Let’s put a stop to fly-tipping

The monthly round of fly tipping in Calderdale is a post we can’t wait to stop posting!

For the second month in a row, here are some images of fly tipping in Calderdale. These were provided by our community wardens, taken during their routine walkabouts.

Our aim is not to name and shame but to pass the message that fly tipping is unacceptable.

Fly tipping is definitely not a council failing in waste collection. It falls down to irresponsible persons dumping their waste where they want, with disregard to the rest of the community.

It is ugly, unhygienic, dangerous and selfish. It is also a punishable criminal offence.

What you can do:

If you see any fly tipping in the first instance report it to CMBC Community First. Please keep your eyes open, if you see anything please take a photo of it and then send details to Calderdale Council via Community First.

If you wish to see past recorded incidents, click here

The below images have been taken from various locations of Calderdale. The first image shows a case of fly-tipping cleared.






Be sugar free this January – and for ever!

We have spent almost a whole year in lockdown (I know!) and more recently we’ve indulged in rich food during  the festive season. At this time of the year we’d probably be hitting the gym or setting fitness and weight loss goals. Yet watching what we eat is equally important as the exercise we take, if not more so.

And it’s not just about how much we eat but what we eat also. Perhaps especially, how much of the bad white stuff we consume.

Sugar, in particular the processed kind, may be responsible for more health problems than fat content.

Sugar facts

Once the industry decided to make reduced fat or fat free products, the way of improving flavour was by adding more sugar (and salt).

Sugar has some preservative options. It is essential in some products, like bread, since they rely on sugar to activate the yeast.

Even if you don’t eat sweets, you may still consume sugar.

Check the packaging of what you buy to find the sugar content of it.

Even healthy foods and savoury foods can have high sugar content.

Sugar is responsible for dental cavities and may bring about other niggling conditions, like fatigue, bloating, cravings, irritability, acne, anxiety, all of which you may be tempted to treat with: more sugar.

These can then increase the chances or severity of more serious health conditions.

Sugar consumption has been linked to diabetes and even heart conditions, weight gain and general ill health.


The white stuff lurks in nearly 80 percent of packaged foods. We’re talking health foods, yogurts, whole-grain breads, green smoothies, and even savory items like sauces. The average American eats about 22 teaspoons—that’s 60 candy corns!—a day.


Tips on sugar consumption during a new year Lockdown – by Zain Ghani

Throughout this festive period, it can be very easy to indulge in sugary-based food products as this can be easily hidden in our popular festive foods and drinks. Many of us will have overindulged intending to cutback in the new year but the cold weather and news of another lockdown might have you reaching for something sugary.

In the short term, sugar can raise your heart rate and blood pressure (not particularly good for those with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure), and can provide the body with a burst of energy which once worn off your energy levels become low (this is when you tend to grab another chocolate or biscuit to lift your energy level back up!).

In the long term, too much sugar intake can lead to things like weight gain, heart
disease, high cholesterol and even erode your teeth!

Top Tips for Managing Sugar Intake

  1. Traffic Light System – Read the colour-coding on the packaging of items to see what ingredients are their most of (Green = Low, Amber = Medium, Red = High)
  2. Sharing is caring – sharing food between people rather than consuming a food or drink can reduce the amount of sugar consumed (again be mindful of Covid). Perhaps share the box of celebrations or part with a mince pie or two?
  3. Sugar Free Alternatives – This is a great way to reduce the consumption of sugar hidden in drinks mostly!
  4. Cooking from scratch – you know how much you are putting in and you are in total control. You have that chance to put a little less sugar in and save everyone from becoming incredibly hyper!
  5. Swapping sugar for a sweetener – When your next having a brew and your craving something sweet. Instead of adding sugar or going for a biscuit, go for a sweetener instead as these are low in calories but yet still pack a sweet punch without any effect on you (as far as we know to date.)

Anti-Poverty Virtual Event, 25th February 2021

For the most up to date information on Coronavirus, visit Calderdale Council's website

For the most up to date information on Coronavirus, visit the Calderdale Council website

You are invited to a Virtual Event: Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on poverty and inequalities in Calderdale

Thursday 25th February 2021 2.00pm-4.30pm (Register no later than 12 February)

As you may recall our previous anti-poverty event – focusing on Health & Wellbeing – due to take place in March 2020 was cancelled because of the outbreak of COVID-19.

On behalf of the Anti-Poverty Partnership, I can now confirm that we are planning another partnership event for Thursday 25th February at 2.00-4.30pm. This virtual event using Zoom will concentrate on exploring the impact of Covid-19 on poverty and inequalities in Calderdale.

Debs Harkins, Director of Public Health at Calderdale Council, will be addressing all attendees to set the scene.

This engaging event will present different lived experiences of poverty during the pandemic and the latest key statistics.

Themed virtual break out groups will enable discussions to take place to explore and respond to the issues presented.

Group One:         Starting Well (Babies and young children 0-5 yrs)

Group Two:        Developing Well (Children starting school to young adults 5-25 yrs)

Group Three:     Living and working well (Adults living and/or working in Calderdale)*

Group Four:        Ageing well (Adults aged over 65 living in Calderdale)

*This group may be split into two groups.


Register now to secure your place

If you would like to register for this event, please reply to this email as soon as possible but no later than Friday 12th February, stating which discussion group you would like to attend. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice, but please indicate a second choice so we can balance the number in each group. Please also state which organisation you represent.

This event will feed into a number of Council and partnership plans including the Anti-Poverty Action Plan and all participants will receive a summary report following the event.

Challenging Racism in Housing February 12

Calderdale Stand Up to Racism invites you to a Zoom event about

Challenging Racism in Housing

Friday 12th February 7.00pm 

A panel of speakers discussing tackling racism in housing and how best to campaign against these challenges. FB event is here.

Zoom link will be shared closer to the date

Paediatric First Aid up to Easter 2021 – spaces still left

There are still spaces available to book on the following Paediatric First Aid training courses offered by Jill Webb Training.

The cost for the courses is £95 per person.

Places left – going fast so please contact Jill 07808277525 to book


Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 Jan (evenings) virtual

Saturday 30 Jan (9 – 4)

Evening sessions virtual

Saturday session Elland area

Tuesday 2, Thursday 4 and Tuesday 9 February All 1700 – 2100 hours Northowram area 1
Saturday 20 and

Saturday 27 March

Huddersfield area 6

Attendance is needed at all sessions for the certificate to be issued.

How do our clients feel we manage being COVID secure? (Feedback from 16.01.2020)

Good COVID secure (wipes, manikin each, prompt to wear mask, sanitiser, ventilation) felt very safe.

Course layout was fab – all COVID considerations and measures in place were very reassuring – thank you!

I felt perfectly safe despite being in a current pandemic. Thoroughly risk assessed by course provider.

Personnel equipment provided with safe distancing etc

Good socially distancing.

Very pleased with COVID measures – felt very safe in this environment and could see there had been more than adequate risk assessments made prior to keep us safe – thanks!

Some feedback from last year

“Very good course, kept you engaged and motivated”
“Enjoyed how hands on it was made it easier to take information in”
“Very approachable trainer and no question was glossed over – very informative”
“Trainer was very knowledgeable – excellent/related to experiences”

“The tutor incorporated some good examples to make the content and information easy to relate to” “Excellent, this was my first time training delivering over video link and had no face to face.  The instructions on how to use Zoom and emailed materials as well”. 


All courses are fully accredited by ITC First, the CPD Service or NUCO

COVID-19 Newsflash: Targeted Testing – Lateral Flow Testing for Voluntary and Community Groups

VSI Alliance News & Events

Newsflash from the Voluntary Sector Infrastructure (VSI) Alliance team


Calderdale Council is supported by the Department of Health and Social Care to deliver a new COVID-19 testing programme, as part of a national programme. Lateral Flow Testing brings is an additional tool to support with the control of disease transmission across our community.
The Lateral Flow Test is a clinically validated swab antigen test that does not require a laboratory for processing and can turnaround results within an hour. The test works extremely well in finding cases with high viral load (those who are most infectious) who may not show signs of active infection, and who may unwittingly transmit the disease to colleagues, customers, family and friends. You do not have to have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has, to access this testing programme – it is for those working in more risky environments. It is worth pointing out that although the test works well in finding positive cases, a negative result is not a reliable indicator that you do not have the virus, and you will therefore still need to abide by all regulations and guidance.
In Calderdale we are taking a targeted approach to the rollout of Lateral Flow Testing. We are focusing on people we know carry a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the environments they work in. This is also available to volunteers and staff in the Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS):

If you are working/volunteering and meet one of the following criteria, you are eligible for regular testing:

  • You are involved in activities which involve meeting people face-to-face indoors. This could include, but is not limited to, providing emergency food or shelter, working in food banks, driving people to medical appointments, providing in-person care, support, social care or therapy. 
  • You are volunteering to support the vaccination programme, testing programme, pulse oximetry delivery programme or other covid-related tasks.
  • You are doing regular tasks for other at-risk people, dog-walking, medication collection, which involve a greater element of risk. One-off volunteer tasks, which involve simply dropping off a parcel on the doorstep isn’t considered to present a high risk.

Calderdale Council’s approach is underpinned by its key objectives:

  • Identify undetected disease and break the chain of transmission
  • Increase confidence in settings on the principle that it’s a safe place to work
  • Protect those at highest risk, and prevent the transmission of disease in high risk settings
  • Ensure those who are asked to self-isolate are supported to do so

Eligible people are invited to book an appointment at either of our Testing Stations listed below with appointments available Mon-Fri, 09.00-16.30.

St Johns Health Centre
Lightowler Road

Todmorden Community College
44 Burnley Road
OL14 7BX

Appointments must be booked in advance via our online booking platform  BOOK HERE
If after taking a Lateral Flow Test a positive result is shown the subject will be required to self-isolate for 10 days, along with household members, in line with government guidelines.
Guidance on support Calderdale Council may be able to offer you to self-isolate can be found HERE
Thank you
Cliff Dunbavin   COVID-19 OPCP Programme Manager    Calderdale Council

This information is also available and will be updated online here


About VSI Alliance:

All staff at the VSI Alliance are available remotely to support you and your organisation at this time with various aspects of your work, along with providing key information and resources. For support/advice, please contact info@vsialliance.org.uk.



Grant Round Open To Support West Yorkshire Communities


West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has opened his latest grant round of the Safer Communities Fund (SCF) with £140,000 available, made up from Proceeds of Crime monies successfully secured by police and prosecutors.

Voluntary, community groups, charities and partners can now bid for grants of up to £6000 from the fund which has a strong theme of supporting communities, and a particular focus on safeguarding vulnerable people.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), said: “In these truly unprecedented times we want to do all we can to help those most in need.

“I would welcome a broad range of project applications across all of the priority areas set out in my Police and Crime Plan. However, I am particularly looking for initiatives that support the more vulnerable such as younger people or the elderly, women and girls, those with disabilities or victims harmed by crime. Early intervention and prevention projects and those offering therapy or support are also very welcome.

“Crucially, projects must be in a position to get to work helping people right away. That means being able to operate within the current climate of Covid restrictions and in a Covid secure way.

“I really need everyone’s help in promoting this fund so that it can reach the areas where it will make the most difference, so please, if you know of a group this could help, let them know.

“I’m very pleased to be able to continue to offer this much needed funding and support during such unique and challenging times, which is also a great testament to the ongoing work of West Yorkshire Police and prosecutors in securing Proceeds of Crime resources.

“It was a key commitment of mine on being elected PCC in 2012 to ensure Proceeds of Crime monies found its way back into our communities affected by such criminal activity in first place, and it has never been more needed than at the moment during the pandemic.”

This latest grant opportunity is the 20th round of the Safer Communities Fund which has also just allocated grant round 19’s cash, of over £180,000 to 36 projects across West Yorkshire.

Projects funded include:

  • Disability Partnership Calderdale, in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, with a project to educate and empower people to report BAME Disability Hate Crime.
  • Radio Sangam in Kirklees who are implementing online Domestic Abuse Support for the South Asian community asking for help following incidences of domestic abuse.
  • Guiding Light Leads in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, who will be delivering an Educate and Empower Black Youth Programme.
  • Tigers Trust in Wakefield for their project ‘Tigers Try Time’ which will look to support and education about hate crime made against their women and disabled teams.
  • Supporting the Keighley Pride event 2021 including security and providing BSL interpreters to ensure LGBTQ people will experience improved safety.

The fund initially launched in 2014 and has now allocated £3.6m to around 790 projects making a real difference across West Yorkshire.

A virtual celebration event, looking back at fund achievements and awards for grand round 20 will be held on Monday 22nd March. All current and past recipients will be invited.

The Safer Communities Fund is financed through money and assets recovered from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act by West Yorkshire Police and Prosecutors.

West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable, John Robins, said: “These last few months have presented great challenges, not least for the many community and voluntary groups across West Yorkshire which, despite restrictions, have continued to provide vital help to those people who need it most. Whether it be supporting victims of crime, or making sure children’s or older people’s wellbeing is cared for during lockdown, we have seen volunteers step up their efforts and go the extra mile to meet growing demand on their services.

“Community groups and charities provide a lifeline to many people. They are applauded for their contribution to our society.

“Yet, the opportunities to raise funds and maintain their income has been reduced by lockdown restrictions, which is why I welcome the latest round of grant aid from the Safer Communities Fund and encourage groups to apply for well-deserved grant aid.”

The Safer Communities Fund closes for applications at 12 noon (mid-day) on Friday 12 February 2021.

To find out more about the fund and to apply, visit https://www.westyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk/safer-communities-fund/how-apply

Message By

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire (OPCC, Communications, West Yorkshire)