the best facilities and experience for our members. Whilst we will no longer have a polytunnel, we want to put all our energy into our garden area to enable our members to still enjoy the delights of gardening and growing food and plants. Unfortunately, some of the garden area was destroyed by a fire a couple of years ago so it needs quite a lot of work to bring it back to its former glory. We particularly need the area to be safe and accessible which means quite a bit of groundwork is needed. If anyone can help with this or can offer help with other areas of the garden, it would be hugely appreciated.

If you are able to help us or interested in buying the polytunnel frame, please get in touch.

Telephone: 01422 383550


Magpies are pleased to introduce their new brand!

New year. New look. Same vision.




We’re pleased to introduce our new brand! At Magpies, we’ll continue to offer a place to make new friends, learn new skills and create new opportunities but with a new modern look.

We have been helping adults with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling lives for over 22 years. As we have evolved over the years, we felt it was now time for a makeover to better represent us!

We have worked closely with service-users, now called members, in developing this new brand. Working alongside our members to develop this has been so important to us, ensuring they lead the way in how we operate and what the future of Magpies looks like.

We are also pleased to introduce a new website, which has lots of information about us. With some members currently not attending our service due to the pandemic, this website has come at the perfect time to help us stay connected!

We would love to hear your feedback as we continue to grow and hope you enjoy our new look.


Visit Our New Website –

New Hospitality Training Course at Pennine Magpie

Pennine Magpie have announce a new training course coming to Pennine Magpie this September!!


This course is in partnership with Access Hospitality, who specialise in delivering training to people with learning disabilities.

Learn realistic and transferable skills in hospitality; and increase your chances of gaining paid work.

You can choose from either a short course or long course, by completing either 1 or 2 sessions a week. This means you could fit it in around your weekly schedule and college days.

The course will be held at Pennine Magpie as part of the service and is available to both current and new service users.

For more information and to sign up, please email or telephone 01422 383550.


Pennine Magpie Raising Funds for Red Nose Day

Pennine Magpie students have requested that they help to raise money for other charities.

The first event that has been chosen is Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March.

To ensure as many students as possible are involved there are going to be fundraising events throughout the week, starting on Monday 11th March.

To make the event unique and even more fun, they have decided to mix it up with St. Patrick’s Day which is on Sunday 17th March.

Students are being encouraged to dress up either as Leprechauns or in the colours of the Irish flag (Green, White and Orange); as well as having a red nose.

Any other creative ideas are welcome also!!
A donation of £1 is requested from those students who choose to dress up.

There will also be other events, such as games and cake stalls to help raise funds.

Pennine Magpie hope that you are able to assist them in making the whole week a fun and enjoyable time for the students, whilst supporting a very worthy cause.