International Stammering Awareness Day October 22nd

This year International Stammering Awareness Day 2021 falls on Friday 22nd October

Established in 1998, International Stammering Awareness Day brings attention to the millions of people around the world living with a stammer.

Usually when people refer to stammering, they imagine the repetition of a specific word; however stammering comes in many other forms, including elongation of a vowel or syllable. This unique way of speaking is also variable, meaning that a stammer can change over time.

This day is to raise the awareness of stammering and encourages all people to learn something new and get involved to address the many stigmas associated with a stammer and those living with this unique way of speaking.

The International Stuttering Association is running a conference for ISAD2021:

For more resources, networking and events check out the STAMMA News and Features page :

A quick mention to our very own Zain Ghani who will be delivering a Stammering Awareness Session to Calderdale Council on the week.

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