Angels Corner Dementia Friendly Cafe at St. Columba’s Church

The next Angels Corner Cafe (Dementia Friendly) will be on Sunday 16 June, 12:00pm – 2:30pm at St. Columba’s Church Hall, Highroad Well Lane, HX2 OQF.

Refreshments will be available also: £2.00.

This Cafe caters for vulnerable, isolated people and people with dementia with their carers, friends and/or families and anybody else wishing to attend. People are invited to attend by simply ‘popping in’ to relax, enjoy, have fun with different activities, listen to Music, ‘sing a long’ or chat and make new friends in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Activities include some or all of the following:
Arts, Crafts, Games, Quizzes, Word searches, Bingo. Through the various activities and informal and social environment in which new skills may be learnt, will also be catered for. The Cafe also provides a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

Our Communities Award 2019: Lifetime Achievement Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Saraj Uddin

Mr Saraj Uddin is your 2019 winner of the lifetime achievement award and deservedly so having being regarded a pillar within the community for the last 45 Years.

He has been involved with community groups for many years this includes the Dil ( a
group for older men in the community) he has contributed to many residents groups
including becoming the Chair of Horn Street Surgery patients group, he is a walk leader and has been involved in community projects (voices from the past) and is well known in the Community.

Mr Saraj is a person that people to turn to when they are having issues within the community, he is involved with the Council of Mosques and is able to advise the community on a range of matters.

Considered a caring, active member of the community who is never one to shy away from helping those around him.

He has been instrumental in building good relationships between different communities, young and old and men and women in the community where he has lived for the last 60 years.

He is a very modest and humble man who deservedly wins this award for all his time and dedication over the years to community of park Ward.

Our Communities Award 2019: Contribution to Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Angels Corner Café

The Angels Corner Café was set up in April 2018, after doing some extensive
research and investigations into dementia friendly Cafes.

It is a very friendly and cheerful café providing a service for the local community. It has also been very well supported by the Staying Well Team and has continued to grow and thrive.

The Café was initially set up to provide a service for the Pellon, Highroad Well and Norton Tower areas to support people who may be vulnerable or isolated with
memory loss or loneliness and to include their families and/or carers and friends. It
also provides emotional support as well as giving the opportunity to those who
attend to share experiences with others.

The Café takes place once every three weeks on a Sunday afternoon in an extremely safe, comfortable and supportive environment, with regular, and familiar trained volunteers.

The volunteers were encouraged to be trained by the Staying Well Team who also funded the training.

The Angels Corner actively encourage and give people the opportunity of taking part in different and most enjoyable activities which can include: Arts, crafts, games, quizzes and word searches.

Bingo has become a very popular game over this past year!

A lot depends on people attending and the choices they make as some just prefer to sit and chat!

The carers too have got to know each other and are able to share their experiences.
All the people who attend the Café are very positive and it is fair to say that
they have become close friends of Angels Corner!

Whilst Angels Corner have tackled some of the loneliness and social isolation, they still
continue to try and attract others from within and around the community. Loneliness
and social isolation is epidemic in the country today and so Cafes like Angels Corner
are important in trying to eliminate this.

Our Communities Award 2019: Contribution to Work and Training Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Linsay Severn – Age UK

Linsay started work with Age UK in 2018 on two pilot projects funded by Calderdale Community Foundation Fund tackling Isolation and

A transport project, whose purpose was to look for the gaps in transport for older people and support transport providers to be more conscious of the barriers facing older people and help develop an awareness around conditions that can affect older people, such as dementia and help support them to adapt to their needs Halifax wide.

Linsay also undertook a Nearly Neighbours project covering both Elland and Ovenden which focused on working in partnership with Together Housing to develop activities for older people in 2 of their schemes and develop some community links by supporting those that were isolated and lonely to access their communal area – thereby reducing their isolation and empowering residents to develop and sustain local actives catering for older people.

During her first year Linsay has successfully set up and supported Pennine Housing residents with funding bids for Social activities such as a sing along evening, IT support drop in sessions,delivered dementia friends sessions and developed awareness around what it is to age across Halifax.

She has supported several local groups to source transport where there have been challenges/ barriers for them which has helped reduce isolation for individuals but also help sustain groups that were on the verge of folding due to transport problems.

Working alongside partners she has impacted over 40 older peoples lives by supporting them one to one to access services intended to tackle isolation and loneliness such as befriending services. She has also raised £250 with Calderdale Hospital to go towards projects for people experiencing isolation and loneliness – ALL THIS during her 25 Hours a week –

Linsay has gone above and beyond for Age UK and the people in these communities in so many ways and has unfortunately left for pastures new however Age UK are certain she will continue to go above and beyond for older people in Halifax.

“She always makes me feel comfortable and at ease”, “I couldn’t even switch on my phone when i started, now i can use the phone, make calls, do text messages and use the camera and send photos!”

Some of the words spoken by her clients.

Our Communities Award 2019: Good Neighbour Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Margaret McAndrew

Margaret McAndrew is not only a valued member of the Mt Tabor Luncheon club but she is a very active resident of the Mt Tabor village and community as a whole.

She is a person who is always ready to help others in the village, whether it is picking
her neighbours up and taking them to and from the luncheon club or just going round to visit her neighbours for a chat.

She is now an essential volunteer for the luncheon club aswell as a very caring, unselfish person who is a wonderful asset to the community of Mount tabor.

Our Communities Award 2019: Young Person of the Year Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Umayyah Ahmed

Umayyah is an active member of several groups that influence change in services for
young people or actively engage them in positive activities.

Umayyah joined the Youth Council last year and for the first few meetings it was very
reserved she then advised that she had a visual impairment but had not mentioned it as she did not want to draw attention to this.

In a short 6 months Umayyah began bringing her whole self to the group and drawing on her strengths has now become very active and is involved in the following:

Youth Council – representing the views of young people in her local community and
attending local and regional meetings. She is now a member of the Regional
Steering group for Youth Councils in Yorkshire and Humber. A role sin which she
has supported the Extremism Summit hosted by the Youth Council and is working on
campaigns to prevent Hate Crime, improve transport and Raise awareness of Mental
Health issues.

She is also a valued member of SEND reference group – where she is helping create resources/advise for other young people with special educational needs/disabilities.

She also represented the views of young people during the Ofsted Inspection where she articulated how many opportunities were available to young people of all abilities across the Council.

She is a Young Inspector and is involved in reviewing services to ensure they meet
the needs of young people across a wide spectrum of needs.

Umayyah is a member of a Visual Impairment group where young people of different
backgrounds engage in a range of different activities, developing long term positive
relationships and building on life skills.

Overall Umayyah acts as a positive role model for the local Central Halifax community wherever she attends and ensures that the voice of young people is at the heart of the conversation.

Our Communities Award 2019: Outstanding Individual Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED! #oca2019

WINNER: Yasser Arfat – Halifax Opportunities Trust

Yasser is a family mentor within the hopeful families programme he is an outstanding individual who has helped to create and deliver a practical and physical understanding of health and well-being to a group of individual men whom hadnt exercise for a number of years.

Between the group there was a number of physical and mental health issues, Yasser collated the needs of the group and created together with the professionalism from a local fitness service a unique and bespoke fitness and nutritional programme – a health focussed programme offering a diverse way to engage and gain knowledge and skills around health – lowering obesity and gaining confidence and raising self esteem.

The group engaged, adapted their eating habits, formed their own support group to avoid isolation and completed a fitness programme designed specifically for the group.

The group grew in strength and well being but mostly confidence, adapting their lifestyles allowing time to reflect on their health.

yasser being at the centre of their needs, the group ensured they were able to attend each session, providing clothing for the purpose within a gym environment, breaking down barriers, boosting moral within the group ,tracking their progress whilst supporting their journey towards becoming fitter, lighter and empowered individuals.

Yasser never gave up – encouraging a group of men from a variety of backgrounds ,cultures and beliefs to take part and feel valued and from this, communities of men came together helping each other overcome low confidence , enjoying their time together learning how to laugh again and feel good about themselves and others within their community.

He has inspired others that anything is possible and instilled belief that with the correct level of support and encouragement; health and wellbeing doesn’t have to be a struggle and that it is achievable together with hard work and determination!