Have Your Say! Ovenden Ward Forum – Wednesday 5 June 2019

Come along to the Ovenden Ward Forum and have your say on what matters to you on Wednesday 5 June 2019 at Moorside Community Primary School (new building), Keighley Road, Halifax HX2 8AP.

Refreshments and signing in from 6:00pm. Meeting starts at 6:15pm.

Up for discussion:

  • Local ward updates
  • Police updates

To find out the latest from the Ovenden Ward Forum held on Tuesday 26 March, you can download the minutes here.

For more information email team@halifaxandnortheast.com

Moorside School Adds to Initiative on Speeding Motorists

Residents in the area have raised concerns about traffic speeding in the vicinity of schools.

Children from Moorside Community Primary School have made a dedicated effort to make people aware of motorists ignoring the speed limit in their area.

Moorside Junior Wardens conducted speed checks on Keighley Road ,Ovenden on Tuesday 30 April 2019

Karen Scanlon, from the Ovenden Initiative, arranged for Junior Wardens from Moorside Community Primary School to go out with the speed camera to get an idea of how road users are driving in the local area around our local schools.

Joined by Dan Marham, Ovenden Initiative and Calderdale Council Community Warden Lee Ackroyd, the session began with Junior Wardens  using the camera on Keighley Road outside of Moorside Club where the responsible drivers received a thumbs up as they passed, and the not so responsible drivers getting a thumbs down!

From the 374 cars recorded,6 were driving in excess of the 30mph speed limit however the top speed recorded was 46 mph

Future speed checks will continue to take place throughout North and East Halifax with both Junior Warden Groups and in partnership with West Yorkshire Police in ongoing work to tackle nuisance vehicles in the area.

‘Bring Your Neighbour’ to the Community Event at Moorside School

Staying Well North Halifax is hosting a FREE buffet lunch on Wednesday 29 May, 10:00am-2:00pm at Moorside Community Primary School with an illustrated talk by local historian David Glover. There will be advice from the SAFER team, Citizens Advice, Victim Support, Fuel Poverty and Macmillan.

To book a place call Hayley on 01422 393956 or email her on Hayley.Conlon@calderdale.gov.uk.

Wellbeing @ Moorside Community Primary School

The second session of Wellbeing @ Moorside was held on Friday 5 April 2019 at Moorside Community Primary School promoting good positive Mental Health and Wellbeing.

15 Parents and carers who attended the session were treated to a very informative talk and alerts about Scams and Frauds from West Yorkshire Trading Standards. What are scams and how do scammers contact you? Scams are tricks used by dishonest people who try and con you out of your money. They come in many different guises such as letters saying you have won the lottery, emails saying you are owed a tax refund or phone calls offering a free boiler. Often, the scams ask you to pay an admin fee for their service or request that you send them your bank details and personal information. Almost always, these scams are unsolicited and turn up out of the blue:

  • In a letter
  • Over the telephone
  • On your doorstep
  • In the street
  • Via the internet/ email
  • In a text message

More top tips on how to protect yourself from scams and frauds in general can be found on https://www.wyjs.org.uk/trading-standards/consumer-advice/scams-awareness-and-advice/

Also in attendance was The Basement Project. The Basement Recovery Project is an independent self-help, charitable organisation, based in Halifax, which offers support and inspiration to those people who are involved with alcohol or substance misuse, the opportunity of a new sustained abstinent lifestyle – recovery from addiction.

The Basement Project played fun games with beer goggles and scratch cards to trying to engage people in a fun way to show that the project is here to help without judgement. They also raised awareness of the harm alcohol can do not only to the individual but also on their family and community.

For more information or support in the strictest confidence contact https://thebasementproject.org.uk/contact/

Basement House 10 Carlton Street Halifax HX1 2AL 01422 383063.

The next session of Wellbeing @ Moorside will be held on Friday 17 May, 9:00am-11.00am at Moorside Community Primary School , Keighley Road Ovenden.

Everyone is welcome to come along.

Wellbeing and Support Meetings at Moorside School

Moorside School parents group are holding a number of Wellbeing and Support sessions supported by Staying Well and Healthy Minds.

The sessions will be;

  • Friday 15 March, 9:30am-11:00am – Launch
  • Friday 5 April 9:00am-11:00am – Scams & Frauds
  • Friday 17 May 9:00am-11:00am – Consumer Savvy
  • Friday 7 June 9:00am-11:00am – Savvy Savings
  • Friday 28 June 9:00am-11:00am – Staying Well
  • Friday 19 July 9:00am-11:00am – Staying Well

For more information contact Karen Scanlon on 0300 555 0266 or email Karen.Scanlon@calderdale.gov.uk


Moorside School Junior Wardens Visit SUEZ Recycling






A massive Thank You SUEZ recycling and recovery UK – Kirklees

On Tuesday 4 March the Junior Wardens from Moorside Community Primary School visited SUEZ recycling and recovery UK – at Kirklees along with Community Warden Lee Ackroyd and Karen Scanlon form the North Halifax Partnership who runs the scheme.

The visit included education and learning experience at Diamond Road,  Huddersfield HD1 6BZ recycling facility.

The experience allowed the Junior Wardens to learn what happens to recyclable and non-recyclable waste and explore the recycling facility and see first-hand the processes at work to see how the technology is being used to ensure that the waste is being put to good use.

Included in the visit the wardens looked at materials for recycling that are collected from households and businesses around the UK and how waste can be treated in a number of ways. These materials include paper, plastic, cans and glass. Even the way it is collected can vary. The type of treatment depends on the types of recycling and waste, all of which are treated in different ways.

If the materials are mixed together, they are taken to a materials recycling facilities to be sorted before being baled and sent on to reprocessors be made into new products
Composting is the oldest form of recycling organic material. Composting is the biological process by which various micro-organisms break down this organic matter to create a substance that can then be used as a fertiliser and soil conditioner, helping new plants to grow.

Organic materials, such as food and garden waste, make up a significant part of household waste and most can be composted.

General waste, also called residual waste, is material from businesses and households that cannot be recycled. It includes materials such as non-recyclable plastics, polythene, some packaging and kitchen scraps. The wardens learnt that historically, this waste has invariably been disposed of in landfill sites and some general waste is still disposed of this way. However, advances in technology now mean that there are several alternative ways of dealing with general waste, which can ensure that value – usually in the form of energy – is recovered from it. The wardens was lucky enough to look in the furness fire of the residual waste

The whole visit was really enjoyable and very interesting with lots of Wow factors for the Junior Wardens anyone interested in how SUEZ recycling and recovery please click on the link

Have Your Say! Ovenden Ward Forum – 26 March 2019

Come along to the Ovenden Ward Forum and have your say on what matters to you.

On Tuesday 26 March 2019 at Moorside Community Primary School (new building), Keighley Road, Halifax HX2 8AP.

Refreshments and signing in from 6:00pm. Meeting starts at 6:15pm.

Up for discussion:

  • Local ward updates
  • Police updates

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 27 November 2018 can be downloaded here.

For more information email team@halifaxandnortheast.com