Cancelled : Northowram & Shelf Next Ward forum March 2nd

This Ward Forum meeting has had to be cancelled.

A new time and date later in March will soon be announced.


Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum 16th June at 6pm

Join the Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum. Take part in the discussion about what matters in your local area and how it can be improved. Your Ward Forum, have your say.

The Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum will take place on

Thursday 16th June 2022

At the Stone Chair Variety Club, Shelf Roundabout. Shelf.

Doors open from 6.00pm. Meeting starts at 6.30pm.

Come and tell us what matters to you. Share your thoughts on what can be done to improve your local area.

On the Agenda:

  • Crime & Community Safety (Police Updates)
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Waste/litter/flytipping
  • Have your say
  • Meet your new Councillor

Venue: Stone Chair Variety Club, Brighouse and Denholme Gate Rd, Shelf, Halifax HX3 7LB


Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum Online Meeting Monday 21st June 2021

Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum

Zoom Meeting

6pm Monday 21st June 2021

The ward forum is an opportunity for you to speak to a councillor, police officer or CMBC officer on neighbourhood issues, concerns or worries you might have in your area. You may wish to complain about something or celebrate something or have an idea for a community project, whatever it is you will be listened too and support, help and advice given where possible.


If you would like to attend this ward forum zoom meeting can you please send me your email details to


Hope to see you then.

Northowram & Shelf Ward forum – Brief Summary

Below is a summary of discussions that took place at Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum on Monday 2 March 2020 in Claremount

Further details will be included in the full minutes which will be circulated in due course

  • Great Attendance. Another positive turnout with 37 residents attending.
  • Horley Green development – Cabinet members approve disposal of land to together housing to build new affordable homes. However a recommendation was made to allow the local community to have the opportunity to bid for a community asset transfer, a group of residents are to complete and submit an expression of interest form.
  • Northowram & Shelf development – the local plan consultation is now finished where 584 comments were made from N&S residents. CMBC not to review the economic strategy but press on with the build of new houses. Further discussions pending.
  • Residents feedback – 1) several complaints about AVA waste management group parking large vehicles on the road and amount of waste on the streets. Cllr Baines dealing. 2) Belgrave Avenue parking issues with vehicles parked on pavement blocking way for other road users, pass onto police and parking services. 3) Complaints of speeding on A58, Claremount Road, top of the Hough, Brighouse and Denholme Gate road, Halifax road. Road speed checks to be organised. 4) Litter/Waste complaints on Stanage Road, Shelf and in land between Claremount Road and Prospect Street CMBC to be informed.
  • NE Road Safety group – 1) Road speed safety check carried out on Back Clough/Bradford Road no concerns 179 vehicles checked average speed 25mph. 2) Services to work with Shelf Junior school and its students on road safety project. 3) Looking to re start the stop, look, listen and think campaign within schools and other organisations across the NE Halifax area. Also looking to develop a similar campaign aimed at older persons.
  • Waste Hotspots. Except for the issues at 1 and 4 under residents feedback nothing further reported, however, from 13th March to 20th April there is the Britain spring clean campaign encouraging people to clean up their parks and streets. Details will be sent out to residents and they will be asked if they want to take part in a clean up in their area?
  • Neighbourhood Watch update. Northowram & Shelf residents said that there did not appear to be much crime over the past few months, residents were asked if they were interested in starting a Claremount neighbourhood Watch group, not much of a response. Email to be sent out to again ask if there is an interest?
  • Friends of Shelf hall Park. Mr Wager group secretary said the group were working hard in planting saplings in the park, up to date 70 have been planted with a further 90 to plant. The group will be carrying out consultation with the community on what they want for the park. Group working with the Bowls group on the possibility of community asset transfer of the bowls pavilion that is in a very poor state of repair.
  • Staying Well. Very active in the Shelf area with several classes taking place including Pilates, Dance Exercise Class, Dance On Class, Tai Chi classes, Rock & Pop choir and little legs class all classes taking place at Shelf Village Hall.
  • Ward Forum Grant Scheme. There is £1120 left in the N&S ward forum grant pot, there has been a £500 grant application submitted from the group who maintain the Heywood church graveyard, who are wanting a new strimmer. The deadline for this round of grants is the 31st March should anyone wish to submit a grant application.
  • Thumbs Up. Those attending were asked if they found the ward forums positive and a good opportunity to find out what’s going on in the ward and if they felt it was a good opportunity to have their say on local neighbourhood issues. All agreed the ward forums were a good platform to have their say and discuss important ward issues. They were asked to complete and return the online ward forum monitoring forms.
  • Next Meeting; Monday 1st June 2020 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start at the Stone Chair Club, Shelf. TBC

Latest from Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum

To find out the latest from the Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum held on Thursday 7 March, you can download the minutes here.

Date:    Thursday 7th March 2019
Venue: Northowram Methodist Church, Northowram Green. Northowram. Halifax.

Meeting Notes
Present: Cllr S Baines; Cllr R Taylor; Cliff Organ (Chair); Tony King Ward Coordinator (OMI); 19 Residents.
Apologies: Cllr P Caffrey

1. Welcome and introductions

1.1 Cliff Organ began by thanking everyone for attending the meeting and introducing the officers and councillors present.

2. Minutes and Matters arising.

3 Police Updates – Police did not attend. An email was received from the police giving their apologies stating that the officers who were on route to the ward forum were called away to deal with a police matter. The following crime figures for N&S were received;

3.1 Total Crimes recorded 438 this was up 12.3% on the same time last year (390)
3.2 Burglary Dwelling down to 39 offences from 68 a decrease of 42.6%
3.3 Theft of motor Vehicle up from 10 to 12 offences a rise of 20%
3.4 Theft from motor vehicle up from 31 to 36 offences a rise of 16.1%
3.5 Assault with injury up from 21 to 29 offences a rise of 38.1%
3.6 ASB incidents down to 164 from 165 offences a decrease of 0.6%
3.7 Environmental Nuisance down from 152 to 109 offences a decrease of 28.3%
3.8 Deliberate fires no change from last year with 11 offences being committed.

4 Residents Feedback on Neighbourhood Issues

4.1 Several residents raised concerns about the mini roundabout junction of Cooper lane – Carr House lane, where some drivers travel at speed towards the roundabout don’t stop and go straight over the roundabout. It was stated there have been several minor collisions and a lot more near misses and residents were concerned about the safety of pedestrians. The police are aware of the problems concerning this roundabout, it is unlikely that there will be any work undertaken to improve the roundabout.
4.2 Residents raised some concern about a planning application that has been
submitted to build 10 homes on a piece of land off Upper Lane, Northowram,
residents said that the land is in a conservation area and asked how properties
can be built on it? No decision has been made on this planning application but
a major reason for it to be refused is the fact that it is in a conservation area.
Action; Cllrs to feed back at next ward forum
4.3 A resident complained about the amount of traffic around Northowram junior
School during drop off and pick up times and how people park anywhere with
no respect for others. Action; Tony to pass on to police and parking
enforcement officer.
4.4 Residents complained about the amount of dog fouling in the area especially
around Hall Lane and Upper lane. Action; TK to forward information to CMBC.
4.5 Flytipping was discussed which can be a big problem in the ward, council
charges re removal are now 8 items for £25.
4.6 A resident asked when the council’s street cleaning vehicle was due in the
ward. Action; TK to speak to SCG manager and find out.
4.7 A resident raised concern about speeding traffic on Bradford Road close to the junction with Joseph Avenue, this was mainly in an evening, vehicles appeared
to be travelling at speeds well in excess of 30mph. Action; TK to pass details
onto the Police’s operation Hawmill.
4.8 A resident complained about the parking around the Northowram Green
Doctors Surgery and asked if anything can be done about it. Action; TK to pass
onto parking enforcement officer.
4.9 Youth ASB in the bushes behind the Northowram Doctors surgery where
youths have been gathering in an evening from 7pm – 10pm drinking alcohol,
lighting fires, being abusive and leaving the area in a mess. Action; TK to pass
onto the police and community safety wardens, TK to contact the estate
management company and ask if bushes can be cut back and rubbish removed.
4.10 No update on the future of the Yew Tree public house.
4.11 Youth ASB in Claremount Park, youths congregating on the park from 7pm up to early hours of the morning, drinking alcohol, being abusive and leaving area
in a mess. A Resident said he witnessed youths having sex in the park. Action;
TK to pass onto police and community safety wardens.

5 Neighbour Hood Watch

5.1 TK explained that both Northowram and Shelf have community and
neighbourhood watch facebook pages which are an excellent source of information for what’s going on in the ward area. Also he asked if there was any interest in residents wanting to set up a neighbourhood watch group in their area, no response from residents.

6 Staying Well Update

6.1 TK explained that there was now an active Staying Well committee for the
Northowram and Shelf ward involving 9 residents, at a recent meeting he
explained how the group are looking to develop new activities to help tackle
isolation and loneliness. Two ideas that came from the meeting was a gentle
exercise class followed by a brew and chat session and an afternoon tea dance,
these ideas will be developed further. TK said that if any person would like to
be part of the committee meetings will be advertised on the OMI blog and

7 Friends of Shelf Park Update

7.1 TK explained that there is now a new friends of Shelf Hall Park group in
existence and their next meeting is 6.30pm 20th March 2019 at the Stone Chair
variety club, Shelf. Any person wishing to become a member of the group
please contact the groups secretary Mr Wager on

8. Local Development Plan

8.1 There is no update on the LDP.

9. Ward Forum Grants

9a TK explained that the most recent grant applications had been received from the friends of Shelf Hall Park, for £500 to erect a new ‘Welcome to Shelf Hall Park’ sign and from Shelf Hall Park Bowls Group for new gutter boarding for around the green.
9b TK explained that there was approx.; £1,400 left in the N&S ward forum grant
pot, which needs to be spent before 31st March 2019 or it will be returned to the
9c TK explained that the ward forum grants panel is made up of the 3 elected
members for the ward and 2 local residents, he asked if people were happy for the
panel members to continue making decisions on grant applications and if anyone
would like to be on the grants panel. No one was interested in becoming a member of the grants panel and were happy for the panel to continue as is.

10. A.O.B

10.1 The Shibden Village Society is looking for new members anyone wanting more information please check out the website.

11. Next Meeting 5.30pm doors open for a 6pm start. Monday 3rd June 2019 at
Belgrave Social Club, Claremount Road. Claremount. Halifax.

Have Your Say! Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum – 14 Jun 2017

Join us on Wednesday 14 June for the Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum, and tell us what matters to you where you live.

Venue: Salterlee Primary School, 40 Kell Lane, Halifax, HX3 7AY

Refreshments and signing in from 5.30pm. Meeting starts at 6pm.

Up for discussion:

  • Police update