Paddock Community Garden wins BBC Radio Make A Difference award!

Well done to the Paddock Community Garden for winning the BBC Radio Make a Difference award !

The Paddock was set up with a vision is to create community gardens in the unused green spaces in Ovenden, with your help and for you. The Paddock itself is the first of these community gardens. It’s an ideal space, already fenced for safety and in the middle of the Rugby, Grove and Athol estates.

This area is for all to enjoy, to be able to grow, plant, sit, meet others, chat and spend quality time with people of all ages.

Have you any ideas? Could you spend some time with us to grow seedlings, plan the area and it’s uses? Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


Please continue to support the Paddock, we need people to get involved.

If more people would like to join us please contact us through Facebook or just come along at the Paddock and meet either Lynne or Joan.

The Paddock Community Garden
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Local fundraising can get national coverage!

BBC Radio 2 Presenter Scott Mills gave a shout out and thanked local fundraiser Christine Gow who made over 250 cream teas for friends and family raising over £3,500 for children’s charity Mothershare.

This year Christine decided to raise money for Mothershare who provide vulnerable children and families in Calderdale with things they need such as essentials, cots, blankets, bottles, prams, clothes, underwear and nappies.

Understanding that the economy has hit people in their pockets, Christine decided to also hold a raffle. She explained, “Times are tough for people but I also wanted to raise as much money as possible for a charity who is in demand to help families now more than ever so I thought a raffle would provide an extra way to raise funds. I am extremely grateful to all the businesses who provided a prize and to all my friends and family for donating money.”