Climate change toolkit launched across West Yorkshire


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In May the WY HCP asked over 100,000 staff and volunteers to be ‘All hands in for a better future’ when they launched their first climate change campaign.  The toolkit is an extension to this work and provides West Yorkshire healthcare providers such as GP practices, pharmacies, opticians, and dental practices with guidance and resources to address climate change.

Climate change poses a major threat to everyone’s future and is one of WY HCP big ten ambitions and where they aspire to become a global leader.  For the WY HCP to lead the way in responding to the climate crisis, and to meet their vitally important goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2038, they are committed to making fundamental changes to the way they work, through increased investment, mitigation, and culture change throughout the local health and care system.

The toolkit covers key areas including: understanding carboncutting carbon; cutting costs and improving healthcommunity regeneration and primary care in a changing climate. It also includes simple things that healthcare providers can do that can start to make a big difference such as calculating their carbon footprint, using the green impact for health toolkit to reduce it, and taking advantage of local sustainability grants.

The online primary care climate change toolkit is available to download by visiting the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP) website

One thought on “Climate change toolkit launched across West Yorkshire

  1. Laudable as our efforts are, this country’s ability to affect climate change will be overshadowed by both China and America. Our emissions are a mere drop in the ocean when looking at other countries, so we would do well to get them to work harder than ever to cut their emissions before we start inconvenience our own population by gluing ourselves to roads or stopping drivers using petrol stations. Do that and I may help the cause and improve the future.

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