32 young people take on the first Mini MixMatch School Challenge

20160621_14051232 pupils from Dean Field Community Primary School, Ash Green Community Primary School, Whitehill Community Academy and Mount Pellon Academy got together at Mixenden Activity Centre on Tuesday 21 June with a team of 8 pupils from each school going head to head in a series of team building tasks to be crowned winners of the first ever Mini MixMatch Challenge.

20160621_101926The event began with a Tag Collection warm up task in which the four teams headed into Mixenden Reservoir Woods to find and collect tags matching their teams colour within a time limit. All four teams worked extremely well together and had fun doing so but it was Dean Field who came out on top with 71 tags found in the end, followed by Mount Pellon with 65 and one single tag splitting 3rd and 4th placed with Whitehill finding 54 and Ash Green 53.

Following the Tag Collection the groups split to take part in separate challenges in which they were marked for their overall efforts within each challenge.

The four challenges consisted of:

  • Rock Climbing – Teams took part in rock climbing to build communication and teamwork skills.
  • Blindfold Obstacle Course – One team member was blindfolded and had to carry a ball through an obstacle course with the guidance of remaining team members.
  • Shark Challenge – Teams had to carry equipment to build a hose using a ladder and crates to get from a starting point to the other side of the course before assembling the hose. Teams then had to dismantle the hose and make their way back to the starting point leaving equipment exactly as they found it. All without stepping off the crates or ladder.
  • Bench Challenge – Team members were stood on a narrow bench with a pool of water either side, teams had to follow instructions to order themselves in different categories such as age or height without falling in.

The teams enjoyed a game of football in the sunshine before it was time to announce which teams would face off in the semi-finals and the Barrel Fill Challenge in which teams had to run the length of the course to collect water before running back to fill a large barrel which unknown to them at first had been pre drilled with holes.

The semi-finals took place between Whitehill vs Mount Pellon and Dean Field vs Ash Green. Both semi-finals were closely contested and with great team work displayed throughout with a couple from each running to collect water whilst the remaining members stayed by the barrels using their fingers to plug the holes and slow down the loss of any water.

The Semi-final winners were decided by a wooden stick dipped into each barrel to measure the amount of water collected and with a really close call in both semi-finals it was Whitehill Community Academy and Ash Green Primary School who just edged it and were set to meet in the final.

The Barrel Fill final between Ash Green and Whitehill was a competitive one with the support from spectating teams great to see.

After a fantastic day enjoyed by all the pupils, teachers and services involved it was Ash Green Community Primary School who won the final to become the very first Mini MixMatch School Challenge Champions of 2016.

A big thank you goes to the services involved, West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service,  Calderdale Council Community Wardens, Mixenden Activity Centre and of course the teachers and pupils who came along to take part.

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Mount Pellon Junior Wardens tour Halifax Police Station

IMG_6011Mount Pellon Junior Wardens were given a fun and informative rare treat with a visit to Halifax police station on Wednesday 2 December.

Heather Stout met with Israr Hussain and his colleagues from Mount Pellon Primary Academy, to take 16 Junior Wardens along to Richmond Close police station for a look round where they were met by PC Danielle Lightowler, PCSO Hayley Browning, PCSO Julie Cartwright and PCSO Nicola Shepherd.

IMG_6017The group were given an interesting tour of the premises but started off by watching a video showing the kind of work the police do which was then followed up by a  look around the control room as well as the evidence storeroom.

As well as evidence, the police officers also store riot gear in there and PC Lightowler showed the Junior Warden’s some of the equipment they use, such as the riot shields, protective clothing and helmets

IMG_6023Due to the holding cells being full the wardens didn’t get chance to have a look in that area and to avoid disappointment, PC Lightowler took them to the police car park instead where the wardens had chance to see some of the Police vehicles up close.

At the end of the tour, the young Junior Warden’s thanked all the police officers for giving them a very informative and different day out.

Local services attend Mount Pellon parent’s evening

Despite adverse weather conditions, there was a good turnout from parents across all year groups for the Mount Pellon Primary Academy Parents Evening on Wednesday.

Parents were shown the new Target Tracker, which tracks their child’s progress at the school and asked for their ideas for use of the community land next to the school.

Heather Stout and Matthew Scott Thompson from the North and East Halifax Neighbourhood Team, were in attendance to discuss with parents the school’s Junior Warden Scheme and encourage parents to apply to the Warley Ward Forum Grant Fund, which gives funding of up to £500 for local community projects.

Also present were local services, Calderdale Council’s Recycling Team, who are trying to encourage residents to recycle weekly instead of fortnightly and Tesco who were informing parents about Farm to Fork, their nationwide initiative dedicated to get the next generation of children interested in where their food comes from.

Mount Pellon Junior Wardens help highlight vandalism

Vandalism PostersMount Pellon Primary Academy invited Calderdale Council’s Safer Cleaner Greener team to attend the school and talk to junior wardens about the negative impact of criminal damage and vandalism, not only on the school but also the wider community.

The Mount Pellon Junior Wardens have produced posters which will be put up around the school premises in order to highlight and help tackle the problem.

One of the Council’s priorities is to improve the quality of the environment and promote respect for Calderdale’s heritage so if you notice any issues within your area such as Graffiti, you can report it online via the Council’s Clean Streets webpage.

Huge success for Public Services Day 2014

Organised by Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative, the Public Services Day 2014 took place at Shibden Park on Tuesday 30 September and proved to be a big hit for the second year running.

fire serviceJunior Wardens from 4 schools in North and East Halifax were given the chance to get involved and witness first-hand the work that the public services around Calderdale do on a daily basis.

The schools taking part were Ash Green Community Primary School, Mount Pellon Primary Academy, St. Michael and All Angels CE Primary School and Dean Field Primary School.

Public service officers took part from the following services:

  • West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • Calderdale Council officers from the Recycling Team, Anti-social Behaviour Team, Community Wardens, Safer Cleaner Greener Team, Countryside Service and Environmental Health
  • Pennine Housing 2000

police van

It proved to be an enjoyable day for the youngsters involved and teachers alike as they buckled up in the driver’s seat of a motionless police van before experiencing what it would be like to have to sit inside the back of one.

There were many more activities and things on display throughout the day including demonstrations of firefighting equipment, a ride on a road sweeper and questions and answer sessions inside the Mereside Centre.

A special mention and thank you goes to Mark Brazil and his team for organising the use of the Mereside Centre at Shibden Park, and for helping to set up the venue and make the outside area secure for the children.

It turned out to be a great day overall and everybody involved played their part in making the event as successful as it was.

Brian Parker, Calderdale Council Anti-social Behavior Officer said,

“What a great day we’ve had, the children were really well behaved and everybody involved played their part in making the event as successful as it was.

“I think these Public Services Days are unique to Calderdale. The whole event is about making the Junior Wardens aware of the people working in their communities every day to make Calderdale a better place for them to live.”

Goodbye Year 6 – Hello new Junior Wardens!

We’re always sad to say goodbye but it’s been another fantastic year working with our local schools to improve the environment for everyone to live in and enjoy.

Over the  last week Junior Wardens from four local schools have received their achievement certificates to recognise their hard work in the community.

Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative, Community Wardens and local Police officers, presented the children at Leavers’ Assemblies at Mount Pellon Primary Academy, Dean Field Community Primary, St. Michael and All Angels and Ash Green Community School.

And they have worked hard! – What with multiple clean-ups, litter picks, speed checks, gardening, and being fantastic ambassadors for the school and their local areas.

To our old Junior Wardens, thank you for your support, and we wish you all the best in year 7 and at your new high schools!

To our new year 6, we can’t wait to meet you next term! There’s lots to do!! Starting off with a public services day in Shibden Park in September, and this year will see a big anniversary for the Junior Warden programme, which started 10 years ago in North Halifax.