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N&E Primary Schools

Abbey Park J, I & N School
Address: Keighley Close, Illingworth, HALIFAX, HX2 9DG
Telephone: 01422 246610

Ash Green Community Primary School
Address: Mixenden Road, Mixenden, HALIFAX, HX2 8QD
Telephone: 01422 244613

Bradshaw Primary School
Address: Ingham Lane, Bradshaw, HALIFAX, HX2 9PF
Telephone: 01422 244283

Christ Church (Pellon) CE (VC) Primary School
Address: Sandbeds Road, Pellon, HALIFAX, HX2 0QQ
Telephone: 01422 350792

Dean Field Community Primary School
Address: Cousin Lane, Ovenden, HALIFAX, HX2 8DQ
Telephone: 01422 258258

Lee Mount Primary School
Address: Lee Mount Road, HALIFAX, HX3 5EB
Telephone: 01422 352856

Ling Bob J, I & N School
Address: Albert Road, Pellon, HALIFAX, HX2 0QD
Telephone: 01422 434000

Moorside Community Primary School
Address: Keighley Road, Ovenden, HALIFAX, HX2 8AP
Telephone: 01422 365236

Mount Pellon J & I School
Address: Battinson Road, HALIFAX, HX1 4RG
Telephone: 01422 349618

Northowram Primary School
Address: Baxter Lane, Northowram, HALIFAX, HX3 7EF
Telephone: 01422 202704

Salterlee Primary School
Address: Kell Lane, Shibden, HALIFAX, HX3 7AY
Telephone: 01422 365464

Shelf J & I School
Address: Shelf Hall Lane, Shelf, HALIFAX, HX3 7LT
Telephone: 01274 676782

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Halifax)
Address: Portland Road, HALIFAX, HX3 6LA
Telephone: 01422 360646

St Malachy’s Catholic Primary School
Address: Furness Place, Illingworth, HALIFAX, HX2 8JY
Telephone: 01422 244628

St Michael & All Angels CE Primary School
Address: Meadow Close, Greenacres, Shelf, HALIFAX, HX3 7QU
Telephone: 01274 676246

Warley Town School
Address: Dark Lane, Warley, HALIFAX, HX2 7SD
Telephone: 01422 831592

Whitehill Community Academy
Address: Occupation Lane, Illingworth, HALIFAX, HX2 9RL
Telephone: 01422 244471

N&E Secondary Schools

Halifax High at Wellesley Park
Address: Gibbet Street, HALIFAX, HX2 0BA
Telephone: 01422 301080

The North Halifax Grammar School
Address: Illingworth, HALIFAX, HX2 9SU
Telephone: 01422 244625

St Catherine’s Catholic High School, A Specialist Technology College
Address: Holdsworth Road, Holmfield, HALIFAX, HX2 9TH
Telephone: 01422 245411

Trinity Academy Halifax
Address: Holmfield, HALIFAX, HX2 9TD
Telephone: 01422 244890

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