Former Halifax Inspector Canoes Around Britain for Charity

On Monday 24 July 2017, together with his nephew Davis Gould-Duff, former Halifax Police Inspector Colin Skeath completed a circumnavigation of the mainland UK by Open Canoe which has never been done before.

Starting in Strontian on the west coast of Scotland on the 30 April the 2 men covered a total of 2064 miles over 86 days with several challenging sea crossings including Wales to Northern Ireland.

The pair were raising money for the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield.

Since taking the amazing journey with his nephew, Mr Skeath has said;

“I have had the privilege of seeing our stunning coastline at close quarters. I have paddled with dolphins and basking sharks and seen so many spectacular seabirds from puffins to eagles. One of the things that will remain as a high point are some wonderful people who have gone out of their way to help us on our journey. These random acts of kindness will stay with me for a long time

“The journey was as difficult as anything I have undertaken and tested my leadership, courage and determination.  I found the daily decision making of embarking on a voyage stressful, with dire consequences if we got it wrong!

“In so many ways It has been a massive learning experience for me. At the forefront of this is my conviction that the most important thing we have is other people.

“During this adventure, I became very focused on the task and whilst I was aware of some of the social media activity (mainly facebook). I didn’t realise the scale of support I was receiving from ex colleagues and friends in Calderdale

“Now, as I am at home reviewing communications and not as engrossed,  I have been “blown away” by everyone’s messages of congratulations. I have been stunned by some of the activities that were on going in the Police and Council to welcome me home. I know that people have worked really hard and given themselves, to raise money for the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.

“So thank you so much for being such and important part of my journey.”

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West Yorkshire Police Band Concert

A concert has been organised with the West Yorkshire Police Band to raise money for the Forget me not Children’s hospice, the families of the Police injured and killed in the Westminster Terror attack earlier this year, and the Police Treatment Centre which looks after Police Officers who are ill or injured.

 The concert will take place on the 20th May at 7.30pm at the Halifax Minster. Tickets are only £5 (£3 concessions)