Annapurna Indian Dance Company : Autumn Oil Lamps November 6th

Annapurna Indian Dance Company present Autumn Oil Lamps, a celebration of the Indian Festival of Lights Diwali, featuring storytelling and traditional dances and music.

This Free entry event is taking place at Dean Clough Mills

Sunday November 6th from 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Booking essential.

There will be delicious Indian snacks available to buy.

The Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough Mills, HX3 6AX

For more details and tickets, visit:


Book through Eventbrite

One thought on “Annapurna Indian Dance Company : Autumn Oil Lamps November 6th

  1. Types of Indian Dances reflect the rich ethos of the subcontinent. With their sheer intricacies, the different types of Indian dances bring out the innermost feelings and emotion, whilst depicting the cultural aspects of the age-old civilization of India. Like all other aspects of life, the dance forms of India are also varied and different. There are many types of dance forms in India, from those which are deeply religious in content to those which are performed on small occasions.

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