Outcome of Covid Hub Pop Up event at Illingworth Sports and Social Club

The Covid hub Pop up Event was held on Sunday 6 June 2021 at Illingworth Sports and Social Club Keighley Road Illingworth

With NHP Staff and partners from Bus Oasis and Covid champions (www.communityresponsecalderdale.org.uk)

On the day we Spoke to 60 people about the key message around Covid

  • Signed one up for vaccine
  • Spoke to 4 people about becoming Covid champions
  • Gave out one demo on LFT
  • Encouraged weekly testing
  • General Covid info
  • Feedback on surge testing suggestions if to be held in the North Halifax area could be  local supermarket car parks like Morrisons
  • Some people felt that mobile testing would be good if an option
  • Most people have had both jabs now

Community Thank You 2021 : All the Messages

Our Community Thank You project was set up so individuals could express gratitude towards someone who has provided them with assistance and made a positive impact to their daily lives.

It was set up during the Covid-19 pandemic, to highlight the great contribution of volunteers and to offer thanks where due. It has been a delight reading your messages and being able to pass them on!

At the end of this years Volunteer’s Week (1-7th June 2021), as we close this project, we list all the Thank you notes we have received for 2021 and finish with a thank you from us all:

To each of you who have contributed a thank you note and especially those of you who have given your time to benefit somebody else: A great big thank you.

The Community Thank You page will not accept any more contributions. If however you wish to pass thank you messages, feel free to contact us either via telephone or email and we shall do our best to pass these on!

Read the Community 2020 Thank You Notes here


Thank You Notes for 2021

From: Karen To: Grayham Smith
For being a Star !!!! making me laugh out loud on a wet miserable Monday morning

From Drew Sinclair To: Katrina and Mark Atkins
For being amazing helping friends and neighbours with shopping, medication and hospital appointments. Throughout the whole pandemic they have put others before themselves and been a shining light at the end of a very dark tunnel

From The Friday Flyer team To: Drew Sinclair
For letting us know the ‘Thank You’ page was a little sleepy so we could bring it back up!

From: Zain Ghani To: Rachel Swaby & Vicky McGhee
I want to say thank you for being great managers, for being very helpful and supportive and for the Staying Well and Wider NHP Teams to have some great people to work alongside with.

From: Georgia To: The council’s recycling team of HX1
Many thanks for your unfaltering support, especially during these tough times. I know collections have been missed but you have done your utmost to be there and even resumed missed collections on weekends. Once I asked you in person for replacement bags, you gave me two. You always go above and beyond to collect everything, always with a pleasant manner. Thank you.

From: The North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners.
To: NHP Day Care staff and support staff
Thank you for all your work over the past 12 months. Your front line service to local families has ensured that key workers have been able to continue to work and that children have been supported to continue their education and development in nursery and at home with home learning packs and many online story times and activities. You are heroes! Thank You!

From: The North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners
To: North Halifax Housing Officers
Thank you for your front line service to local residents over the past 12 months. Your ongoing work thorough the pandemic has ensured that local people have continued to feel a trusted presence in the community during the most difficult year for everyone. Thank you also for sharing feedback with the North Covid engagement partnership, and your continued support of the Safer Cleaner Greener Partnership. You are stars!

From: North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners
To: The NHP Staying Well Team
You are amazing! Thank you for all your work over the last 12 months. Your development in response to the pandemic, your front-line work and your regular communications have ensured that Staying Well has been a positive and trusted presence in the community, and an valuable service to the most vulnerable and isolated.

From: The North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners
To: Kate Horne, Jess March and Catherine Bann
Thank you for your support of the North Halifax Engagement Hub. Your help and advice has ensured that as local partners we have felt informed and able to make a difference locally during one of the most difficult years we have ever known.

From: North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners
To: Sharon Longman
Thank you for supporting the North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partnership over this last 12 months. As a trusted community member you bring community insight and practicality to the engagement work. You are always happy to help where you can and get involved, whether that’s Covid Hub, Safer Cleaner Greener partnership or making events like Women’s Day a success! THANK YOU!

From: North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners
To: Paula Prosser
Thank you for supporting the North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partnership over this last 12 months. As a trusted community member you bring community insight and practicality to the engagement work. You are always happy to help where you can and get involved, whether that’s Covid Hub or making online events like Women’s Day a success! THANK YOU!

From: North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub partners.
To: Newground Together Youth Work Team
Thank you for the services you have provided to young people, the community, and your contribution the the North Halifax Covid Engagement Hub, over the past 12 months. Your front-line work during the pandemic and regular engagement with young people has ensured a positive and trusted presence in the community. You are amazing!

From: Joan To: Lynne Caldwell
Thank you for your support in the Paddock Community Garden.
Also for helping deliver the bags for the Friends of Beechwood Park

From: Calderdale PCNs’ Personalised Care Team
To: Covid Vaccine Volunteers & Covid shielding support volunteers
The rapid response of the community in supporting people with shopping, staying safe and feeling less lonely during the pandemic has been a beacon of hope. Also a big thank you to those that have helped the vaccine programme run as smoothly as possible.



Volunteering options in your community

A number of studies has shown the benefits of volunteering, especially with promoting community cohesion.

Communities with volunteering options tend to be stronger and function better.

When people volunteer, they invest in their community and as such feel closer to it. They are more likely to develop a strong sense of belonging in their area, take more active roles and enhance general wellbeing.

Volunteering can often lead directly to employment. From expanding your skillset with practical knowledge to putting you in positions that are closer to paid roles, it can be a valuable stepping stone. It looks great on your CV too!

So how about giving some of your time?

There are several ways in which you can volunteer. Offering assistance in a charity shop is only one.

Places like Citizens Advice are heavily reliant on volunteers. There are other helplines that can offer training to potential volunteers, such as the Samaritans or Victim Support.

Your local council may offer volunteering options as well.

Keep an eye out for National Volunteering campaigns, such as the Great British Spring Clean!

There are frequent litter picks running locally at any given time. Or you may want to organise one yourself!

Volunteering with NHP

North Halifax Partnership has several volunteering opportunities for members of our community. You do not need an NHP membership to volunteer with us.

Our comprehensive volunteering programme offers opportunities to volunteer across many of our own services as well as being a single point of access for volunteering opportunities across Halifax.


We receive volunteering opportunities from places like Citizens Advice and  Neighbourhood watch. We organise litter picks and community clean-ups, such as Pimp my Pellon.

We are especially keen to recruit volunteers for the Staying Well Hub.

During the lockdowns, Staying Well has provided a telephone befriending service that has been a link for many isolated and vulnerable members of our community. We have run food hubs, delivered doorstep shopping, helped with various practical issues or just offered a listening ear. Much of this could only be possible thanks to our volunteers.

At present the SureStart Children’s Centres options are limited but keep checking. We anticipate we will soon be needing help there too.

If you want to volunteer with us or see how we can help you, visit our dedicated volunteering hub:



However you decide to do it or for however long, volunteering is a unique experience that will fulfil and transform you, benefiting your community in more ways than you could imagine!


Further read:

Belong – Community Connection Cohesion



NHP Partners Consultation 2021 from 20th January – 17th February

It is that time of year again where we are asking for you to undertake a short survey with the aim to get your views and feedback.

I know it has been a difficult year and you may have not worked for us in this time but North Halifax Partnership would really appreciate it if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill out our Partners Consultation 2021 via Google Forms as your feedback is really important to us. The link below will take you directly to the survey which consists of 8 questions:


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

NHP Annual General Meeting – 20 Jan 2021

We’re working towards our vision of a better future for all generations.

Find out more at our Annual General Meeting on North Halifax Partnership AGM; 6pm on Wednesday 20 January 2021

If you’d like to join us to look back over the year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020, and to share our plans for the future, please contact Kim.Connell@nhpltd.org.uk , who will send you an invitation to our first virtual AGM .

In the meantime, click here for some pictures and numbers from our world before the pandemic.

No matter how awful 2020 has been (and at times it really has) its certainly been a fantastic year for community involvement and volunteering. Across Calderdale more people than ever have been looking out for their neighbours, helping out the vulnerable and finding new ways to reach out and support strangers in their communities.

Our NHP annual awards celebrations were sadly not able to go ahead this year due to the COVID19 situation but our NHP Community Thank You has seen around 80 people sending personal messages of gratitude to one another via our Friday Flyers and community blogs.

Not an NHP member? Our most important members are the residents of North Halifax and YOU can join them! Click here to join.


NHP Thank you notes Final Call for 2020!

Welcome to our final weekly round of Thank You notes.

We have received many wonderful notes from you and your words of validation have made a difference to many.

This is the last call to submit your thank you notes. If someone has done something for you, you can show them your appreciation with a thank you note.

There will be a last Thank You Notes post summarising all the thanks that we have received.

To deliver your own NHP Thank-You, click here.  To read the previous week’s Thank you notes, click here.

North Halifax Partnership Board Members

Thank you for your continuing leadership and passion during this difficult year.
You are, as always North Halifax Stars!  From the NHP Senior Leadership Team

Staying Well Befriending Volunteers

A great big Thank you to all our Staying Well befriending Volunteers. Your enthusiasm and continued support have made a tremendous difference in the lives of many fellow citizens! From the Staying Well Team

NHP Thank you notes 04/12/20 – submit yours!

Welcome to our weekly round of Thank You notes.

Each week we publish notes submitted to us, thanking those who have made a difference or a positive impact to somebody.

If you wish to deliver your own NHP Thank-You, click here.

To read the previous week’s Thank you notes, click here.

Peter Robinson
A huge thank you to Peter for all his hard work, passion and perseverance in making Lee Mount and Shroggs Park a fantastic place for residents and visitors alike! We hope you know how appreciated you are.

Paul Emmett
Thank you Paul for your passion and vision to improve Lee Mount as a community and to make it a great place to be! We’re lucky to have you!

Mandy O’Shea
Mandy, where do you get all that energy from?! Thank you for your passion for the Mixenden community, for bringing people together, and your vision to make Mixenden a fantastic place for all the community! We’re lucky to have you x

Mrs Turner and all Bradshaw School Staff
Thank you all for your hard work to keep the children, staff and families as safe as possible whilst keeping the school open.
You’re all doing an amazing job in a difficult, unprecedented year.
The children and families appreciate all you are doing. Thank you and keep safe!