Kevin Pearce Nursery classed Outstanding by OFSTED!

Following the recent visit by OFSTED the Nursery Setting at Kevin Pearce Children’s centre was pronounced Outstanding, which is the highest rating an education establishment can receive.

The inspector reviewed the running of the nursery and spoke to both staff and parents. Among many things, the inspector commended the fantastic opportunities for outdoor experiences, the support for development across all the children, including those with additional needs, the positive relationships  of staff with parents, as well as the observed good work relationship within the team!

Some of the feedback received says:

“Staff provide exceptional experiences for children to connect with the natural
world. There is outstanding support In developing children’s speech and language skills. There is an exceptionally high team spirit in nursery. Staff report a high level of wellbeing.”

“Children are inspired and thrive at this nursery. Staff provide a warm, caring environment for children, and show genuine care for their wellbeing. Children are very happy and show that they feel safe and emotionally secure.”

We would like to join in congratulating the amazing staff working at Kevin Pearce Nursery for earning this achievement. Not that we needed it to know they’re awesome!

A brief overview of the inspection

On Monday 5th September, Kevin Pearce got their Ofsted notification call.
The team stayed behind after work to finalise the preparations for the 8am Ofsted inspector.

A joint observation was carried out by the centre’s manager with the inspector, then theinspector drifted between both nursery rooms and the outdoor areas speaking to all staff. Numerous external professionals spoke to the inspector about their experiences of Kevin Pearce.

The DCCM, SEYP and CEO then completed the leadership and management section, followed shortly by the inspection feedback, which one of the quiso’s joined us for.

Read all about it in the Halifax Courier!

Ofsted reports: Amazing Ofsted rating for North Halifax nursery

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