Ovenden & Mixenden Initiative

Managed by the North Halifax Partnership Ltd, the work of the Ovenden & Mixenden Initiative is to represent North Halifax communities in Calderdale wide strategic plans, advising service heads about how things work at a local level.

Also known as the Halifax North and East Team the organisation provides support to local people in the wards of Illingworth & Mixenden, Northowram & Shelf, Ovenden, and Warley (including Pellon).

The team includes Ward Link Workers and Community Wardens and is co-located with Pennine, West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council staff at the Pennine Housing Office, Turner Avenue South, Illingworth. We also run a hotdesk from Mixenden Library offering general and some specialist advice.

The team also provides community information via the Halifax North & East Blog, Halifax Work Support, local newsletters and small scale events and celebrations.

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  • Mon – Fri: At Pennine Housing Office, 87 Turner Avenue South, Illingworth, HX2 8EF
  • Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: At the Mixenden Library, Mixenden Road, Mixenden, HX2 8PU



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