North Halifax Star 2017: Contribution to Culture – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Luke Ambler

Luke Ambler is an inspirational individual who has had a high impact on the local community and mental health.

Luke set up AndysManClub to help people who have suffered loosing someone via suicide after the tragic passing of his brother in law Andy Roberts last year.

The Club is set up to listen to people who may need somewhere to talk promoting the #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign but it’s also somewhere to go if you feel the need to get something off your chest with like minded people in a non-judgemental environment.

In the last 12 months Luke has made a massive impact with the #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign and #Andysmanclub which has seen some familiar names spreading awareness across social media including Daniel O’ Reilly (Dapper Laughs).

Over 200 people attend the Halifax group alone and now a further 5 Clubs have started across the country including in Huddersfield and Hull.

Luke runs a facebook page with over 15,000 followers and every day he sends out positive messages to people who may be feeling depressed or unable to talk.

Luke is full of encouragement and determination and he rightly deserves to be recognised for the work he’s done and continues to do on a daily basis to help those in their times of need.

#ITSOKAYTOWALK London Challenge 2016

Show your support and donate to a great cause ‘London Challenge 2016’ which is raising money for #ANDYSMANCLUB in order to help open a club in every UK town and city and also raise awareness of the unbelievable work of Samaritans and Calm Zone.

A 194 mile walk from the Shay Stadium, Halifax to the Houses of Parliament in London will begin on Thursday 6 October in time to celebrate World Mental Health Day on Monday 10 October.

Show your support by sharing, donating and spreading the word!

Please visit if you would like to make a donation for this great cause no matter how big or small!