Safe Online : From Fake News to Extremism in a Digital Age

You are invited to a training session which explores false news and online propaganda. Together, we will explore how to tell if information online is suspect or distorts the truth, and what to do if you see online material that promotes extremism

The projects aim to equip you with the understanding of the difference between traditional online safety learning and how the internet is used to spread extremist messaging.

The session uses real life examples from apps, games and websites that are in common use by the participants to explore how narratives are spread through imaging, messaging and manipulation. It allows participants to recognise extremist activity, how to be resilient to false and manipulative activity, and how to take action safely if they are exposed to it.

The workshops use methods that make these issues meaningful for participants and will provide a safe space to explore them. Our experience in this realm of work allows us to broach often difficult subjects and make them accessible and safe for participants.

The feedback from the people who have engaged with the sessions is overwhelmingly positive, and all concerned said that they would recommend the projects to others.

 Dates & Booking Links:

Tues 19 October 10am to 11am

Tues 2 November 4pm to 5pm

Wed 24 November 4pm to 5pm

Tues 7 December 6pm to 7pm

For further information, please contact Adnan Ahmed (Prevent Engagement Officer) on the details below:

e :

t : 07866844718


Brought to you in collaboration with the Peace Museum

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