Innovations and Kevin Pearce Children’s Centre embark on project with Octopus Energy Group

We were recently approached by Octopus Energy Group, who own wind turbine number three at Ovenden Moor.

On 20th July, the energy company visited Innovations Children’s Centre to complete a workshop with the children. Eleanor, Dean and Kathryn Beeby talked to the children about renewable energy and showed them pictures of wind turbines and explained what they are used for. We then created some drawings relating to wind turbines and renewable energy, which Octopus Energy will use as projections on the turbines!

We had a special visitor, Constantine the Octopus puppet, who spoke about how we can look after our planet, what energy is and how we need to try use less.

We were then provided with a kit to make our own wind turbine and we went outside to discuss the weather and see if the wind was blowing. Fact sheets were also given to parents with top tips on how to save energy which included weekly tasks they could complete to reduce energy in the home.

Below: Children drew their own wind turbines – and Constantine the Octopus!

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