12 Days of Christmas Shopping Window Trail: Seventh Image

Here’s the seventh image

And due to lack of time, no hint for this one. It’s Printout, across from the turn for North Bridge Leisure Centre.



That’s it from us, we managed to get 7 out of 12. Did you do any better? Comment down below and let us know where the other images are!

The other 6 images we found are as follows:


Image 1 Location: YMCA charity shop (10 Waterhouse St, Halifax HX1 1UQ)

Hint: If you’re not getting warmer, go inside, they are bound to have a sweater, or a fleece, or a coat… or even a blanket!


Image 2 location: Halo hair salon

Hint: Don’t lose your hair, you’re not far from the first clue!


Image 3 location: Ivor Burns shoes, close to Victoria Theatre

Hint: Now that you’re all dressed up, how about you go for a classy show?


Image 4 Location: The Milk bar

Hint: Eight maids a-Milking….

Hint: If you want something stronger than milk… but watch your step!

Image 6 Location: Althams Travel Services


Hint: It’s Christmas everywhere in the world, so where would you like to go?

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