Young people in West Yorkshire launch original music video based on their experience of autism and neurodiversity

In collaboration with West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, a group of apprentices from Healthy Minds have come together to create their own song and accompanying music video.

The group wrote the song around their own lived experience of autism and neurodivergence in the hope of spreading awareness across the region. 

The song was written, produced and sung by Lauren Southgate, Healthy Minds Apprentice SEN Specialist and Young Person Ambassador for the West Yorkshire Neurodiversity programme, Asher Titre and Kenzie Cairns, Healthy Minds’ Apprentices.

As part of Autism Acceptance Week, the song and music video titled ‘Every Mind’ will debut on the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership YouTube channel on Wednesday 29 March at 12pm as well as on the Partnership’s social media channels.

In the lead up to the premiere, the Partnership have posted a short snippet of the music video where people can gain an exclusive first listen of the song.

The aim of the video, as the lyrics ‘every mind is different, celebrate, be kind, take time and listen’ highlight is to encourage people across West Yorkshire to embrace neurodiversity and all the difference this brings. 

Lauren Southgate, from Healthy Minds, said: “Being part of the Neurodiverse song and music video meant a lot to me, because I was using my passion to spread a really important message.”

Kenzie Cairns, who provided the part of the vocals, added: “I feel so grateful to have been able to advocate for autism through singing and work with my amazingly talented colleagues to do so.”

Asher Titre, Healthy Minds apprentice, said: “As a musician it was really empowering to use my talent to advocate and raise awareness for voices that often go unheard within society. It was amazing and really eye opening to take the lead on this project.”

Alison Kenyon, Senior Responsible Officer for autism and ADHD at West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, said: “The young people that we’ve been working with have made it clear what we must do, but in the most exciting and creative way possible. I’m so grateful to the young people involved who gave up their time and shared their story.

“We look forward to working with them, and other young people with lived experience as we look at how best to support them, their families and carers going forward.”

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