Free school uniforms at Morrisons supermarket in Illingworth

Morrisons supermarket in Illingworth has teamed up with the YMCA Free uniform service, and have set up a free uniform rail in their store to help out struggling families in need of school uniform.

Morrisons in Illingworth

The uniform rail can be found against the wall after exiting the self service tills, besides the book exchange shelf.

You don’t need to go through the shop floor, simply walk towards the café area.

The uniforms offered there are FREE, just help yourself.

Fit as a Fiddle with Men United

On Wednesday 16th February, our Staying Well workers in North Halifax paired up with the Men United Group to host the wonderful ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ Event.

This event was to educate and provide information to Men of a certain age how to look after their physical and mental health. As we age, our bodies change in many ways and the level at which we function, think, and move all vary from person to person. We decided to work with a local community group to showcase key activities that can improve your health and wellbeing at whatever age you are at.

Everyone was asked to arrive from 10:00, and as you do, starting off with a brew and a few biscuits (maybe a little more than a few) was the approach for this event. This was a chance for everyone to get settled and connect with their peers before taking part in 2 workshops. These workshops were delivered by Tai Chi Tigers and Healthy Minds.

Marsha and David from Tai Chi Tigers delivered a session introducing Tai Chi. This included learning key techniques on effective breathing, and utilising balance and posture by performing various movements to improve overall physical and mental health.

Nicola from Healthy Minds delivered a workshop on Mind Mapping – Exploring mindfulness activities to improve your mental health, relieve stress and anxiety and delve into different ways of thinking and expression. Grayham, one of the Founders at Men United, rounded up the gang with his infamous husky voice and divided the group into 2. Each group took part in one of the activities. After 45 minutes, the groups rotated so everyone had chance to take part in both Tai Chi and Mind Mapping.

At 12 noon, the workshops came to a halt and lunch was provided kindly by Morrisons Cafe, which went down a treat! We had a visit from Jessica and Lee, the new Social Prescribing Link Workers, who came and spoke to everyone and shared more about their services and raising the awareness of what Social Prescribing is and what extra support is on offer to local residents in North Halifax. The event concluded with lots of smiley faces, filled belly’s and more importantly, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt they had better understanding on how to work towards improving their own physical and mental health.

A huge thank you to Peter, Grayham and Neil from Men United, a thank you to Marsha, David and Nicola from Tai Chi Tigers and Healthy Minds, and a final thank you for all those who helped in the background with setting up / wrapping up for the event.

A successful event and a great win for us as Staying Well!




Illingworth Morrisons support Mothershare community food bank

When next you visit your local Morrisons in Illingworth, or if you just happen to drop by, spend a minute on their Local Community Giving Tree Supporting Food Poverty with some remarkably novel baubles.

Each bauble represents a different donation amount.

Pick up a bauble of your chosen donation amount, then scan the barcode at the checkouts with your shopping.

Your generous donation will be passed on to Mothershare, our local community group food bank.

Morrisons Doorstep Deliveries for vulnerable and elderly customers

Morrisons are running Doorstep Deliveries for vulnerable and elderly customers, living within 10 miles of a store and who are unable to shop in-store.


Call 0345 611 6111 and select option 5 to place your order, from the order list they have set up. It will take 24 hours to process and payment will be by contactless card on delivery so please have your card ready.

Morrisons Introduce Quiet Hour for Those with Autism

Morrisons Supermarkets is introducing a ‘Quieter Hour’ across all stores from this Saturday 21 July. From 9:00am until 10:00am every Saturday morning, they will attempt to make the store environment quieter and calmer for customers. For more information see

A statement from Morrisons reads;

This new initiative has been created with the support of the National Autistic Society. Many people who are autistic or those with autistic children can find shopping in a supermarket an anxious experience. Having carried out a trial earlier in the year in our Lincoln, Woking and Gainsborough stores, we identified improvements that could be made as well as the best time for the Quieter Hour to take place.

“Around 700,000 people are on the autism spectrum in the UK. This means they see, hear and feel the world differently to other people, often in a more intense way. Morrisons ‘Quieter Hour’ is a step in the right direction for autistic people who find supermarket shopping a real struggle.”
Daniel Cadey, the from the National Autistic Society

Listening to customers, we found that one in five had a friend or family member with autism* and many liked the idea of being able to shop in more comfort at 9-10am on a Saturday. Angela Gray, Morrisons Community Champion at Woking said: “I was involved in the initial trial as my son is autistic and we found that these changes made a real difference. The trial showed there is a need for a quieter shopping experience for some customers.”

During Quieter Hours, our stores will:

  • Dim the lights
  • Turn music and radio off
  • Avoid making tannoy announcements
  • Reduce movement of trolleys and baskets
  • Turn checkout beeps and other electrical noises down
  • Place a poster outside to tell customers it’s Quieter Hour

Claim your free Hot Cross Bun!

With Easter fast approaching Morrisons is offering free hot cross buns to customers in the hope that shoppers picking up the freshly-baked treat will pass it on to a neighbour or loved one in an act of festive kindness.

The Giving Bun project has been launched to help give people the chance to connect with their communities and get to know those around them. Bakery staff will produce a record 330,000 of the traditional Easter delicacies, a 10 per cent increase on previous years. They will be available in all 491 UK stores.

The chain is also hosting an Older Person’s Cafe event on Saturday April 15 from 2.30-5pm in all stores. Over 60s can pop in and enjoy a free hot drink and hot cross bun in Morrisons cafe branches.

Read more at:

Title changes hands as youngsters take on the challenge

20150708_103250The MixMatch School Challenge was held for its second year at Mixenden Activity Centre on Wednesday 8 July and saw reigning champions, Trinity Academy, determined to defend the trophy as they went head to head with Park Lane Learning Trust.

Over 60 youngsters, aged between 12 and 15-years-old, took part in a variety of fun and challenging activities at the event organised by Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative and were joined by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS), West Yorkshire Police (WYP) and Calderdale Council’s Children and Young People’s Services.

The challenges included orienteering, a ‘bikeability’ obstacle course, sponge and stocks, a water bucket challenge involving WYFRS hose reels, an assault course and after a great competition and undeterred by the changing weather, Park Lane Learning Trust evened the playing field for next year after being hailed the champions for 2015.


Karina Gonzalez, WYFRS Calderdale District Prevention Assistant, said:

“The aim of these sorts of events is to foster a respect for the emergency services and to show kids that the fire service is a great organisation they should feel an admiration for.

“Ultimately these events are aimed at reducing arson and anti-social behaviour by engaging with youngsters at an early stage before they get involved in this kind of activity.”

In the build up to the MixMatch Challenge, a number of young people from Mixenden have attended various events and sessions on crimes and the consequences to educate them and help to break down barriers between themselves and uniformed services.

Community Worker Heather Stout from Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative said:

“As well as today’s fantastic event young people have been learning about the consequences of crime, visited the Houses of Parliament and since the sessions began we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in fires and antisocial behaviour in Mixenden.”

The sessions have included educating the young people on the consequences of car crime, what prison is really like and the consequences of other crimes; such as bullying, car theft, Anti Social Behaviour and more.

Chloe Sullivan aged 16 gave her view on a session about deliberate fires, saying:

“This was the best session out of the whole lot. The staff who visited were really friendly and they were all interacting with us, which was good because we got to see it from different points of view.

As a result I would never start a fire with friends to show off because I feel strongly about the way people treat the firemen and I think it is utterly disgraceful. I would like to thank them for coming to talk to us and we really appreciate them for doing their job!”

Due to their willingness and the commitment shown since the start of the MixMatch Scheme, the youngsters have found themselves being rewarded for their efforts through activities such as entry to the Birkenshaw Bonfire & Firework Extravaganza back in November 2014, a paint-ball trip, a London visit to see the houses of parliament and of course the 2015 MixMatch Challenge.

Services the who took part and supported the 2015 MixMatch Challenge were The Mixenden Initiative, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, West Yorkshire Police, Mixenden Activity Centre, Pennine Housing, CMBC Community Wardens, Chris Mitchell from Calderdale Community Coaching Trust (CCCT), Morrisons who donated refreshments and Halifax Young Farmers supplied The Tug of War Rope for the final.

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