Next Tabletop Sale at the OSCA November 20th – Book a table now!

Following the success of the last sale, OSCA Foundation will be holding another one on Sunday 20th November.


Tabletop Sale
OSCA Foundation – Forest Cottage – Enderby Hall
Sunday 20th November
Sellers from 8:30am
Public from 9:00am until the sellers are gone!

Sellers: £5 per table – Set up from 8.30am (we are usually on site a bit earlier)

 Buyers: Doors open 9am – Free entry to those buying only

 Refreshments available : Tea- Coffee – Chocolates- Crisps (Sorry we do not provide cooked food)

End – When the sellers have left!!!!

There are plans for further tabletop sales during December 2022 – January 2023 on the following days

  • Sunday 4th December 2022
  • Sunday 18th December 2022
  • Sunday 8th January 2023
  • Sunday 22nd January 2023


Other activities at the OSCA Foundation

OSCA foundation
Forest Cottage
Cousin Lane
Ovenden, HX2 8AD


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