Halifax Police Station Open Day

Halifax Police Station will be holding an open day on Saturday 21 July, 11:00am-3:00pm at Richmond Close, HX1 5TW.

Along with demonstrations by police and other emergency services there will be dance displays, family entertainment, children’s rides and much more.

Please note there is no on-site parking so you are advised to travel by public transport.

Ash Green Junior Wardens visit Halifax Police Station

PC Ramsden and Ash Green Junior WardensHeather Stout from the Mixenden Initiative arranged for Ash Green Junior Wardens to visit Halifax Police Station on Tuesday 1 March 2016.

Met by PC Jonny Ramsden who arranged a tour of the station the first port of call was the control room, where calls are received from members of the public in need of police help and they were shown CCTV in Halifax Town Centre to learn how the police monitor any problems.

The wardens then met 2 detectives who were at work gathering evidence from mobile phones and visited the CID, who explained how they catch criminals.

The next visit was to the POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) office and the officers in there explained how they can seize assets and property of criminals who have been found guilty in court and told how in the past 11 months they have seized assets and cash worth almost £350,000!

The wardens also visited the office that writes up all the crime reports needed for evidence when a case goes to court before a final stop at the evidence store, where PC Ramsden explained that all the evidence and items the police have collected during their investigations are stored there.

Teacher Mrs Hicks in handcuffsAll the Junior wardens loved the visit, with the highlight being their teacher, Mrs Hicks, being put in handcuffs!

Thankfully PC Ramsden found his key and released her before the trip came to an end.

Thank you to PC Ramsden and all the officers at Halifax Police station for making the Junior Wardens feel so welcome.

Mount Pellon Junior Wardens tour Halifax Police Station

IMG_6011Mount Pellon Junior Wardens were given a fun and informative rare treat with a visit to Halifax police station on Wednesday 2 December.

Heather Stout met with Israr Hussain and his colleagues from Mount Pellon Primary Academy, to take 16 Junior Wardens along to Richmond Close police station for a look round where they were met by PC Danielle Lightowler, PCSO Hayley Browning, PCSO Julie Cartwright and PCSO Nicola Shepherd.

IMG_6017The group were given an interesting tour of the premises but started off by watching a video showing the kind of work the police do which was then followed up by a  look around the control room as well as the evidence storeroom.

As well as evidence, the police officers also store riot gear in there and PC Lightowler showed the Junior Warden’s some of the equipment they use, such as the riot shields, protective clothing and helmets

IMG_6023Due to the holding cells being full the wardens didn’t get chance to have a look in that area and to avoid disappointment, PC Lightowler took them to the police car park instead where the wardens had chance to see some of the Police vehicles up close.

At the end of the tour, the young Junior Warden’s thanked all the police officers for giving them a very informative and different day out.

Mixmatch Youth’s visit Halifax Police Station

20151026_201808_LLSOn Monday 26 October, a group of youths from the Mixmatch scheme were given the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at Halifax Police Station.

The youth’s from Mixenden and Forest Cottage Youth Groups and aged 12 to 17 found out what it feels like to be handcuffed, confined in the back of a riot van and had chance to take a look at some of the equipment such as riot shield’s.

The Mixmatch Scheme aims to break down barriers between young people and uniformed services such as West Yorkshire Police and West Yorkshire Fire Service and previous events have included The Mixmatch Challenge, visit to last years Fireworks Extravaganza, a London trip and more.

For previous articles about the Mixmatch scheme and past events click here

West Yorkshire Police Specials/Volunteers – Open evening

WestyorkspoliceThere will be an Open Evening on Tuesday 2 June from 6pm to 8pm at Halifax Police Station where you can find out more and speak to current Special Constables (Volunteer Police Officers) and Volunteers about the roles.

Special Constables have the same powers as a regular police officer, wear the same uniform and equipment and perform a wide range of police duties.

Specials provide a vital link between the police and the diverse communities that we serve, helping the Force to meet policing needs and increase the level of confidence and satisfaction of the public.

Joining the Special Constabulary opens up a world of opportunity for personal and professional development and undergoing the training and then performing the role of a police officer is challenging but makes a welcome break from day-to-day life, bringing excitement and new insight with every day you volunteer.

The Community Volunteer Scheme (CVS) is a less formal type of volunteering and offers individuals the opportunity to work alongside their local Neighbourhood Teams.  Activities may include assisting officers and staff by speaking to members of the public about crime and crime reduction measures, distributing leaflets and supporting events, operations and initiatives.

For information about these opportunities or to register to attend the Open Evening please contact PC Alex Langley at calderdale.specialsvolunteers@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Take the Guide Dogs Sensory Challenge

guide dogThursday 4 September, 10am – 4.30pm at Halifax Police Station

Guide Dogs for the Blind is offering you the opportunity to experience the challenges faced by blind and partially-sighted people by walking through a sensory unit.

Experience different noises, textures and obstacles altering the senses used in everyday life.

Entry to the sensory unit is FREE. Please come along at any time throughout the day or make an appointment.

For more information on the work of Guide Dogs for the Blind, or to make an appointment to visit the unit, please contact Debbie Linford, Community Engagement Office for North & West Yorkshire at debbie.linford@guidedogs.org.uk or on 07825 905 901

Halifax Police Station Open Day

HX Police Open DayHalifax Police Station will open its doors for members of the public to have a look around on Saturday 16 August, 10.30am – 3pm.

Includes tours of the Cell area, emergency services displays, food stalls, entertainment and fairground rides.

More information and details will follow in the coming weeks.

This event is FREE of charge to attend but there may be a small charge for some fairground rides. Due to the size of the events planned there will be no public parking on site. Members of the public are advised to use public transport where possible.

Further details can be obtained by emailing HalifaxTownCentre@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk