32 young people take on the first Mini MixMatch School Challenge

20160621_14051232 pupils from Dean Field Community Primary School, Ash Green Community Primary School, Whitehill Community Academy and Mount Pellon Academy got together at Mixenden Activity Centre on Tuesday 21 June with a team of 8 pupils from each school going head to head in a series of team building tasks to be crowned winners of the first ever Mini MixMatch Challenge.

20160621_101926The event began with a Tag Collection warm up task in which the four teams headed into Mixenden Reservoir Woods to find and collect tags matching their teams colour within a time limit. All four teams worked extremely well together and had fun doing so but it was Dean Field who came out on top with 71 tags found in the end, followed by Mount Pellon with 65 and one single tag splitting 3rd and 4th placed with Whitehill finding 54 and Ash Green 53.

Following the Tag Collection the groups split to take part in separate challenges in which they were marked for their overall efforts within each challenge.

The four challenges consisted of:

  • Rock Climbing – Teams took part in rock climbing to build communication and teamwork skills.
  • Blindfold Obstacle Course – One team member was blindfolded and had to carry a ball through an obstacle course with the guidance of remaining team members.
  • Shark Challenge – Teams had to carry equipment to build a hose using a ladder and crates to get from a starting point to the other side of the course before assembling the hose. Teams then had to dismantle the hose and make their way back to the starting point leaving equipment exactly as they found it. All without stepping off the crates or ladder.
  • Bench Challenge – Team members were stood on a narrow bench with a pool of water either side, teams had to follow instructions to order themselves in different categories such as age or height without falling in.

The teams enjoyed a game of football in the sunshine before it was time to announce which teams would face off in the semi-finals and the Barrel Fill Challenge in which teams had to run the length of the course to collect water before running back to fill a large barrel which unknown to them at first had been pre drilled with holes.

The semi-finals took place between Whitehill vs Mount Pellon and Dean Field vs Ash Green. Both semi-finals were closely contested and with great team work displayed throughout with a couple from each running to collect water whilst the remaining members stayed by the barrels using their fingers to plug the holes and slow down the loss of any water.

The Semi-final winners were decided by a wooden stick dipped into each barrel to measure the amount of water collected and with a really close call in both semi-finals it was Whitehill Community Academy and Ash Green Primary School who just edged it and were set to meet in the final.

The Barrel Fill final between Ash Green and Whitehill was a competitive one with the support from spectating teams great to see.

After a fantastic day enjoyed by all the pupils, teachers and services involved it was Ash Green Community Primary School who won the final to become the very first Mini MixMatch School Challenge Champions of 2016.

A big thank you goes to the services involved, West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service,  Calderdale Council Community Wardens, Mixenden Activity Centre and of course the teachers and pupils who came along to take part.

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Mismatch, MixMatch, Positive Impact!

image2As part of the Mix Match scheme, which aims to raise awareness of crime amongst young people whilst breaking down barriers between themselves and uniformed services, a number of young people from Mixenden have attended various events and sessions on crimes and the consequences which has proved to be a real eye opener for the youngsters involved.

The sessions the young people have attended include the consequences of car crime, what prison is really like and the consequences of other crimes; such as bullying, car theft, Anti Social Behaviour and more.

Chloe Sullivan aged 16 gave her view on a session about deliberate fires, saying:

“This was the best session out of the whole lot. The staff who visited were really friendly and they were all interacting with us, which was good because we got to see it from different points of view.

As a result I would never start a fire with friends to show off because I feel strongly about the way people treat the firemen and I think it is utterly disgraceful. I would like to thank them for coming to talk to us and we really appreciate them for doing their job!”

TIMGP0047he scheme, which began only 10 months ago, has made great progress with the potential to keep on growing whilst having a really positive impact on our local communities, reducing Anti Social Behaviour along the way.

Not only have the young people attended all sessions but due to their willingness and commitment shown since the start of the scheme, they have found themselves being rewarded for their efforts through activities such as entry to the Birkenshaw Bonfire & Firework Extravaganza back in November 2014, a paint-ball trip and most recently a London visit to see the houses of parliament.

On Wednesday 8 July there will be an inter-school event taking place at the Mixenden Activity Centre which will see 64 young people from both Trinity Academy and Park Lane school get together for an epic battle as the two schools complete to be crowned the champions of the Mix Match Challenge 2015.

Young people have their say on crime awareness sessions

Following a session on car crime and the consequences, young people who attended as part of the MixMatch Scheme gave us their views on how it went and the effects it had on them personally.

Connie Ogden Profile Picture (2)

Connie Ogden, Aged 14, Mixenden

Connie Ogden, Aged 14 wrote:

In my opinion, last week’s presentation by PC Ian Harris was very interesting.

The session showed me about twocking from my own perspective and the negative consequences that follow. I also learnt about the bad things in life.


James Sullivan profile picture (4)

James Sullivan, Aged 14, Mixenden

And James Sullivan, Aged 14 wrote:

The session was about car theft and the consequences of car theft.

We watched a few videos about vehicle theft and what will/could happen and in one of them a man got arrested and sent to prison for 10 years because he knocked someone down and killed them.

In another film, a girl was arrested just because she was in a stolen car which showed us that even if it wasn’t you that stole the car, you can still be charged

The young people also attended a session called ‘Prison, Me? No Way’ that aimed to teach the teens about the reality of prison and James Sullivan also wrote about it – see below –

The session today was about the reality of prison and what it would be like if you were to go in prison.

We saw the clothing that you would wear and learnt about the consequences you would face if you were caught hiding something in there.

The best bit for me was a video that we watched about a lad who wanted to go out with his mate, even though his mum didn’t want him to and he ended up in prison.

The young people who are part of the MixMatch scheme have been attending various sessions recently to raise awareness of crime and the consequences.

The MixMatch scheme aims to break down any barriers between young people and uniformed services such as the West Yorkshire Police Force and West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service which appears to be having a real positive impact within our communities.

MixMatch changing behaviours in North Halifax

From now until July, there will be a number of activities taking place for young people as part of the MixMatch scheme which aims to tackle ASB within North Halifax.

The project delivered in partnership in Mixenden is all about breaking down barriers between young people and uniformed services such as the police and fire service, with strong evidence to suggest that the scheme is working.

Starting in July 2014, 64 young people from Trinity Academy and Park Lane schools went head to head in a series of mental and physical challenges organised by the Fire Service, Mixenden Initiative, Pennine Housing, West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Youth Service.

MixMatch BonfireIn November, in recognition of their efforts and good behaviour 11 young people aged between 14 and 17 attended the Firework and Bonfire extravaganza held at Birkenshaw Fire Station… see how the event went here.

This year, building on the positive impact that the MixMatch scheme is having on our communities there are plans in place for 6 events culminating in a second MixMaxth challenge between the two local schools, in July.

The upcoming MixMatch programme includes sessions that will educate young people about criminal behaviour and the consequences of offending, as well as fun and rewarding activities to get involved in.

MixMatch timetable:

MixMatch Events Table