Walk your way to wellbeing

There are many benefits in taking a brisk walk, even if only for ten minutes. Active Calderdale bring you the details for Local Groups and Inspiration in your way to better health. After all, even the biggest journey starts with a first step!

Walking – Benefits, Local Groups and Inspiration

 A Starter for 10

A brisk ten minute walk each day can make a huge difference to your health and happiness:

  • It gets the heart pumping faster,
  • Can make you feel better, more energetic, improve your mood and meet new friends,
  • Over time, walking can improve your fitness and make it easier to do everyday activities, like food shopping or gardening,
  • and it helps to lower the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

It’s recommended that we should be aiming for 150 minutes of activity each week but 10 minutes a day can help, or try 10 minutes 2 or 3 times each day.

If you don’t feel up to a brisk walk then just getting out for a stroll is a great start. Whether you’re walking to work, getting out with the kids, walking to the shops or taking the dog to the park, walking can be simple to fit into your everyday life.

Walking Apps

Doing 10 minutes of brisk walking is a simple, achievable way to add more activity into your day. Start small and build up from there with the NHS Active10 App.

If you want something more advanced, the British Heart Foundation have together pulled 11 free walking apps for you to explore.

Local Walking Groups
Mixy Marchers are a local resident lead walk and talk group in Mixenden, who walk twice a week from Ash Green Lower Children’s Centre, meeting 5.50 for 6pm start. Check out Mixy Marchers FaceBook page for more details.

CREW usually offer free and friendly guided walks around Calderdale, including weekly walks from Keighly Road and Beechwood medical surgeries and Illingworth Moor Methodist Church. These are currently postponed but CREW are sharing  self-guided walks  –  The Mount Tabor route could be started in Mixenden.

St Malachy’s Walk Group are not currently meeting but as restrictions lift , will be walking again from St Malachys Church on the first Sunday of each month at 12:30 and walk 3-5 miles with an option of a meal at the end. Contact Philip on 01422 259761 for more details.


 Zoom Walk
Bored of walking on your own, but not ready to walk with others? Or want to help friends or family get outdoors more? Combine a walk and a catch up with a Zoom chat.

If you have a smartphone, download the Zoom App and set up a call with family or friends. For more help see Zoom FAQ’s.  Make sure cameras are on.

In the top left of the screen is a switch camera icon  which changes the screen from selfie mode (where it shows your face) to normal camera mode so you’ll all be able to see where you and everyone else is walking. This way you can all share interesting things on your stroll, it may be plants in your garden, views across the valley, or places which spark memories.  Before you know it you’ll have had a nice walk and chat and probably learnt some things along the way.


Still need a bit of inspiration?

Living Streets #Try20Tips is for people working from home, workers still heading to their workplace and anyone else wanting to get a bit more active. #Try20 tips can help you find new ways to fit 20 minutes of walking to your day. Go on, spin the wheel and see you’re challenge for the day.


Or check out Walking in Calderdale and see the benefits and ideas Calderdale and Kirklees Recovery College have got from walking.


Stay Safe
Where ever you walk, please remember to keep yourself and others safe by following the local government restrictions.

Keep Moving, Feel Better.

With the Government placing local restrictions on Calderdale  it’s more important than ever to keep active – to stay physically and mentally well. Here are some ideas to get you moving, don’t worry if you can’t do them all:

  • Explore the ponds in Beechwood Park, how many frogs can you find?
  • Conquer the maze at Shroggs Park,
  • Wander along  woodland paths at Ogden Water,
  • Get out into your garden; for a kick about with the kids, a bit of weeding or have a stroll,
  • Walk to the end of your street, or to the nearest bench for a rest and enjoy the sunshine.

There are lots more free ideas to stay active both inside and outside the house on the Active Calderdale page

Stay Active and Take 10 with the North Halifax Partnership

To support staff well-being during lockdown, North Halifax Partnership introduced a new initiative for our staff teams called ‘Take 10’, We are encouraging all our staff to take 10 minutes in their working day to be ‘active’.

We have created this short video to share our active ideas and hopefully inspire others to take 10 minutes in their day to be active. We hope you enjoy watching the video.

Thank you to Marie Conway (CMBC) for your support and ideas. #ActiveCdale

Can You Help Deliver Physical Activities in Our Local Parks?

Lots more people have been telling us that they don’t feel like they have the opportunity to be active during COVID19. As a response to this we’d like to work with local communities to develop free activities in local parks and open spaces over the summer into September/October as a way of providing more opportunities for our residents to be move more. This is a similar scheme already established in Birmingham.

If you deliver sports or activity sessions that get people moving, it could be hula hooping, dancing, gardening or tai chi that can be transferred to an outdoor setting, and are interested in the opportunity to get involved in Active Parks please get in touch for more details. Activities will have to be delivered in accordance with the latest government guidance on physical distancing.

Contact Active Calderdale: ActiveCalderdale@calderdale.gov.uk

Active Calderdale are calling out to Sports or Physical Activity Providers.

Are you a sports club or physical activity provider who is now delivering classes through social media?  If so please get in touch with links and details so we can share your sessions with local residents looking to get active.

If you haven’t yet got to grips with Zoom etc and would like some help in delivering sessions online  – contact us too.

Visit Active Calderdale

Active Calderdale – A stroll down memory Lane : Jaime’s story

(Photos by Olwen Edwards)

Something that has really supported me  through the COVID crisis is going for a walk. It’s a simple pleasure that I took for granted before  lockdown.  As a working , single parent, my pre-covid pace of life was pretty hectic. Oftentimes  I would  put off going for a walk , because I felt tired or lacking in motivation.  During lockdown  however, I found myself really looking forward to the  part of my day when I could get out for a stroll.

During this difficult period , I would  daydream  about all  the places I would  visit once the  lockdown measures were lifted. Shaw Park in Holywell Green was one of them. https://thefollyflaneuse.com/shaw-park-sham-castle-halifax-west-yorkshire/

I have lived in Halifax all my life. In the 80’s, I lived in the village of Holywell Green. Shaw Park, (or  deer park) was just across the road from where we lived. Myself, brother and kids from the village, played there literally every day. It was a place of wonder to me! It had a fairytale castle, an archway to a magic wishing  well, a duck pond and a herd of deer that roamed the hillside in front of the park, leading up to the small hamlet of Jagger Green.  The area that is now a nature reserve, was once a Lido, and back then it was fenced off and dilapidated. You could still see the rusty diving board and pool,  green with algae. It looked  so spooky!  we invented stories about it being haunted by the people  who  had drowned there. Winter in the park was fun too – it has amazing slopes to sledge down also the duck pond would freeze over.  I remember our dog and my dad, walking on it  and falling through the ice. Ah the rose tinted spectacles of nostalgia!

In the lovely weather we had recently I introduced my friend  to Shaw Park – she had never heard of it or indeed had ever been to  the village of Holywell Green . My first impressions  as we walked  around the park, is that it’s much  smaller than I remembered! other than that not much has changed.  A family of Canada geese now occupy the duck pond and the castle is fenced off. There is  still a herd of deer  though they live in a paddock now, the nature reserve has replaced the haunted pool, and the wishing well is still there- a refreshing   place to cool my feet.

It got me thinking how many other people don’t know about this hidden gem? Perhaps there are lots of places in Calderdale I’ve never heard of?  Places of historical interest, forgotten communities? Glorious, green spaces?

What’s your favourite place to go in Calderdale? Do you like me have fond memories of  growing up in a small village in North or East Halifax? We would love to hear from you.



Bike Week: – Help us Make Cycling Easier for You in North Halifax

This week is Bike Week. It coincides with a recent easing of government restrictions and the ask that we all ride or walk to reduce the risk of infection whilst using public transport.

Did you know that the benefits of cycling include;

  • If you cycle regularly in adulthood, you will enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger
  • Regular cycling can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.
  • Cycling to work can mean you have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It can also boost your mood.
  • Cycling saves you money on fuel or bus/taxi fares reducing financial stresses.


Before you dust off your bike from the shed after reading the first bullet point, Bikeability have put together a guide to keep you safer whilst cycling during the lockdown. There is other great advice available on line including;


In order to make cycling in North Halifax easier, we need your help. 

  • Show us Where the Problem is.
    Active Calderdale and the Council’s Transport Team are working hard to put in place temporary measures to support you make more journeys by bike or on foot during the pandemic. The easiest way to cycle regularly is to use your bike as a means of everyday transport, so we need you to tell us what the issues are either stopping you, or making your journey more challenging than it needs to be.

We can’t help flatten the hills, but there are practical things that can be done. In response to the Walking and Cycling survey many of you completed recently, work is underway to make changes to local roads. To further this and make it easier for you to report the issues we are using the Safe Street for Walking and Cycling Interactive Map. Simply open the link, register (details halfway down panel on left) then follow the instructions to record your issue. We can’t guarantee we can resolve all problems but we’ll do our best.


  • Support Others to Cycle – Tell us your Story
    Cycling can be a bit daunting at first. Will you help share your cycle journey story with others, tell us your best beginners tips, what routes do you find easiest/quietest? Have you just started cycling – how are you finding it? Do you ride the school run or your commute to work? How have you made it work for you? Many schools are closing the road outside their gates to make it possible for more children and parent to cycle or walk with social distancing measures in place. Why not try it and tell about your journey.If you do already, or would like to commute to work, or you’re an employer who’d like to make your workplace more cycle friendly get in touch too, Active Calderdale have a Workplace Lead who advise.


Contact Suzanne.Straughan@nhpltd.org.uk

Active North Halifax Engagement Co-ordinator.

Read Suzanne’s bike story!