Take Part in a Survey on Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Children Young People

Calderdale Youth Council and the Tough Times Reference Group have devised a survey on Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing to gather information about the experience of mental health and emotional wellbeing for children and young people aged 5 – 19 (up to 25 for those with learning difficulties or disability) in Calderdale.

The information we gather will be shared with Commissioners and Service Providers so we can influence services to make positive changes that will help children and young people in Calderdale.

We need as many children and young people in Calderdale to complete this survey as possible and therefore are asking for your help. Please can you share this link or QR code with children and young people and help them to complete this survey. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CalderdaleCYPMentalHealthSurvey

The survey will close at 5:00pm on Friday 15 February.

Launch of LGBTQ Partnership for Young People at Elsie Whiteley Centre

Barnardo’s Calderdale Positive Identities Service invites you to join our launch event on Friday 14 September 2018, 1:00pm-4:00pm at the Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre.

The Project increases awareness of challenges LGBTQ young people may face, such as bullying and discrimination in schools, organisations, groups and communities across the authority. Positive Identities would like to explore the duty of care professionals have towards LGBTQ young people to increase levels of understanding, and make services accessible in a sustainable way by:

  • Working with young people in the community and in primary schools.
  • Supporting services and organisations to understand the importance of ensuring accessibility.
  • Training community members and multi-agency professionals.
  • Improve the quality of service.

Barnardo’s Positive Identities aims to create a CALDERDALE LGBTQ PARTNERSHIP GROUP, making Calderdale the best borough in the North for LGBTQ young people, their families and communities.

This is to:

  • Look at the work Barnardo’s and partners have done
    in Calderdale to support LGBTQ communities
  • Look at the LGBTQ Action Plan released by the
    Government Equalities Office in July 2018
  • Invite Clinical Commissioning Group EDI Lead, Kate
    Bell, to discuss the EDI equality objectives
  • Discuss our vision to make Calderdale the best borough in the North for LGBTQ young people, their families and communities.

You should attend to:

  • Take part in creating and shaping together the
    Calderdale LGBTQ Partnership Group
  • Network with other organisations and share learning
  • Improve accessibility of services for young people
    who identify as LGBTQ by accessing free training
  • Plan co-delivery of diversity days in your local area
  • Share the commitment to making Calderdale the
    best borough in the North for LGBTQ young people,
    their families and communities.

Please book your space on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lgbtq-partnership-grouplaunch-tickets-47819777241

Places are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Refreshments will be provided.

Open Minds Website for Children and Young People in Calderdale

If you are a young person in Calderdale the Open Minds site is for you. It will help you with questions about emotional health and wellbeing, showing you where you can find support. It will also help you to sort things out for yourself with ideas and tools and people you can talk to.

If you want informal support, somewhere you can drop in to for a chat with friendly people who are there to help you, there are many different places you can contact or go to. Please look at these pages for more information.

Youth Works

Youth Works is a safe space for you to come along, ‘chill out’, listen to music, access the internet or have a brew. The drop-in is open weekdays from 3.30 pm to 5.45 pm. Phone: 01422 320033

Healthy Minds – Time Out

Healthy Minds – Time Out will help you do things that will make you feel good, get you enjoying doing things with others, making friends, giving and getting support. Phone: 01422 345154 or 07388 990229

LGBTQ – Identity

Identity for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning) community has information, advice and support sessions . For details. Phone: 01422 371993

Youth Offending Team

Youth Offending Team is a service for young people and their families who have become involved with the criminal justice system. Phone: 01422 368279

Lots of students get support from their school when they’re going through a tough time. You can speak to anyone working in your school about anything that’s bothering you, whether its school related or something different. In Calderdale, schools have a range of services including peer support, family support and counselling that can help you.

You maybe worried about physical health issues, from rashes on your skin to breathing difficulties to other more serious symptoms. You can speak to your GP or School Nurse about these issues at Locala.


Contact your local school nursing service at Locala
Phone: 0303 3309974 (2 – 5 p.m.).

Feeling distressed or unhappy from time to time is normal, however if these feelings are persistent or are causing a lot of worry for you or the person your are concerned about then you may need to seek professional help. In Calderdale the Child and Adolescent Mental Health service will be able to help you.


If you think you or someone you know may have a mental health problem ask your teacher or GP to contact – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Calderdale who provide specialist emotional support for young people. Phone: 01422 300001

You may want to try counselling if you are experiencing difficulties at school, home or with friends. If you are having a tough time in life with things like being bullied, keeping up with schoolwork, anxious about making friends, feeling others don’t understand you or have time for you; or you may have more general underlying feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction with life. In counselling you will be able to talk to an independent professional person about these things and get help and advice to make things better.


If you need to talk to someone confidentially about what’s bothering you contact Kooth. It is a free, safe anonymous online counselling and support service.

Relate Children and Young People’s Counselling

You might be experiencing problems at school, issues with your parents or generally not feeling like yourself, if so contact Relate Children and Young People’s Counselling. Phone: 0300 1001234

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark offer a confidential safe space in which to explore issues and feelings with a person who neither judges nor offers advice. This is available to young people and children. They also offer the Rainbows peer support programme for children experiencing loss in various ways. Phone: 01422 300457

Calderdale Help in Bereavement Service

If you have lost someone special and need to talk about it and get help call – Calderdale Help in Bereavement Service. Phone: 0845 0099221

Using drugs and alcohol can create a lot of disruption in your life as well as those around you, and sometimes it can become a serious mental health issue. There is help at hand and in Calderdale you can contact projects like Branching Out.

Branching Out – DISC (Discovering Initiative for Support in the Community)
If you are using and need help contact Branching Out. You will get confidential help and support with your drug and alcohol problem. Phone: 01422 510000

Open Minds is becoming Time Out

Open Minds has been delivering mental health education and anti-stigma sessions in Calderdale’s schools and community groups for the past five years.  With a welcome and growing focus on children and young people’s emotional wellbeing, our work on Open Minds has been joining up with lots of other organisations’ work for young people – all of which has brought Calderdale to this point.
The name “Open Minds” has been adopted for the overall programme that includes all the various projects that support emotional wellbeing in children and young people, so we are changing our name to avoid confusion and what we’ve been doing under the Open Minds name is becoming part of Time Out.

We’ll be running introductory workshops for organisations who may be interested in being part of Time Out:

  • Monday 19 June 11am – 1pm
  • Tuesday 20 June 10:30am – 12:30pm
  • Wednesday 21 June 10:30am – 12:30pm

At VAC Resource Centre, Hall Street, Halifax HX1 5AY. You only need to come to one of the workshops.

Find out what Time Out is all about and how your organisation can get involved.  This is open to any organisation that offers activities that support young people’s wellbeing, to whatever extent.  If you work with young people, we’d like to talk with you about Time Out.

All are welcome but please book a place on 01422 345154 or by email to tara@healthymindscalderdale.co.uk

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