Tackling fly tipping with help of new technology

Calderdale Council is cracking down on the illegal dumping of waste in the borough, with new technology making reporting and catching the culprits easier.

Between January and the end of March this year, the Council received over 1000 reports of waste being dumped. In each case the report is investigated and evidence collected to find the culprits, making it a time-consuming and costly crime.

To deal with this large number of instances of illegal dumping and ensure that limited resources are directed where they’re needed most, the Council has been looking at ways to streamline the process for reporting.

A new interactive map has launched allowing people to drop a pin to report a problem with fly tipping. This not only instantly alerts relevant officers to the issue, but also allows residents to see where issues have already been reported, minimising duplication.

The map, which is available at https://calderdalecouncil.custhelp.com/app/fly_tipping, also allows Council officers to easily see fly tipping ‘hot spots’ so efforts can be directed to these areas to prevent the illegal dumping of waste in future or catch the culprits in action.

One of the ways this is being done is through the use of new camera technology. The Council has purchased a number of new camera devices which can be deployed to problem areas.

The technology is already being put to good use to help tackle littering issues, as in its first weekend of use the camera caught an individual throwing litter from their vehicle in a layby on Timmey Lane, Sowerby Bridge. The individual was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for the offence of littering.

For more information about the laws around fly tipping and for advice on how to dispose of waste responsibly, visit: https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/residents/community-and-living/clean-streets/fly-tipping

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Crack down on fly-tippers after 4 tonnes dumped in Shelf

Fly-tipping-before-the-clean-up-e1435065554490Calderdale Council is stepping up the fight against fly-tippers and appealing for residents to help catch the culprits.

It comes after the Council cleared 60 illegally dumped tyres and four tonnes of rubbish and rubble from a track in Shelf last week following concerns raised by local people… read more here…

In all cases, having as much information as possible helps to bring successful prosecutions, so the Council is urging people to come forward if they witness any fly-tipping and to provide the following details:

  • The day, date, time and location of the fly-tipping
  • A description of any people involved
  • What was fly-tipped and how much
  • Details of any vehicle involved, including registration number, colour, make and model

There are five household waste recycling sites across the borough where residents can dispose of their waste correctly, and you can ask to have bulky household waste collected at www.calderdale.gov.uk, by email customer.first@calderdale.gov.uk or by calling 01422 288002.

If you would like to report a fly-tipping incident online please click here to complete the Councils online form, providing as much information as possible.

Calderdale crackdown on fly-tipping

flytippingFly-tippers in Calderdale could face tougher penalties when the Council introduces its new powers to stop, search and seize vehicles suspected of waste crime.

New legislation from Monday 6 April 2015 will make it easier for enforcement officers across the country to crack down on fly-tipping… read the full story here…

Calderdale Council continues to take action to prevent fly-tipping. For example, fences are put up on Council-owned land to deter fly-tippers; and inspections are carried out at suspect premises to check waste disposal arrangements. The Council provides sufficient facilities so that residents can dispose of their waste correctly.

You can ask to have bulky household waste collected at www.calderdale.gov.uk by email to customer.first@calderdale.gov.uk or by calling 01422 288002.

To report fly-tipping, please complete the online form here or contact the Council confidentially on 01422 288001.