Apply for the Council Tax Energy rebate by August 22

The Government is giving a £150 rebate to help with the cost of living. You will not be asked to pay this back.

Calderdale Council is making this rebate accessible to residents for their permanent home address in the borough.

Detailed information and application form

The deadline to submit an application is 22 August 2022. If you do not submit an application by that date, the amount of £150 will be deducted directly from your Council Tax account for this financial year.

If you apply for the rebate to be paid into your bank account, his will be shown on bank statements as CTAX Energy Rebate.

There may be delays in receiving this payment due to the high volume of applications. Your patience is appreciated at this time.

You do not need to contact the Council about this as you will be contacted if there is need for more information.

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