An Autumnal Note from the blog’s editor

[ Please note: The thoughts expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect North Halifax Partnership ]

Welcome back, well most of us are back anyway, some of you may still be getting a last minute holiday or seeking some autumn sun abroad – or a last minute staycation break! I’m back from holidays and have said my fond farewells to summer. I can’t share my sweeties online but I brought a little something that I can. Read on.

Autumn is upon us and I for one love it! For a start the temperatures are no longer sweltering, there is fresh dewy smell about, leaves turn golden, paving the ground, swirling in the wind… All right, pavements may become slippery and spiders will look to shelter indoors. So, sturdy footwear – for the pavements! – and a cup with a piece of paper underneath works wonders for the spiders.

There is a calm contentment about Autumn. And let’s not forget the build up to Christmas, too early though it may be for mince pies, though supermarkets are already stocked up! We have a celebrations galore, starting with Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire to look forward to, the solemnity of Remembrance Sunday… and there it is, Christmas frenzy! Admit it, you’re looking forward to it too!

Autumn is traditionally the period of harvesting, preparing for winter and reaping the rewards of our efforts. So let’s take our time and enjoy this colourful season.

Best of wishes to the toddlers starting nursery, our Sure Start Children’s Centres are delighted to welcome back our pupils and honoured to walk beside them on their first steps in society. We wish our leavers the best as they go into school, as well as to all school children, starting a new class, a new school, we have been through it and know how exciting and often intimidating a new start is.

We hope that each child, each of us has someone they trust nearby to share and talk through their issues. Troubles shared are troubles halved and often a listening ear is all that is needed. Someone who can validate your feelings can do wonders to relieve your pain.

This is what I brought up, a message of solidarity. Let’s make a fresh start this Autumn. Speak up and share your heart. Let your voice out and let us all open our ears to hear those who speak, whether with words, nods or actions.

Let’s make this our best Autumn yet.

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