Recycling team visit Moorside Junior Wardens

On Monday 2 December 2019, Moorside Community Primary School Junior Wardens had a visit from Calderdale Council’s Waste Management team members Yvonne Hagan and Chris Crossley who held a very fun and informative session.

The session aimed to get the message across on how to recycle over the festive period with the amount of plastic, cardboard and wrappers that come from gifts and sweets over Christmas.

The junior wardens thoroughly enjoyed the session and seemed keen to put the knowledge into action to help make the environment more friendly.

Look out for future updates from our Junior Wardens Schemes throughout North & East Halifax.

Dean Field Junior Wardens meet the Community Organisers

Junior Wardens from Dean Field Community Primary School took part in a session provided by Community Organisers, Natalie and Jaime.

The session focused on what matters to the Junior Wardens within their neighbourhood, what they love about where they live, what their dream neighbourhood looks like and how they would change it if they had an unlimited amount of money.

The junior wardens were keen participants in the session and came up with some fantastic  ideas, suggestions and thoughts.

A common theme with some of the things the junior wardens don’t like appeared to have an environmentally friendly feel to it, such as the amount of litter and plastics on the streets as well as too many cars on the road.

It was established that should they have an unlimited amount of money we would see things such as all pets/animals in need being rescued, cars not creating any atmospheric gases among lots of other creative ideas.

Overall the session was enjoyed by the Junior Wardens from Dean Field

Moorside Junior Wardens meet the SCG Partnership

Junior Wardens from Moorside Community Primary School had the opportunity to meet the Safer Cleaner Greener Partnership on Monday 7 October 2019.

A Q&A session was held with SCG partners including the CMBC Recycling Team,  Anti-social Behavior Officer and Active Calderdale who spoke to the Junior Wardens  to give them an insight of their day to day job roles and discussed how the Junior Wardens can work in partnership with them and be involved in small scale activities throughout the year to help make a difference to their local community.

Karen Scanlon said

“The Junior warden scheme is a team of children and young people who are dedicated to helping clean their environment and assist in helping to improve their community’s overall quality of life.”

“As a team we will work to identify environmental and safety problems within our area and report them. Encourage friends, family and our community to look after the environment and the safety of others and be proud of where we live and help make our neighbourhood a better place to live.”

The Junior Warden scheme has been set up again at Moorside Community Primary School to look at tackling issues within the Ovenden community so be sure to keep an eye out for any future work being done.

Dean Field Junior Wardens tackle a very smelly problem

Dean Field Junior Wardens have got a message for flytippers and litter bugs everywhere – You Stink! 

In just 30 minutes this team of young people collected six very smelly and very full large bags of discarded rubbish mostly made up of plastic and cans from the area surrounding their school. 

“It feels good to be able to do something to make my community better but I just don’t understand why people can’t just find a bin, or take their rubbish home”, said Josh aged 10.


To follow on from the clean up the Junior Wardens will be visiting a local SUEZ Recycling and Recovery site to hear more about their vision for a society where there is no more waste. 

Over the course of a year,  Suez handle over 10 million tonnes of waste in the UK. They believe waste is a resource and have a goal to help create a circular economy in which nearly all waste materials are given a second life and reused, recycled or recovered for their energy content.

Waste left on the ground, especially plastic waste causes pollution, looks unsightly and the value from these recyclable materials is never recovered.  For more information about Suez, visit the website here…

Dean Field Junior Wardens Join in Speed Initiative

Junior Wardens from Dean Field Community Primary School conducted a speed initiative on Tuesday 2 April with help from Community Warden Lee Ackroyd and Dan Marham on Cousin Lane, Ovenden to see if drivers are sticking to the 20mph speed limit outside their School.

Junior Wardens took turns holding the speed gun to find out the travelling speeds of passing vehicles. Although the group were at the roadside for only an hour, a total of 344 drivers had passed in that time.

A lot of those drivers were travelling either at or below the 20mph speed limit with an average speed of 22mph overall, but astonishingly, over 71 drivers were above the 20mph speed limit with one driver recorded at a speed of 32mph!

The junior wardens were in plain sight of all drivers and gave a thumbs up to those who drove within the speed limit and a thumbs down to those who didn’t. The majority of the Junior Wardens live in the Ovenden area and were shocked to find drivers breaking the speed limit in their community.

For more information about Junior Wardens contact Karen by email on or phone 0300 555 0266.

Moorside Junior Wardens conduct speed checks on Keighley Road

Karen Scanlon, from the Ovenden Initiative, arranged for Junior Wardens from Moorside Community Primary School’s to go out with the speed camera to get an idea of how road users are driving in the area of our local schools.

Joined by Dan Marham, Ovenden Initiative and Calderdale Council Community Warden Lee Ackroyd, the session began with Junior Wardens  using the camera on Keighley Road where the responsible drivers received a thumbs up as they passed, and the not so responsible drivers getting a thumbs down!

From the 289 cars recorded, only two of those were driving in excess of the 30mph speed limit and one of which was an emergency vehicle much to the Wardens amusement.

Future speed checks will continue to take place throughout North and East Halifax with both Junior Warden Groups and in partnership with West Yorkshire Police in ongoing work to tackle nuisance vehicles in the area.


St Michael and All Angels Junior Wardens Find out About the Police

Heather Stout from the Ovenden Initiative arranged for PCSO’s Georgia Boyle and Martin Pickersgill from West Yorkshire Police to visit St. Michael and All Angels Junior Wardens to tell them all about their roles as police officers on Monday 21 May.

To help them explain their roles, they also brought along the police van and some mini police uniforms for the juniors wardens to wear.

The session began by asking for volunteers to be locked in the cage at the back of the van. Surprisingly quite a few junior wardens happily jumped on board!

Martin and Georgia then spoke about some of their day to day duties before showing the Wardens some of the equipment they carry whilst explaining what it’s used for. When Martin asked for volunteers to try out the handcuffs there was a flurry of hands put up from the Junior Wardens and Ms Brooke (!) who were eager to get involved in the session.

Martin and Georgia also told the Wardens about some of the more unusual aspects of their job including some of the funny things that have happened, before some very good questions were asked by the Junior Wardens who all seemed very keen to know everything about life in the Police Force.