CFFC Ash Green School Appeal Fund

Ash Green Primary School fire destroyed 4 classrooms at the upper site of the school in Mixenden

On Tuesday 1st February at approximately 7.45pm the Fire Service was called to a fire at Ash Green Community Primary School on Clough Lane Mixenden. At the height of the fire fifty fire fighters were deployed and managed to bring the fire under control a few hours later.

In the aftermath of the fire part of the school is closed and there’s inevitable disruption for parents, pupils and the local community.

“It is heart-breaking for Ash Green Community Primary School to experience this traumatic event when they have had deal with so much upset and upheaval over the last 2 years with Covid-19.

Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) would like to offer our support to the school by pledging a £5,000 donation.

We have set up the Ash Green School Appeal at CFFC (Charity No. 1002722) and we will add our £5,000 contribution to this. We are happy to receive other donations and will add these to the Appeal and pass them onto the School when the appeal closes”. Steve Duncan, CEO of CFFC.

(Appeal picture courtesy of the Halifax Courier)

Please find the link below for the fundraising appeal page on the Community Foundation’s website.

Thank you for your contributions.

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