Further fly-tipping occurrences around Halifax

Once more we regret that we must bring incidents of fly tipping to your attention.  These were provided by our community wardens and members of the public, taken during routine walkabouts.

Our aim is not to name and shame but to pass the message that fly tipping is unacceptable.

We understand that bulky household collection is at a strain and that HWRCs are busy and not easily accessible.

We would like to impress that fly tipping is not the answer.

We ask that you hold on to your garbage until you can dispose of them responsibly.

Not doing so is irresponsible and illegal.

The council is doing everything it can to provide you with options. Household Waste Recycling Centres are open, even with limitations. Bulky items kerbside collections have now restarted, with safety restrictions.

You choose in what kind of place you want to live in.


What you can do:

If you see any fly tipping in the first instance report it to CMBC Community First. Please keep your eyes open, if you see anything please take a photo of it and then send details to Calderdale Council via Community First.

Past recorded incidents: December 2020January 2021

The below images have been taken from various locations around Halifax.








Neighbourhood Community Wardens Find Fly Tipping

Whilst out on routine patrol in the Warley ward Lee Ackroyd & Ray Jackson  from the North & East Neighbourhood team came across a large amount of fly tipping on Raw End Road, Norton Tower.

They stopped to investigate for any evidence that may have been left in the waste along with taking pictures to send into Environmental Health to be followed up.

Whilst investigating a few local residents from the area stopped to chat about the continued problem fly tipping is in the area and said it was refreshing to see them out dealing with the problem.

So quickly as they noticed it has only been recently fly tipped the same day. They were told by Lee & Ray that there was going to be extra patrols in the area in the coming weeks due to this happening.

If you notice any fly-tipping, you can report it via the Calderdale Council website or call 01422 288002. Your local Community Wardens can then investigate and take appropriate action.