Still seeing groups at your local park or open space? – Here’s what to do!

Due to a number of reports coming in around members of the community continuing to congregate in large groups around parks and open spaces and not adhering to the governments social distancing order we advise anyone who witnesses this to contact West Yorkshire Police by phone to 101 or by reporting it online at 

If you do witness this, please do not attempt to disperse any group yourself as this may put you in danger.

Thank you and stay safe!

North and East Halifax Neighbourhood Team

North and East Halifax Friday Flyer 27 March – OUT NOW!

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New this week:

  • North and East Blog – Communications and updating you on the Coronavirus
  • The Illingworth Messenger – April 2020
  • Coronavirus: Can you help? Food and NHS volunteer responders requested
  • Active Calderdale Support for Sports and Physical Activity Providers

 Have a great weekend!

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The Illingworth Messenger – April 2020

The latest Illingworth April 2020 Messenger is out, with words of inspiration, humour, details of services, events, group announcements, activities, local news and much more!

Please note, it is advised, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, to check with each individual event to ensure it is still happening.

Read the latest Illingworth Messenger here…

If you would like something advertised in the Illingworth Messenger, items can be handed in to your church representative, dropped off at Illingworth Moor Good-As-New Shop or emailed direct to Irene Mulhall at

Virtual coffee mornings with the Curious motion – in place of Brews & Grooves

The classes run by Curious Motion throughout the year have been cancelled for now but they are also moving online and from Tuesday next week they are running a ‘virtual coffee morning’ each week for anyone who would like to join.

This is particularly to support the group of people over 55 who usually attend our ‘Brews & Grooves’ class on a Tuesday morning and are likely to be self isolating for a significant period of time, but it is also open to anyone who wants to join.

To sign up for the coffee mornings email Sam for the info. This can be found on the Curious Motion website:

Virtual Coffee mornings will run every Tuesday at 10am.

Food Banks in Calderdale

List of Food Banks in Calderdale

During this unprecedented time, Calderdale’s food banks, which are mainly led by volunteers, are relying on the kindness of our communities even more than usual. All food and financial donations will be very gratefully received by the food banks to help them top up their supplies.

This page will be updated at least on a weekly basis.

Includes information about:

  • Current Operations
  • Donating food
  • Food supply
  • General Support
  • Donating money
  • Volunteering at a food bank
  • Generosity and Kindness
  • Street based provision
  • Free School Meals

Virtual Volunteer Hub

VVHWant to help?

Look online for how to contact groups in your area. We are creating a directory of groups who are working locally to help people who need support. We will post updates on here as we get them.

We know that lots of people have already set up local groups to support their local neighbours and friends during this difficult time with shopping and other basic needs. We want to encourage people to link up with local neighbours and groups where those already exist. We have put together some guidance about doing this safely and in line with the latest public health guidance. Please see here.

If you have any questions about how to volunteer safely please have a look at our webpages or email us at

No group in your area?

Contact us at  and we will give you some guidance on starting a group or helping out. Guidance is also on our webpages here:

Self-isolating? Need some support and help for basic shopping and medication pick up?

Please contact us if you or someone that you know needs some help whilst self-isolating.  We will let you know about local support in your area, including home delivery shopping services.

Lots of services are being offered on the phone including our staying well service which will help with anyone who is feeling lonely during this difficult time.  If you or someone you know is unable to get shopping or other basic needs through someone they know locally please email us and we will try and find someone local to them who can help them with these things.

Please email  We can put you in touch with volunteer or local groups.

Update on Volunteer offers

Thank you so much for offering  to volunteer. We really appreciate it. The Council are currently prioritising matching volunteers to the people who have been asked by the NHS and government to self-isolate because they are at risk and don’t have friends or family who can help them to get essential shopping of medicines. We will be working through that list of vulnerable people first so please bear with us. We will contact you again once those real priorities emerge.

Thank you once again.

Calderdale Council

Coronavirus: Can you help? Food and NHS volunteer responders requested

Times are difficult and help is needed now more than ever. If you can offer any assistance, either in the way of food for the more vulnerable or by giving some of your time to the NHS, please follow these links:

If you can offer your help to the NHS it will be greatly appreciated. You can submit your details through the form found in this link.

Halifax Food & Support Drop In & Family Food Support Drop In is asking for donations.

20 March at 17:20📣 Donation information 📣

– We are incredibly grateful for the many offers of food donations this week and the kindness shown to us by the good folk of Calderdale during these uncertain times.

– We ask that food donations only are brought to:

The Gathering Place, 1 St James Street, Halifax, HX1 1YS (opposite job centre) Monday to Friday, 9-2 only.

-This will allow our staff to do what they do best and focus their energy on our clients and residents at a time of unprecedented demand.

– To keep everyone safe, please do not enter the building. We have two doors at the entrance, so deliveries can be made safely.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support ♥️