St Matthew’s Church coffee morning: Where spirituality meets life

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I do love my job. I mean, having a coffee, a slice of cake and several wonderful conversations in a place that is both calm and buzzing? Join me as I spend a too short time getting to know more about the Church of St Matthews in Northowram, about the amazing things they do, the coffee morning being just one of these then find out how to become part of this!

Our very own Zain Ghani from Staying Well made me aware of this coffee morning club and after a little deliberation and eventually finding the time, I paid a visit today.

The church itself is very serene, with beautifully tended grounds that must be a pleasure to be in on a dry day!

I was met with a very warm welcome and found out a little more about this vibrant community hub which brings together the residents of Northowram every Friday morning for the last five years!

After the hiatus of the Covid Era, the coffee mornings have recommenced, giving people from near and far the opportunity to meet up and have relaxing, light conversations with a brew and a biscuit.

The coffee morning takes place inside the church (in the Vestibule). The Church is accessible and offers the opportunity to those who want some quiet reflection or have a more involved, private conversation. Canon James Allison is there for those who may need his help.

The club was described to me (from Zain’s apt words!) as somewhere where spirituality meets the material everyday (loosely transcribed) and it really felt like that. There is strong emphasis on having open, engaging, meaningful contact with one another and I found it occurs naturally.

What caught my attention as I walked around was a mural featured at the Altar, reading “We are still here”, decorated with 2,000 (or more?) ribbons.

From Yorkshire Festival: 2,000+ conversations!

This had been at the Church’s Pavillion at the 2022 Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and each ribbon represents a conversation that took place during the four day long event. It is a ‘memorial’ to those who are still here, those who have overcome Covid and are still around, a testament to the triumph of each and every one of us. It was raining on the day of my visit but I was told this feature looks lovely with the wind blowing through each colourful ribbon and who knows, may be sending its positivity to the rest of the world…

The coffee morning is held every Friday from 10:30 am, following from the short communion service. It is then open to both church goers and anyone who may want to walk in.

Children and even pets are welcome!

There is a small charge of £1.50 for the coffee morning. You are welcome to a warm brew, some coffee and cakes!

Friday morning communion service: 10am – 10:30 am
Followed by the Coffee Morning 10:30am – 11:30am (or longer!)

Wednesday: Knitting club from 2pm – 3pm

Many thanks to everyone for being very welcoming and looking after me, thank you for all the laughs, sorry for nearly demolishing the table(!), most importantly, thank you for the heartfelt conversations.

Keep it going, you are what makes this club amazing!

More information on St Matthew’s Northowram Church here

Tea and cake always make things better!

2 thoughts on “St Matthew’s Church coffee morning: Where spirituality meets life

  1. Thank you for this lovely report and the picture s. We had even more people come this week.
    Hope to see you again. God bless

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