Yorkshire Water introduce Priority Service Register

Calderdale Forum 50 Plus in association with Yorkshire Water want to inform you of a new project, Priority Service Plus which can benefit older people and the most vulnerable in Calderdale.


Calderdale Forum 50 Plus has received grant funding from Yorkshire Water to help raise awareness of their priority services for the elderly and the vulnerable.

These priority services help customers who may be significantly impacted if they can’t access water for a short period of time, or people who would benefit from communication tailored to their specific needs.

For example customers who have sight problems, are hard of hearing, have home dialysis, use a wheelchair, have mobility concerns, or are concerned about unwanted callers, or would just like someone else to manage their account.  

It also means that in the event of planned work, or an emergency repair, they can make sure the most vulnerable people get the assistance they need as soon as possible.

The Priority Services Register is free to sign up and open to anyone over the age of 65 or with a specific disability or in vulnerable circumstances. Evidence of eligibility is not required on the sign-up form. Please think about friend and relatives who may benefit.

Customers can sign up online at https://www.yorkshirewater.com/bill-account/priority-services-register/ or by calling 0800 138 78 78 

The benefits and more details can be found on the Calderdale Forum 50 website at: 




Northern Exposure – A research project April 2nd

School of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Leeds
Leeds, LS2 9JT


Towns and cities in the North of England have experienced significant change during the last few decades, in terms of their economy, politics, housing and population. Northern Exposure is a major nationally-funded study which aims to understand how these changes have affected ordinary people’s lives. We are collecting around 200 oral history testimonies from residents who have seen these changes with their own eyes. The project is creating an important new national archive of voices from the North.

If you would be interested in sharing your personal story about your neighbourhood and community, and how your local area has changed during your lifetime, from Mrs Thatcher to COVID,  we would like to talk to you.

This project is based at the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the  University of Leeds and funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council.


We will be interviewing 50 year old + residents from the following groups, from different neighbourhoods in Northern towns and cities.

  • White British
  • Black British
  • British Asian
  • Polish and Romanian EU Citizens


  • We would like to interview residents who have lived in the area since the 1970’s.
  • They be those who have migrated to the UK or those who are born or bought up in the UK.
  • These conversations will be in-depth focus on the personal oral history of local residents.
  • Each interview will take two hours. They are informal in style.
  • The interview will be recorded and anonymised.

The interview will probably take place over the phone due to the Covid pandemic.

  • The information you will give will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • Participants selected will receive a £50 Love2shop voucher when the interview is complete.
  • There will be a chance to participate in other local discussions and a final event at the University of Leeds .
  • The interviews will create a historical archive that will tell the story of your town as you see it.
  • The archive will be used by future historians and researchers. The archive will contain the approved transcript of the interview but not the audio recording. All sensitive personal information will be carefully removed and

You can find more information on our project website: https://northernexposure.leeds.ac.uk/


We are sociologists based at the University of Leeds:


 If you would like to take part in this research, or if you would just like to know more about it, please get in touch with us on either our email addresses above or telephone – 0113 436 0430 and please leave a message with your number.  Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you.


Final version questions – A list of the questions that you will be asked if you take part.



“In Touch” providing activities and social opportunities for older people

A new online directory “In Touch” has been launched to help reconnect older people with their hobbies, social clubs and activity groups, before and after lockdown ends.

Visit In Touch here

Older people have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with lost opportunities for friendship and conversation, as their social clubs and activity groups closed.

Local not-for-profit organisation Calderdale Forum 50 Plus, are aiming to help people aged over 50 to restore their lost connections and find new social groups and clubs to join; while getting back out into their communities, doing the things they love best, making new friends and improving their mental health.

With funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Calderdale Forum 50 Plus are building an online directory called “In Touch” on their popular website, for local over-50 groups and clubs to promote themselves to older people in Calderdale.  The directory will also feature groups that have been running successfully online over the last year.

Calderdale Forum 50 Plus’s Chairman Malcolm Kielty OBE said: “By creating “In Touch” we hope to encourage people who are cautious about leaving their homes and meeting people, to get involved again with their favourite groups, make new friends or try something new, but in a safe way.”

“The online directory on the Calderdale Forum 50 Plus website also aims to encourage volunteers who are unsure or lack the confidence to restart their groups, to give it a go.”

“If your group, club or organisation would like to be featured on “In Touch”, please get in touch with us at info@calderdaleforum50plus.com or via a form on our website.”

  • To visit “In Touch” look for the In Touch button on the Calderdale Forum 50 Plus website – com
  • To submit your group’s details to the directory visit:


The directory is now live on our website.  You can see it at the link below.


Harmony Hub Radio feature to go on TV!

Video needs the Radio star, as a local TV station is interested in doing a piece on the Harmony Hub radio show.

The project is still in its concept and all listeners of Harmony Hub are invited to take part!

They TV station would like to talk to someone who listens to the show and benefits from it.

We would love to hear from Iisteners who would like to talk in an interview.

The form of this has not been decided yet, it could just be a quote or maybe someone would come with a camera to interview, adhering to the Covid guidelines and every effort will be made to work around the needs of anyone who has interest in talking to them about the show.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please ring 0759 1157841
or email kaye@awakeningarts.co.uk

Harmony Hub – Live every Monday 1pm on Phoenix FM 96.7 FM

In Touch free service from Disability Partnership Calderdale

Coronavirus has left many people isolated, lonely and out of touch with family and friends but a new free service from Disability Partnership Calderdale puts people back in contact with their families and friends, using video calling.

The project called In Touch is aimed at disabled and elderly people and their families and friends across Calderdale and has been funded by Community Foundation for Calderdale.

For many people, video calls made from smart phones and computers have become an everyday occurrence during the pandemic, but for some they are out of reach due to fear of technology, lack of access to a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer or concerns over the cost.

The team at Disability Partnership are now looking to make contact with people who could benefit from a video call with a friend, family member or small video social group.

They will bring a tablet computer to you and connect you with your friend or to a social group on a video call, handing over the computer for you to enjoy the meet-up, then collect it afterwards, when the call is finished.

They are also keen to make contact with people who are already making video calls but have friends or family members who are digitally excluded and might benefit.

For more details

Telephone: 07791 106648
email: philipingham@disabilitypartnershipcalderdale.org.uk
Visit the web pagehttps://disabilitypartnershipcalderdale.org/disability-partnership-calderdale/in-touch/