Dean Field fundraiser to provide educational supplies and resources to schools in Uganda

Children at Dean Field Community Primary School are supporting one of their teachers who is participating in a charity fellowship to Uganda during the summer holidays this year.

The children have learned all about the different culture, education and poverty in the differing country during assembly and how Miss Fudge, Deputy Headteacher, will be supporting the education system out there. When she returns to Dean Field in September she will be able to share photos and information on how their fundraising made a difference to children out there, inspiring the charitable possibilities others could do in the future or may want to pursue when they are older.

Miss Fudge also shared the similarities and differences of the UK and Uganda’s education system so Dean Field children can understand the advantages and disadvantages of education across the world.

There is now an online fund raiser for Dean Field families to get involved in the project too and the money raised will be for purchasing school resources out there. If you would also like to get involved with the charity project then please see more information on the poster and via the Just Giving page:

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