Dean Field Junior Wardens meet the Community Organisers

Junior Wardens from Dean Field Community Primary School took part in a session provided by Community Organisers, Natalie and Jaime.

The session focused on what matters to the Junior Wardens within their neighbourhood, what they love about where they live, what their dream neighbourhood looks like and how they would change it if they had an unlimited amount of money.

The junior wardens were keen participants in the session and came up with some fantastic  ideas, suggestions and thoughts.

A common theme with some of the things the junior wardens don’t like appeared to have an environmentally friendly feel to it, such as the amount of litter and plastics on the streets as well as too many cars on the road.

It was established that should they have an unlimited amount of money we would see things such as all pets/animals in need being rescued, cars not creating any atmospheric gases among lots of other creative ideas.

Overall the session was enjoyed by the Junior Wardens from Dean Field