Happy New Year from the Friday Flyer team!

Please note, this article does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of North Halifax Partnership ]

Happy New Year from the Friday Flyer team!

Welcome back to the North and East Halifax blog and Friday Flyer, may we offer you our warmest wishes for health and prosperity for 2023.

If you haven’t noticed, one of the first changes that we’ve been promising is a new logo for the blogs and flyers. We wanted to emphasise our connection with North Halifax Partnership and so we altered our logo a bit. We hope you like it!

As today happens to be the first day after the holidays, the 12th night been and gone, tinsel put away (or in the process of being gathered in my case!) let’s take a moment to reflect on the past year that dashed by and perhaps a few resolutions for this present one.

I have personally seen some indications that this year will be the one where things will get fixed. Perhaps we’ve just about healed from the impact of Covid, though it keeps looming over us. 2022 was quite tumultuous, to tell the least. In the same year we celebrated Her Royal Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee then mourned her loss, saw the new King Charles on the throne, not to mention three prime ministers in swift succession. War broke out much closer to home than we’d like. To say we lived through interesting times is pretty accurate and with the cost of living looming, we are looking ahead at more strikes from essential services and the threat of another beast from the East.

Not a good outset to be optimistic to be sure, however I believe we are now in a better place to make better choices.

For one thing, a little goes a long way and as I’ve seen some of my small scale efforts slowly but surely bringing results, I think it helps to keep a positive attitude in all. Steps in the right direction, however small, do make a difference.

Let’s make this our New Year’s resolution, to focus on what we can do rather on what we can’t change. And, where possible, be nice to one another. At the end of the day, we are all human beings, with feelings and problems and I’d like to think that the majority of us do not wake up scheming on making someone’s life miserable.

So let me say once more, a Happy New Year and it’s good to greet you all again.

Looking forward to receiving your news and updates and sharing them with the rest of our readers!

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